2019-2020 Final Southern California Basketball Top 35 Student Section Rankings

A Top 25 Rankings list wouldn’t be enough.

I can’t skip on some of the best student sections. Too many student sections to narrow down to just 25.

Even with the Top 35, which is random, but these student sections are filled with weirdos, didn’t do enough justice that we had to recognize five of the student sections that were on the outside on the Southland list.

Thousand Oaks Green Hole, Riverside Poly Den, Sonora Jungle of La Habra,  University Roman Legion of San Diego and Newport Harbor Tarpit of Newport Beach all missed the cut in the final Southern California Rankings, but I’m sure they’re pleased to be ranked high in their region!

Without further or due, let’s close out the Basketball Student Section season with the FInal Top 35 Southern California Basketball Student Section rankings for this year!





1. St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego (Last Year: 8)


The Saints Pit came away with a last second power move!

They gave me the invite to drive down three hours to check them out and I left extremely impressed.

Consider this a buzzer beating shot type of moment. The Saints Pit went insanely nuts and didn’t stop with the crazy antics. The purple curtain didn’t disappoint. 

The halftime show was a fun one to watch, but the second half was the cherry on top with the most insane things i’ve ever seen.

If you made a free throw with the Saints Pit crazy distractions, tell everyone your story because that is tough to do when you have to focus.

The Saints Pit stole the show to take the 2019-2020 San Diego Basketball Student Section of the Year title and now they are on top of the SoCal world as the 2019-2020 SoCal Basketball Student Section of the Year Champs!


2. Capistrano Valley Cage of Mission Viejo (Last Year’s Ranking: 5)


Sometimes when a student section goes on the road, you cut them some slack with the lack of numbers in the stands.

The Cage doesn’t need any slack. 

At home or on the road, the Cage came ready to take over the student section game this year in Orange County and you didn’t want to mess with them. These kids are savages!

When it goes down to the wire, this student section will rally and cheer their team to victory. The small boost is always helpful and the Cage provided that.

A basketball that was all about winning needs a winning student section and the Cage was just that when they took the 2019-2020 Orange County Student Section title!


3. Murrieta Mesa Beast (Last Year: 11)


The Beast is a large and crazy student section. In fact, it may have been too large and crazy that they had to split the student sections into two. The Beast joined forces with the Murrieta Mesa Green Screen. The Green Screen was behind the backboard while the Beast was on the side. 

Opposing teams couldn’t get away from the Mesa student section and the only time they did was when the game got stopped after toilet paper was thrown. The toilet paper toss was followed after an eruption of noise that was held in until the seventh point was scored by the Rams.

The Mesa Beast enjoyed a fantastic season from the Rams and the Rams enjoyed the love and support they got in return and in return for their school spirit, the Murrieta Mesa Beast took the 2019-2020 Inland Empire Student Section Title.


4. St. Anthony Saints Pit of Long Beach (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Saints Pit may not have that strong social media presence, but when you see them in person, you can’t ignore that crazy and intense school spirit and support they have for their basketball team. The Pit is loud and they have some extreme members of the student section.

Good luck trying to make your free throws on the road because the Pit will rattle you. You can’t focus with newspaper flowing faster than the Pit can hold it. I’ve never seen a student section wave crutches in the air to distract a shooter, but the Pit pulled it off.

While the Saints Pit had been quiet for sometime, the Pit came back to life and became one of SoCal hottest student sections this year!

Hopefully we see the Saints Pit on social media, but take my word for it, this is a crazy student section and that is why they were the Los Angeles Basketball Student Section of the Year!


5. Servite Asylum of Anaheim (Last Year: 2)


The Asylum was another student section that traveled in support of their Friars, who were coming off an improved season, got a boost from their brothers.

The Asylum came ready for any student section that came their way and took over some opposing gyms.

The Asylum was showed off every game to let everyone who still runs the show!

The Asylum has built a dynasty that has lasted for well over a decade. Credo!


6. Cathedral Catholic Los Locos of San Diego (Last Year: 16)


Los Locos was pretty crazy, hence the name! With one of the best basketball teams this season, Los Locos packed the gym and went nuts! If you want to battle with Los Locos, come ready for battle!


7. Havard-Westlake Fanatics of Studio City (Last Year: Not Ranked)


While the social media is non-existent, the word on the street has always been true. This is a loud and insane/intense student section. They can travel for the big games and can hang with any student section. 


8. Etiwanda Red Zone (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Red Zone was amazing this season, but going on a two hour drive to cheer is what pushed them to the second spot. The Red Zone was consistent and loud while enjoying another fantastic basketball team on the court. The Red Zone led it be known that this is there home and no one took it away from them.


9. Bonita Den of La Verne (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Den made a late splash in the social media game of the student section world and it worked, but Southern California discovered a rowdy student section that will travel to cheer on the Bearcats. Bonita was a game away from the CIF-SS Finals and the Den loved the journey and hope to make more memories in the State playoffs.


10. Villa Park Blue Crew (Last Year: 10)


After leaving the Black Pack during football season, the Blue Crew came in with a new gym and gave a special opening with the stands rattling beneath it.

