2019-2020 Orange County Top 25 Basketball Student Section Rankings

While the student section during basketball season are as fun to watch as the football student sections, it can be challenging.

The opening month of the basketball season is mostly made up of tournaments at neutral locations, followed by winter break and while league play begins in January, some student sections need a small break for Finals week.

While there were challenges in front of these student sections, no one was disappointed with the student sections this winter.

This season, we had seven student sections break in the top 25 after missing out last season, one student section going as high as number six.

We had so many student sections battle for their teams and their school and we wish we could mention them all. Student Sections like JSerra Pride of San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente Loud Crowd, El Modena Rowdy Rooters of Orange, Beckman Patriot Pit of Irvine and Sunny Hills Lancer Nation of Fullerton made an impression and we hope to see them in next year’s top 25.

I’ve said once and i’ll say it again, as a whole, Orange County has the best student sections in Southern California. While the other three SoCal regions have a handful of solid student sections, the OC has a couple dozen fantastic student sections that can complete with the best of them in Southern California. This is a deep list for student sections.

Enough talk, let’s name our Top 25 Basketball Student Section Rankings and name a new champion!





1. Capistrano Valley Cage of Mission Viejo (Last Year’s Ranking: 2)


Sometimes when a student section goes on the road, you cut them some slack with the lack of numbers in the stands.

The Cage doesn’t need any slack. 

At home or on the road, the Cage came ready to take over the student section game this year in Orange County and you didn’t want to mess with them. These kids are savages!

When it goes down to the wire, this student section will rally and cheer their team to victory. The small boost is always helpful and the Cage provided that.

A basketball that was all about winning needs a winning student section and the Cage was just that.


2. Servite Asylum of Anaheim (Last Year: 1)


The Asylum was another student section that traveled in support of their Friars, who were coming off an improved season, got a boost from their brothers.

The Asylum came ready for any student section that came their way and took over some opposing gyms.

The Asylum was showed off every game to let everyone who still runs the show!

The Asylum has built a dynasty that has lasted for well over a decade. Credo!


3. Villa Park Blue Crew (Last Year: 3)


After leaving the Black Pack during football season, the Blue Crew came in with a new gym and gave a special opening with the stands rattling beneath it.

The Blue Crew worked a strong social media game this season and once again showed off their school spirit.

The Blue Crew had plenty of reason to cheer on the Spartans put up another 20-win season!


4. Northwood Den of Irvine (Last Year: 11)


While the Timberwolves didn’t have the season they hoped for record wise, the Den still showed up and showed love for Northwood basketball.

The Den is one of the few student sections in Orange County to be placed behind the backboard, which was a nightmare for opposing free throw shooters!

If it wasn’t for their social media work, the Den would have been further down the list. Well done!


5. Canyon Tribe of Anaheim (Last Year: 4)


The Canyon Tribe has provided so much school spirit during basketball season this past decade and this season was no different.

With the Comanches taking their third straight Crestview League title, the Tribe showed up to watch the show on the court and in return, fans watch a show in the stands.

It helps to have a motivator on the bench, Canyon Superfan, assistant coach and Canyon Hall of Famer, Mitchell Siegel.

The Tribe always brings their best during the Battle of the Hills against Villa Park. In order for the Tribe tradition to stay alive every game, the students had to buy in.


6. Rosary Rowdy Royals of Fullerton (Last Year: Not Ranked)


Someone is mixing caffeine in the water at Rosary High. Several minutes before a game starts, the Rowdy Royals get overly rowdy and keep up that energy throughout the game! The outfits are just as loud as this student section! An all-girls student section can mess with anyone they want!


7. Edison MESS of Huntington Beach (Last Year: 9)


Last year the Mighty Edison Student Section, otherwise known as the MESS, crashed the student section party and now they’re one of the model student sections. The MESS is savage and when you see them, expect the name to not be the only mess with the confetti being thrown everywhere! Edison loves to get MESSy!


