2018-2019 SoCal Basketball Student Section Top 25 Rankings



1. Damien of La Verne (The Pit)

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2. Servite of Anaheim (Servite Asylum)

The New York Yankees of student sections have done it again.

The Asylum went way over the top this season. They lassoed a horse, they parted the sea, they had a roller coaster, they won a boxing match by way of knockout and they had the mascot from the Anaheim Ducks show up! All that while going nuts for their Friars.

“We are honored to win the title of OC Student Section of the Year!,” The Asylum said in a statement. “During basketball season we stayed true to what the Servite Asylum stands for; we got rowdy, supported our brothers and put on a show. We came up with new ideas every game and stayed loud regardless of what was happening on the court. As seniors it was our goal to continue the legacy of the Asylum and build on the foundation that our brothers laid before us. We are proud of every guy that jumped around and got crazy proving that the Asylum truly is pure insanity! A special thanks to all the seniors who helped come up with creative ideas every week and showed up game after game. To our basketball team, thanks for always giving 100% and leaving it all on the court with us! Lastly, thanks to So Cal Students Sections and Manny Alvarez for recognizing local student sections for all they do in support of their teams and communities.”

There is a reason why The Asylum turned it up a notch. They know the numbers are against them and their basketball squad is in a very tough Trinity League, but they still managed to go far and beyond for their brothers and that is why the Servite Asylum is the 2019 SoCal Student Section Basketball Champions in Orange County!

Credo gentleman, Credo!

3. Torrey Pines of San Diego (Chaos!)

The Chaos! fit the name. This is a wild student section and a student section that fills the stands and maybe overfills it as proof at the CIF-SDS Open Division Finals when the gate collapsed. It’s no surprise that the Chaos! did that.

“There should be no debate,” said Chaos! Leader Connor Jabar. “No one brings the chaos more than the Torrey Pines student section.”

A loud and proud student section that saw the Falcons take the title and just like their basketball team, the Torrey Pines Chaos! is the 2019 San Diego Student Section Champion!

“When you are cheering for Torrey Pines, the chaos comes from the heart. It’s just natural” said Chaos! Leader Chuck Livingston.

4. Bishop Montgomery of Torrance (Swaglet)

This Los Angeles Student Section dynasty is on top!

The Swaglet shows up when needed, packs the student section to the brim and they rock the gym with chants and cheers as well as crazy outfits!

“Thank you for the honor of being #1!,” The Swaglet said in a statement. “We take pride in our athletes, school, and each other. We look forward  to carrying on the tradition of being the best we can be!!”

The Swaglet matched the intensity on the court displayed by their Knights and for that, they are the 2019 Los Angeles Basketball Student Section of the year!

5. Capistrano Valley of Mission Viejo (The Cage)

Road Warriors! The Cage rocked it at home and brought their A game on the road. The Cage is savage student section that loved rattling their opponent. Their road game was insane this year.

“The Cage is without a doubt the most spirited, loyal, and dedicated student section around,” Cage student section leader Nathan Manning said. “Whether it’s a home game or a game in Santa Monica The Cage will be there 100%. No matter the sport, no matter the place, The Cage will be there getting our team hyped and making the other team scared of us.”

6. Rancho Cucamonga (Rancho Rooters)

The 2018 SoCal Football Student Section Champions picked up where they left off by enjoying an incredible run by the Cougars where they battled and beat some of the best in SoCal while making a run to the CIF-SS Finals and the CIF SoCal Regional Finals. The Cougars became one of SoCal best teams in the end and the Rancho Rooters enjoyed it and it gave them plenty of energy in the stands.

“The Rancho Rooters is by far the best section in the I.E,” Rancho Rooter leader Nathan Moretti said. “We have freshmen to seniors packed in the stands and no matter what the outcome of the game is, the party never stops. This section take spirit to a whole new level in the different chants we have, the props we use, and the volume of our voices. I’m very proud of our section that is well-known in our area to be the best.”

7. St. John Bosco of Bellflower (The Tribe)

The Tribe pack the gym during Trinity League play and they got their money’s worth as they got to see their Braves share the Trinity League title and head to the CIF-SS Open Division.

“It’s been a fun year cheering our brothers on. Can’t wait for next year where we’ll be even louder, bigger, and better than any other student section out there”

8. St. Augustine of San Diego (Saints Pit)

The Saints Pit is a wierd bunch. The Pit was one of two San Diego student sections to win the SoCal Student Section of the week award. There’s a reason for that. This is one of the best student section year in and year out!

9. San Marcos (Blue Crew)

The Blue Crew cheered for their Knights, who battled all season. The Blue Crew is home to one of the best starting introductions. It’s that type of introduction that can make a student section go nuts!

