2019-2020 Inland Empire Top 25 Basketball Student Section Rankings

Last year, the Baseline League had a student section take the Inland Empire Football Student Section of the year title and the IE Basketball Student Section of the year title.

This year, the titles shift to the Southwestern League.

The Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures took the 2019 Inland Empire Football Student Section title. Will they do the same for Basketball? We’ll find out in a moment.

Seven student sections break in the Top 25 this year after missing the cut last year. Some had leaders that were still learning and some didn’t use social media to their benefit or they weren’t aware of the us running the student section game in the Southland. 

Things changed this year for those student sections as they discovered social media or just discovered us.

We had one student section not get on the Top 25 list last year and made their way to No. 3 this year. If it weren’t for the social media game from their basketball squad, they would have missed the mark again.

Social media is very important in the student section game. This is quite different than athletics, you have to sell your school spirit to Southern California.

We had a lot of great student sections this year in the Inland Empire that we want to recognize the five student sections that just missed the cut. Student Sections like Patriot Warriors of Riverside, Arlington Lions Den of Riverside, Santiago Black Sea of Corona, Rancho Verde Red Zone of Moreno Valley and the Heritage Patriot Pit of Menifee came very close.

Enough typing, let’s checkout the Inland Empire Basketball Top 25 Student Section Rankings and name the new champ!



1. Murrieta Mesa Beast (Last Year Ranking: 3)



The Beast is a large and crazy student section. In fact, it may have been too large and crazy that they had to split the student sections into two. The Beast joined forces with the Murrieta Mesa Green Screen. The Green Screen was behind the backboard while the Beast was on the side. 

Opposing teams couldn’t get away from the Mesa student section and the only time they did was when the game got stopped after toilet paper was thrown. The toilet paper toss was followed after an eruption of noise that was held in until the seventh point was scored by the Rams.

The Mesa Beast enjoyed a fantastic season from the Rams and the Rams enjoyed the love and support they got in return and in return for their school spirit, the Murrieta Mesa Beast takes the 2019-2020 Inland Empire Student Section Title.


2. Etiwanda Red Zone (Last Year: 15)


The Red Zone was amazing this season, but going on a two hour drive to cheer is what pushed them to the second spot. The Red Zone was consistent and loud while enjoying another fantastic basketball team on the court. The Red Zone led it be known that this is there home and no one took it away from them.

3. Bonita Den of La Verne (Last Year: Not Ranked)



The Den made a late splash in the social media game of the student section world and it worked, but Southern California discovered a rowdy student section that will travel to cheer on the Bearcats. Bonita was a game away from the CIF-SS Finals and the Den loved the journey and hope to make more memories in the State playoffs.


4. Great Oak Red Wave of Temecula (Last Year: 9)


This student section can pack the stands and this season was no different. Red Wave maintained the prestige of their student section and they didn’t disappoint. It helps to have a fantastic basketball team this season to attract a much larger crowd to the point where the late ones had to stand and get crazy!


5. Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures (Last Year: 6)


There are no days off for the Bronco Bleacher Creatures. This student section is insane and this basketball season, they brought international reinforcements from down under. The BBC brought students from Australia to a game and showed them what a crazy student section they are.  


6. Damien Pit of La Verne (Last Year: 1)


The Pit was once again savage and needed to be in a loaded basketball league. The Pit loves to rattle the opposing fans or if they showed up at Damien, the opposing student sections. A winning basketball program needs a winning student section and Damien has that.

7. Upland Dogpound (Last Year: Not Ranked)



The Dogpound came alive when they ran into their rivals and were just as insane against their Baseline League opponents. Led by the Dogpound leaders, including one of the nations best football players in Justin Flowe, the Dogpound was savage and rowdy this season.


8. Shadow Hills Dungeon of Indio (Last Year: 17)


The Dungeon finished strong to move up in the rankings. Shadow Hills got the boost in the semifinals with a loud Dungeon in the stands. This has been the theme this season for the Dungeon.

9. Riverside Poly Den (Last Year: 13)



The Den is enjoying a huge year from Lamont Butler and the Bears as they are a win away from the CIF-SS Title. This is a large and rowdy student section.


10. Chino Hills Dawgpound (Last Year: 5)


While this season wasn’t the typical season for Chino Hills basketball, the Dawgpound still showed up and rocked out.

11. Palm Desert Aztec Army (Last Year: Not Ranked)



The Aztec Army is a Rowdy and savage bunch and despite the tough season for the Aztecs, the Aztec Army still showed up and enjoyed a double dose of buzzer beaters on the road against Xavier Prep of Palm Desert. 


12. Notre Dame Titan Army of Riverside (Last Year: 7)


The Titan Army kept the crazy at a max and got very rowdy for their Titans this season.

13. Temecula Valley Gold Zone (Last Year: 8)



The Golden Bears are always at the top half of the Southwestern League and the Gold Zone has enjoyed that. This is a student section that prepares to defend their home in one of the best student section leagues in SoCal.


14. Centennial Dawgpound of Corona (Last Year: 4)


The Huskies have a winning tradition on the hardwood. If this student section can match the one during football season, you may see them at the top of the rankings. 


15. Temescal Canyon Blue Hole of Lake Elsinore (Last Year: 19)


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The Blue Hole loves making noise. So much noise that they have a laminated sign to keep the noise at a high volume. You don’t want to mess with the Blue Hole. 


16. Colony Titan Army of Ontario (Last Year: 11)


With a consistent winner on the court, the Titan Army comes ready to go and ready to see a show! Sometimes, its the other way around.


17. Murrieta Valley Red Zone (Last Year: 12)


With one of the best players in the Inland Empire in Jordan Montgomery, the Red Zone had an attraction and a reason to show up to the games and cheer on the Nighthawks.


18. Roosevelt Stampede of Eastvale (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Mustangs are having a fantastic season and it is fitting with the Stampede making a big showing. The Stampede can also travel, a rarity for IE Student Sections!


19. King Red Zone of Riverside (Last Year: 20)


This is a rowdy student section that has battled with two tough teams in the Big VIII League. Much different with a solid girls basketball program. 


20. La Quinta Birdcage (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Birdcage enjoyed a winning season and gave longtime La Quinta coach Ty Thomas a nice sendoff as he heads to retirement!


21. Rancho Cucamonga Rooters (Last Year: 2)


While this was a rebuilding year for the Cougars, the Rooters still showed support for their team this season.


22. Redlands East Valley Litter Box (Last Year: 14) 


The Litterbox, which is a great name for a student section by the way, showed up and showed out for the Redhawks, which battled in the Citrus Belt League.


23. Xavier Prep Vatican of Palm Desert (Last Year: Not Ranked)


This is a small student section, but they make up for it with loud noises and chants. Plus, the Vatican is one of the most unique names for a student section. 


24. Paloma Valley Maroon Platoon of Menifee (Last Year: 18)


This student section did their part in cheers as their girls basketball is headed to the CIF-SS Finals. 


25. Hillcrest Trojan Army of Riverside (Last Year: Not Ranked)


With a basketball team that went undefeated in the River Valley League and is a few years of of winning a CIF-SS Title, you will attract your student body in attending.