2018-2019 San Diego Basketball Top 20 Student Section Rankings



(Spacial thanks to @EC_Preps_SD for their input in the SD Top 20)

1. Torrey Pines of San Diego (Chaos!)

The Chaos! fit the name. This is a wild student section and a student section that fills the stands and maybe overfills it as proof at the CIF-SDS Open Division Finals when the gate collapsed. It’s no surprise that the Chaos! did that.

“There should be no debate,” said Chaos! Leader Connor Jabar. “No one brings the chaos more than the Torrey Pines student section.”

A loud and proud student section that saw the Falcons take the title and just like their basketball team, the Torrey Pines Chaos! is the 2019 San Diego Student Section Champion!

“When you are cheering for Torrey Pines, the chaos comes from the heart. It’s just natural” said Chaos! Chuck Livingston.

2. St. Augustine of San Diego (Saints Pit)

The Saints Pit is a wierd bunch. The Pit was one of two San Diego student sections to win the SoCal Student Section of the week award. There’s a reason for that. This is one of the best student section year in and year out!

3. San Marcos (Blue Crew)

The Blue Crew cheered for their Knights, who battled all season. The Blue Crew is home to one of the best starting introductions. It’s that type of introduction that can make a student section go nuts!

Although we have them in the Top 3, CIF-San Diego Section says otherwise!

4. Carlsbad (Loud Crowd)

The Loud Crowd is one of the best student section in the state. It’s not like this student section needs a boost of encouragement, but maybe a crazy improvement from the Lancers can do the trick. The Loud Crowd saw a huge turn around and it gave more than enough to get them going wild! The Loud Crowd, which was one of two San Diego student sections to win the SoCal Student Section of the week this season, is not a student section you want to mess with.

“The Carlsbad Loud Crowd is like no other,” said Lancers football player Dylan Quinn. “You can hear them from the school parking lot no matter the sporting event. And when I’m on the field, they support us like no other.”

5. Cathedral Catholic of San Diego (Los Locos)

It’s not just a creative name, this is a student section that goes nuts. One of the very loud one too. The Dons are always at the top and it helps to have Los Locos at their side.

6. Westview of San Diego (Blackhole)

The Blackhole enjoyed a fantastic season from their team. This is a wild student section, but make sure you don’t fall into the Blackhole, but not to worry, apparently one member of the Blackhole brings a wet floor sign. Well prepared student section here.

7. University City of San Diego (Roman Legion)

Roman Legion is legit. Savage, loud, crazy, nuts, well crazy and nuts are the same, but this is a fantastic student section that put on a show and showed support for their Centurions.

8. Del Norte of San Diego (The Flock)

The Flock packed in and made some noise as the Nighthawks were a game away from the CIF-SDS Finals. Come one, come all, this is a student section that is on point.

9. Scripps Ranch of San Diego (The Cage)

The Cage was rattled and the Cage made them pay as they rooted for the Falcons as they finished second in the Eastern League.

10. Poway (Titan Terror)

The Titans posted a 20 win season and part of that was probably because the student section terrorized every opponent they saw on the court. Perfect name!

11. Sage Creek of Carlsbad (Bob Squad)

The Bob Squad showed tremendous support in the stands for the Bobcats. Plus, that’s a pretty cool name for a student section.

12. Mt. Carmel of San Diego (Red Sea)

The Red Sea has been legendary in the past and they went wild once again in the stands for their team. They have been supportive through their cheers.

13. Vista (Panther Pit)

The Panthers have given this student section plenty to cheer about this season with another deep run in the postseason.

14. La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad (The Stampede)

The Mavericks had a tough one this season during league play, but The Stampede has been wild all year for their boys!

15. Foothills Christian of El Cajon Knights

The Knights have been consistently at the top of the basketball rankings every year. That give the student section something to go wild for.

16. La Jolla Country Day (The Jungle)

When you have a sharp shooter like Ryan Langborg on your team, all you can do is go nuts. Now they are going even crazier as the Torreys are in the CIF State Finals.

17. El Camino of Oceanside (Growl Crowd)

The Growl Crowd has enjoyed some great basketball season. This is a seasoned student section that prepares for wins every year.

18. Montgomery of San Diego Aztecs

Although small in numbers, this student section roared as their Aztecs made it to the CIF SoCal Regionals.

19. Helix of La Mesa (Dawghouse)

The Dawghouse isn’t as insane as it once was, but this is still a pretty crazy student section.

20. Mission Hills of San Marcos (Growl Crowd)

The Growl Crowd has always been a consistent student section and they showed their support this season as the Grizzlies made the postseason.