2018 SoCal Football Student Section of the year: Rancho Rooters

Sometimes, the student section rally like their football team.

Rancho Cucamonga went through a very tough football schedule and started the season 0-4. It is tough to get your student section going after a slow start.

However, the Rancho Rooters stood behind their student section and showed tremendous support. The Rooters kept the stands filled and in return, the Cougars won the last six regular season games, including their Baseline League Championship game against rival Upland.

The Cougars kept the ball rolling as they went to the CIF-SS Division I quarterfinals.

The Rancho Rooters have been huge during the run and took the Week 10 SoCal Student Section of the Week award.

After being loud and crazy all season, the Rancho Rooters took the top spot in our 2018 Inland Empire Student Section Football Rankings.

That wasn’t all they won.

After close to 6,000 votes between the Rancho Rooters and the three top student section in the SoCal region, the Rancho Rooters took a close victory to take the Student Section.

Many have said the Rancho Rooters are packed student section and now they’re the 2018 SoCal Football Student Section of the year.

We spoke with Rooter President Nathan Moretti and Rancho Rooter member Sam Caruso on what it took to take the title this year.


You guys are the 2018 So Cal Football Student Section of the year! What did it take to stand out as the best in Southern California in 2018?

Moretti:I think for us it takes nonstop energy and desire to be the best. It gets tiring to always be in the section but it is something I love doing because I know we’re providing an amazing experience for the students. You always have to provide the best and most hype energy you can.

Caruso: Going into every game we knew that no matter the outcome, we needed to have a smile on our fans faces and our players to still know that they are supported so they can keep their heads held high.


What made the Rancho Rooters stand out above the rest this season?

Moretti: We stood out I think because we still showed up and still cheered even after a four game losing streak. Aller crowd never lost height or desire to go to games. We didn’t let losing stop us from rooting.

Caruso: I feel like the rooters this year just connected so well with putting ideas together and making sure our music was getting everyone hyped and into the game and always made sure there wasn’t a dull moment.


If you’re a top student section, your football team will take notice. What have the Cougars players and coaches said about your team spirit?

Moretti: Players have been so appreciative of our faith and support even threw a tough preseason. They loved how we still showed up and eventually, we got to share a league championship with them.

Caruso: The team constantly shows their gratitude towards us and always putting in valuable time and effort towards making them feel like they are at home. It was nothing but love all season and we had no problem showing off.

Outside of you guys, who has been the best student section you have run into?

Moretti: A section I always love going against is Los Osos. Our pink out game is always my favorite and both sides always show out.

Caruso: After being to a few college football games and seen many high school football games, I would have to say seeing Notre Dame’s fighting Irish In action was definitely a whole new level of spirit and something we always strived for.


The Villa Park Black Pack, Bishop Amat Dawgpound and Carlsbad Loud Crowd (Last years Champ) were in a close run for the top spot in the polls. What are your thoughts on those three fantastic student sections?

Moretti: I think those sections are great. They are very respected and have a lot of support from their communities. I always love seeing good sections.

Caruso: I feel like there were many teams who were able to go to extreme measures and they were definitely a solid competition but we just kept the mentality that the class of 2019 at Rancho was a group that needed to be put on a pedestal and show what we can do for many years to come.


Anything you like to say to your student section or your classmates?

Moretti: I just want to say that I’m so proud of my section. I’ve always known we’re the best but now since it’s official, everyone knows. I’m grateful for all the Rooters who showed up to every game and never stopped shouting. This section is special and it will continue to be the best for a long time.

Caruso: I would like to personally thank all our die hard fans who didn’t think twice about coming to support our team and also I would like to thank our rooter president Nathan Moretti for always doing the best he can with everything going on In his life. him along with all of the other rooters made so many of these games memorable for me and provided highlights of my life that I will never forget.


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