10. Villa Park (The Blue Crew)

The Blue Crew picked off where they left off during football season when they were the Black Pack. The Blue Crew has been solid at home or on the road. They love to rattle their opponents and they know how to work their social media game. This student section has done more than cheer in the stands. They have united the entire school this year.

11. Murrieta Mesa (The Beast)

One of the two IE Student Sections to win the SoCal Student Section of the week award, The Beast was weird and insane. The silent night was a classic in which The Beast stormed the court after hitting their eighth point. It’s always a party at Mesa with The Beast around.

12. Canyon of Anaheim (The Tribe)

During basketball season, The Tribe has been one of the best student sections in the county every year. This year was no different as the Comanches shared the Crestview League title. This is one of the larger student sections and brought their best against their rivals and their tough playoff matchup. According to the Canyon Super Fan, this is the best student section in the land!

13. Carlsbad (Loud Crowd)

The Loud Crowd is one of the best student section in the state. It’s not like this student section needs a boost of encouragement, but maybe a crazy improvement from the Lancers can do the trick. The Loud Crowd saw a huge turn around and it gave more than enough to get them going wild! The Loud Crowd, which was one of two San Diego student sections to win the SoCal Student Section of the week this season, is not a student section you want to mess with.

“The Carlsbad Loud Crowd is like no other,” said Lancers football player Dylan Quinn. “You can hear them from the school parking lot no matter the sporting event. And when I’m on the field, they support us like no other.”

14. La Habra (The Clan)

The Clan has always been one of the best student section and this season, the Clan showed up for the Freeway League Champs, including the game of the year where the Highlanders defeated Sonora with a game winning three pointer from Cameron Dashiell.

“What an incredible atmosphere they brought to each game this year,” La Habra coach Aaron Riekenberg said. “Multiple home and road games where we had a rough first half, but the energy they brought kept us in games that we eventually made a run in. We don’t go 26-3 without The Clan.”

15. Chaminade of West Hills (The Cage)

The Cage has been a consistent student section powerhouse and they rocked the basketball gym as their Eagles battled to get to the postseason.

16. Cathedral Catholic of San Diego (Los Locos)

It’s not just a creative name, this is a student section that goes nuts. One of the very loud one too. The Dons are always at the top and it helps to have Los Locos at their side.

17. Crespi of Encino (The Crespi Cabana)

The Crespi Cabana is a crazy and weird group, but it’s ok since that is a good thing. The Cabana go wild and when you have a basketball team like the Celts, you have to go wild

18. Thousand Oaks (Green Hole)

You don’t want to mess with the Green Hole, a tremendous student section that showed a lot of love and support for their Lancers.

19. Los Altos of Hacienda Heights (The Splash Zone)

The Splash Zone enjoyed their human highlight reel on the court in Jarod Lucas. When you have the CIF-SS all-time scoring champion, you have no other choice, but to go wild!

20. Centennial of Corona (Dawgpound)

It doesn’t seem like the Dawgpound is getting bored of winning and watching their Huskies win Big VIII Titles every year. They are enjoying it and you can tell with their attendance.

21. Westview of San Diego (Blackhole)

The Blackhole enjoyed a fantastic season from their team. This is a wild student section, but make sure you don’t fall into the Blackhole, but not to worry, apparently one member of the Blackhole brings a wet floor sign. Well prepared student section here.

22. Chino Hills (Dawgpound)

The Dawgpound has been a part of an incredible four year run where the Huskies took three CIF Titles, three CIF State Titles and a National Championship. I might know a few of their former players and their family very well, so I’ll say this because it’s true in the Dawgpound, Dawgpound, NEVA LOST!!

23. Orange Lutheran (Code Red)

Code Red came prepared as this was a much improved season for the Lancers. OLu had a big year and Code Red was ready. They packed the gym and went wild at home and they even went on the road to battle a Trinity League foe. Code Red and not only improved a lot this season, but according to the coaching staff, this might be the best one ever in Orange Lutheran history.

24. Vista Murrieta (Bronco Bleacher Creatures)

Despite the tough year for the Broncos, the Bronco Bleacher Creatures, otherwise known as the Vista BBC, still showed up and cheered on their classmates. This is a crazy and wild student section. You just have to feel bad for the stands because they get rocked and shaken all game long.

25. Santa Margarita of Rancho Santa Margarita (Eagles Nest)

Probably one of the best student sections at home. This large student section comes in ready to go and it is always fun to hear ‘Rikki Tikki Tumba’

It gets intense in the sea of blue and white. You don’t want to mess with the nest!