2019-2020 San Diego Top 25 Basketball Student Section Rankings

The San Diego Basketball Student Sections were pretty even.

Eight student sections had a say for the top spot and those eight had something in common. They all worked a solid social media game.

Just some simple marketing work can go a long way and it worked.

We also have another eight student sections that weren’t ranked in last year’s Rankings make their debut this season. 

This is a loaded group of student sections in San Diego that five student sections missed the cut to make the Top 25. Student Sections like Rancho Bernardo Stampede of San Diego, Vista Panther Pit, Lincoln Hive of San Diego, Montgomery Aztec Army of San Diego, Eastlake Titan Army of Chula Vista came close and hopefully we’ll see them next season.

Enough talk, let’s see who made the Top 25 and name a new student section champion!





1. St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego (Last Year: 2)


The Saints Pit came away with a last second power move!

They gave me the invite to drive down three hours to check them out and I left extremely impressed.

Consider this a buzzer beating shot type of moment. The Saints Pit went insanely nuts and didn’t stop with the crazy antics. The purple curtain didn’t disappoint. 

The halftime show was a fun one to watch, but the second half was the cherry on top with the most insane things i’ve ever seen.

If you made a free throw with the Saints Pit crazy distractions, tell everyone your story because that is tough to do when you have to focus.

The Saints Pit stole the show and take the 2019-2020 San Diego Basketball Student Section of the Year title!


2. Cathedral Catholic Los Locos of San Diego (Last Year: 5)


Los Locos was pretty crazy, hence the name! With one of the best basketball teams this season, Los Locos packed the gym and went nuts! If you want to battle with Los Locos, come ready for battle!


3. San Marcos Blue Crew (Last Year: 3)


This student section works a solid social media game and traveled as well. The Blue Crew can be weird and can be loud as well. One of the best student sections that is consistently at the top in the student section world!


4. Torrey Pines Chaos of San Diego (Last Year: 1)


The Chaos is just that, chaotic. This is a savage group that travels when the Falcons need help! While we have to give the Falcons credit for their return to the CIF-SDS Open Division Finals, some credit has to go to the Chaos!


5. Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos (Last Year: 20)


The Growl Crowd showed up big for their home games and got loud! No one came in and took over their gym. The Growl Crowd can get rowdy and they were a fun group to watch this season. 


6. Carlsbad Loud Crowd (Last Year: 4)


Carlsbad had one of the best pregame ceremonies and the Loud Crowd matched that high level and the same went for the Lancers. The Loud Crowd maintained that high quality Student Section that is considered a dynasty during football season. 


7. Sage Creek Bob Squad of Carlsbad (Last Year: 11)


The Bob Squad showed up and shared their student section with everyone on social media. Even with a tough go around for the Bobcats, the Bob Squad still came ready to get weird. Mission accomplished!


8. Poway Titan Terror (Last Year: 10)


The Titan Terror worked a solid social media game and they showed off their school spirit. While the Titan Terror showed off the student section, the Titans showed off their skills on the court. 


9. University City Roman Legion of San Diego (Last Year: 7)


This student section is a rowdy and crazy group. No appearances on ESPN this season, but the Roman Legion still rocked it.


10. Westview Black Hole of San Diego (Last Year: 6)


This student section kept the crazy going from last year despite a tough season for the Wolverines. 


11. Del Norte Flock of San Diego (Last Year: 8)


This Flock got crazy and cheered on the Nighthawks. The Flock, which is a great name for a student section, battled in a league full of great Student Sections.


12. La Costa Canyon Stampede of Carlsbad (Last Year: 14)


The Stampede had some competition in the Avocado-West League. While they didn’t show off their school spirit on social media, other student sections took notice!


13. Mt. Carmel Red Sea of San Diego (Last Year: 12)

The Red Sea shows up, battles and cheers on the Sundevils despite the outcome of the game. 

14. Orange Glen Patriot Pit of Escondido (Last Year: Not Ranked)

Win or lose, the Patriot Pit showed up and showed love for the Patriots no matter the outcome.

15. Ramona Dawgpound (Last Year: Not Ranked)


Ramona is rowdy and fun to watch. Even though the Bulldogs didn’t have the season they hoped for, the Dawgpound still packed the gym.




16. El Camino Jungle of Oceanside (Last Year: 17)


The Jungle is a crazy group and more so when the Wildcats are winning games again under El Camino coaching legend Ray Johnson, who made a return to El Camino. 


17. Classical Academy Swamp of Escondido (Last Year: Not Ranked)

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While they’re a small school, the Caimans had a solid Student Section with solid school spirit. Plus, the Swamp is a cool name.


18. Coronado Tiki Squad (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The City League champs had a rowdy and loud group of classmates in the stands that got them going all season long.


19. Patrick Henry Hooligans of San Diego (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Hooligans followed suit with the crazy name. They’re a unique bunch in the gym.


20. Scripps Ranch Cage of San Diego (Last Year: 9)


The Cage kept rattling in the stands and it helped the Falcons take the Eastern League title.


21. Helix Dawghouse of La Mesa (Last Year: 19)


The Dawghouse used to rock the social media part of the social media game. While that part doesn’t exist anymore, the Dawghouse still rocks the house!


22. Granite Hills Eagles Nest (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Eagles Nest enjoyed a great showing from the Grossmont Valley League champs and they returned the favor.

23. Oceanside Ship (Last Year: Not Ranked)

Even without social media presence, we know the Ship showed up for the Pirates. 


24. La Jolla Country Day Jungle (Last Year: 16)


Even though this season didn’t have the outcome as last season, the Jungle rocked the stands for their Torreys.


25. Central Grizzly Crazies of El Centro (Last Year: Not Ranked)


The Crazies have always been considered the best Student Sections in Imperial County. This season was no different.