8. Los Alamitos Locos (Last Year: 13)


The Locos picked up where they left off from their SoCal Student Section Championship season during football season! The Locos let everyone know who rides the best roller coaster and who can part the best Red Sea out there! The Griffins always get an edge when the Locos pack the seats!


9. Fairmont Prep Loud Crowd of Anaheim (Last Year: 19)


This student section exploded in the postseason and turned it up several notches during the postseason. While they are a smaller student section compared to the others in the top of the list, the Loud Crowd is a crazy student section that loves to rattle opponents. They let it be known that they’re the better ones in the stands. One thing’s for sure, their social media game is fire! 


10. Sonora Jungle of La Habra (Last Year: 12)


You don’t want to get in the Jungle. This student section is insane! You have a problem with them, they don’t care! They have a strong student section and it is only going to get better next season!


11. Newport Harbor Tarpit of Newport Beach (Last Year: 10)


The Tarpit showed and had someone working a strong social media game this season. You expect the Tarpit to come ready with another fantastic season from the Sailors. The Tarpit rocked it this season under the leadership of Newport Harbor sports analyst Teran Rodriguez.


12. Corona del Mar Kings Krew of Newport Beach (Last Year: 16)


You didn’t want to mess with the Kings Krew. They knew how to rattle opponents and more so in the big games! What stood out from the Kings Krew was the Teddy Bear toss. Instead of toilet paper, Kings Krew threw Teddy Bears on the court. The stuffed animals where donated to needy children. Mad Respect!


13. Orange Lutheran Code Red (Last Year: 6)


While this season was a tough one for Orange Lutheran, Code Red still showed up and defended their home when any student section came to their house. Code Red let the Lancers know that they have their back!


14. La Habra Clan (Last Year: 5)


The Clan enjoyed another big season from the Highlanders and battled with them in the City Rivalry. This student section is loud and get the team pumped up!


15. Santa Margarita Eagles Nest of Rancho Santa Margarita (Last Year: 7)


While the Eagles are young this year, the Nest soared with them and cheered on their team. Win or loss, the Nest was alive this season!


16. Tesoro Titan Army of Rancho Santa Margarita (Last Year: 15)


The Titan Army enjoyed another huge year from the Titans! Win or lose, the Titan Army is filled up and ready for battle in the Sea View League.


17. Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Diablo Inferno showed up and got crazy intense. Be ready to spit hot fire when you try to battle with the Inferno!


18. Portola Dogpound of Irvine (Last Year: Not Ranked)


This new student section looks like a seasoned student section with the way they handled the noise and the funk! While they’re new to the game, they’re large and very loud!


19. Pacifica Christian Wedge of Newport Beach (Last Year: Not Ranked)


This is a small student section, but they make up for it with the craziness. One of the few student sections where shirts might be misses from a few members. Surfs up!


20. Cypress CypHype (Last Year: 8)


If it wasn’t for Centurions basketball coach Derek Mitchell Twitter skills, CypHype would have missed the cut. Coach Mitchell showed me and everyone else that while CypHype might be a small crew, they can definitely hang and get crazy!


21. St. Margaret’s Kitchen of San Juan Capistrano (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Tartans cooked things up on the court on their way to a Academy League title. It gave more reasons for the Kitchen to heat things up in the stands. The Kitchen is already a crazy group to begin with and they turnt up this season.


22. Mater Dei Den of Santa Ana (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Den can travel and when you have two of the best basketball teams in the country, you have no excuse to not travel and see the Monarchs play for a CIF-SS Open Division title!


23. El Dorado Hawks Nest of Placentia (Last Year: 18)


One of the first student sections to do the toilet paper toss in the gym this season, the Hawks Nest is a favorite of mine and a crazy one as well!


24. Trabuco Hills Stampede of Mission Viejo (Last Year: 17)


The Mustangs seem to play with six on the court. Well, five, but the sixth man is the Stampede. They’re a savage group of kids and once again, they brought it during basketball season!


25. Troy Warzone of Fullerton (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Warzone is one of the more unique ones, but like everyone else, they are crazy and enjoyed fantastic season from both the girls and boys basketball teams.