The Blue Crew worked a strong social media game this season and once again showed off their school spirit.

The Blue Crew had plenty of reason to cheer on the Spartans put up another 20-win season!


11. San Marcos Blue Crew (Last Year: 9)


This student section works a solid social media game and traveled as well. The Blue Crew can be weird and can be loud as well. One of the best student sections that is consistently at the top in the student section world!


12. St. John Bosco Tribe of Bellflower (Last Year: 7)

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The Tribe is a fantastic student section and even if they have small numbers on the road, they still travel, which is not the norm for many student sections. The small road warriors make up for it by being savage and loud in the visitors section. When you have top quality athletes, you’re going to show up to every game and cheer on your classmates!


13. Torrey Pines Chaos of San Diego (Last Year: 3)


The Chaos is just that, chaotic. This is a savage group that travels when the Falcons need help! While we have to give the Falcons credit for their return to the CIF-SDS Open Division Finals, some credit has to go to the Chaos!


14. Northwood Den of Irvine (Last Year: Not Ranked)


While the Timberwolves didn’t have the season they hoped for record wise, the Den still showed up and showed love for Northwood basketball.

The Den is one of the few student sections in Orange County to be placed behind the backboard, which was a nightmare for opposing free throw shooters!

If it wasn’t for their social media work, the Den would have been further down the list. Well done!


15. Chaminade Cage of West Hills (Last Year: 15)


The Cage showed off their school spirit and was inconsideration for the LA title and with a solid basketball squad, it is no wonder why the Cage was packed and crazy!


16. Great Oak Red Wave of Temecula (Last Year: Not Ranked)


This student section can pack the stands and this season was no different. Red Wave maintained the prestige of their student section and they didn’t disappoint. It helps to have a fantastic basketball team this season to attract a much larger crowd!


17. Canyon Tribe of Anaheim (Last Year: 12)


The Canyon Tribe has provided so much school spirit during basketball season this past decade and this season was no different.

With the Comanches taking their third straight Crestview League title, the Tribe showed up to watch the show on the court and in return, fans watch a show in the stands.

It helps to have a motivator on the bench, Canyon Superfan, assistant coach and Canyon Hall of Famer, Mitchell Siegel.

The Tribe always brings their best during the Battle of the Hills against Villa Park. In order for the Tribe tradition to stay alive every game, the students had to buy in.


18. Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Lancers battled in the Camino Real League this season and they got a boost from the Dawgpound. The Dawgpound filled up the gym and showed off their school spirit. Very impressive! If you’re a new student section looking for notes, the Dawgpound is the model student section to follow! Great school spirit!


19. Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures (Last Year: 24)


There are no days off for the Bronco Bleacher Creatures. This student section is insane and this basketball season, they brought international reinforcements from down under. The BBC brought students from Australia to a game and showed them what a crazy student section they are.  


20. Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Growl Crowd showed up big for their home games and got loud! No one came in and took over their gym. The Growl Crowd can get rowdy and they were a fun group to watch this season. 


21. Rosary Rowdy Royals of Fullerton (Last Year: Not Ranked)


Someone is mixing caffeine in the water at Rosary High. Several minutes before a game starts, the Rowdy Royals get overly rowdy and keep up that energy throughout the game! The outfits are just as loud as this student section! An all-girls student section can mess with anyone they want!


22. Oxnard Swarm (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Swarm has made a strong impression in the second half of the season. The Swarm crashed the party and with a basketball that was spitting hot fire all season, it’s no surprise that the student section came ready to see a show on the court! The favor was returned for the Yellowjackets as they also got a show in the stands.


23. Damien Pit of La Verne (Last Year: 1)


The Pit was once again savage and needed to be in a loaded basketball league. The Pit loves to rattle the opposing fans or if they showed up at Damien, the opposing student sections. A winning basketball program needs a winning student section and Damien has that.


24. Carlsbad Loud Crowd (Last Year: 13)


Carlsbad had one of the best pregame ceremonies and the Loud Crowd matched that high level and the same went for the Lancers. The Loud Crowd maintained that high quality Student Section that is considered a dynasty during football season.


25. Upland Dogpound (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Dogpound came alive when they ran into their rivals and were just as insane against their Baseline League opponents. Led by the Dogpound leaders, including one of the nations best football players in Justin Flowe, the Dogpound was savage and rowdy this season.


2019-2020 SoCal Basketball Student Section Rankings: 26-35 


26. Edison MESS of Huntington Beach (Last Year: Not Ranked)



27. Sage Creek Bob Squad of Carlsbad (Last Year: Not Ranked)



28. Bishop Montgomery Swaglet of Torrance (Last Year: 4)


29. Los Alamitos Locos (Last Year: Not Ranked)



30. Poway Titan Terror (Last Year: Not Ranked)



31. Fairmont Prep Loud Crowd of Anaheim (Last Year: Not Ranked)



32. St. Francis Dungeon of La Canada (Last Year: Not Ranked)



33. Shadow Hills Dungeon of Indio (Last Year: Not Ranked)



34. San Marcos Pride of Santa Barbara (Last Year: Not Ranked)



35. Peninsula Zoo of Rolling Hills Estates (Last Year: Not Ranked)