2019 Inland Empire Top 25 Football Student Section Rankings

The student section game has improved drastically and the Inland Empire played a huge role in that.

While we moved from a Top 20 Ranking to a Top 25 Ranking list, we added five new student sections to the list, but five more student sections make the list this year after missing out last year.

The student section game was strong this year that we have to recognize five other student sections that barely missed the cut. Student Sections like Don Lugo of Chino, Santiago of Corona, Damien of La Verne, Cajon of San Bernardino and Chino Hills were noticed and it hurts to not add them on the Top 25.

What helped in making the Top 25 this year is Social Media. What might be a must for the Student Section game to work is promoting your school spirit every week on social media. Consistency is key and so is being positive and being smart. Avoiding a chant or putting up a sign that could be offensive that could hurt your student section, your school and community is a must. Luckily, we didn’t see much of that this year.

Most of these student sections rocked the social media game and we expect more student sections to market themselves in the future. Let’s reward these student sections and name a new Inland Empire Football Student Section of the Year.



1. Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures (Last Year: 2nd)



Despite the positive things I’ve said about this student section, this wasn’t easy.

The Rancho Rooters equaled the intensity and school spirit the Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures. 

The BBC put on a fantastic show in the stands. This student section provided entertainment that can match NCAA crowds. The school spirit is overwhelming and amazing.

Every play, the Vista BBC got loud and rattled every opponent and they showed it off on social media every week.

The Week 3 SoCal Student Section of the Week winner will be taking another title, the 2019 Inland Empire Football Student Section of the Year title.

“We came in this season determined and more excited to bring in our culture back,” Vista BBC said in a statement. “All season we did the best we could to rep our school. The pride we have for our school is huge and we love keeping the culture alive.”


2. Rancho Cucamonga Rancho Rooters (Last Year: 1st)

Probably one of the rowdiest student sections out there, the Rancho Rooters went nuts this season and showed the stadium in purple with the Cougars taking the Baseline League title. The Rancho Rooters took a title of their own in Week 1 with a SoCal Student Section of the Week. It was tough to keep them out of the top spot this year, but their love for their Cougars didn’t go unnoticed. It is a no brainer every year in keeping the Rancho Rooters at the top of the IE and SoCal list. Fantastic student section.

“Rancho Rooters is by the far the most energetic student section I have ever seen,” The Rancho Rooters said in a statement. “I am blessed to have such a hype crew to lead. BLEED PURPLE!”

3. Centennial of Corona Dawgpound (Last Year: 3rd)

The Dawgpound was quiet on social media, more so compared to last year, but they blew it up in the later part of the season to stay the course at No. 3. The Dawgpound enjoys having one of the best football programs in the state year after year. The reward was taking the last SoCal Student Section of the Week for 2019.


4. Palm Desert Aztec Army (Last Year: Not Ranked)

Social Media is so important in the Student Section game and the Aztec Army proved that. Not on the list last year, the Aztec Army crashed the student section party when they took the Week 6 SoCal Student Section of the Week title. The social media game didn’t end there as the Aztec Army showed off their love for Palm Desert. A very much improved year for the Aztec Army and that deserves a slow clap!

“Aztec Army has been incredible and has really stepped up,” the Aztec Army said in a statement. “The changes we have made from social media to throwing powder at opening kickoff to playing music during halftime it has allowed us to be a great student section this year. We are thankful to our staff for being lenient and working with us this entire year and we hope to translate this craziness to winter sports.”


5. Murrieta Mesa Beast (Last Year: 6th)

The Beast came away with another fantastic showing this season as they stay with the best once again. The Beast is one of the best at home games and showed off on the road as well. I know because I saw them at Vista Murrieta and they’re a loud and rowdy bunch!

“Our student section is more then a group of kids dancing,” The Beast said. “Our athletic programs come together to support all teams and clubs on campus. All day, every day, BEAST MODE!”


6. Great Oak of Temecula Red Wave (Last Year: 5th) 

This is one of those student sections that I pushed to improve their social media game, something that I rarely, if ever do. I know this student section is amazing and with some proof (and maybe I should make the trip to check them out!), this could be a student section that can take this title next year. The videos and photos I saw from this year shows me that this student section can still rock it. I’m rooting for the Red Wave as they will look to take the IE crown next year.


7. Chaparral of Temecula Green Fanatics (Last Year: 18th)

The Green Fanatics improved a lot this year and showed off their school spirit. The sea of green was amazing to look at and with a Pumas squad that battled in a tough league. Win or lose, the Green Fanatics showed their love for their team.


8. Murrieta Valley Red Zone (Last Year: 4th)

The Red Zone rocked it in a league full of fantastic school spirit and battled as one of the best. The same is said for their football team as a Sea of Red filled the stands and the field. 


9. Los Osos of Rancho Cucamonga Grizzly Nation (Last Year: 15th)

A much improved student section this season from Grizzly Nation. A rowdy and loud student section that went nuts in the stands and they showed it to everyone on Twitter. The reward came in Week 7 where they took the SoCal Student Section of the Week title. In a league full of fantastic football teams and student sections, Los Osos had their hands full, but a playoff appearance and a top 10 finish in the IE Student Sections is a success for Los Osos!


10. Temecula Valley Gold Zone (Last Year: 10th)

The Gold Zone enjoyed an improved season last year and this year, they enjoyed a CIF-SS Title. If the Gold Zone can improve their social media game, we may see a new champion in the IE next year. Maybe they can follow the footsteps left by their Golden Bears?


11. Chino Cowboy Country (Last Year: Not Ranked) 

With their Student Section Advisor coming from Ramona of Riverside, the school spirit has grown at Chino. Cowboy Country rocked it this season, especially when they faced Don Lugo in the ‘Milkcan’ game. It was a close game where Don Lugo got the win, but Cowboy Country got the upper hand in the student section battle as they took the Week 9 SoCal Student Section of the Week title. I expect Cowboy Country to stay with the Student Section herd in the Inland Empire.


12. Roosevelt of Eastvale Stampede (Last Year: Not Ranked)

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One of the more improved student sections in the IE, the Stampede rocked it on Instagram and the promotion matched when you saw them in person. The Stampede also went on the road and has the potential to be one of the best student sections next year. The Stampede is moving up in the student section world!


13. Upland Dog Pound (Last Year: 8th)

The Dog Pound stayed the course and make their return to the Top 25. Social Media wasn’t as strong as last year, but we noticed them a few times this year. We hope to see more of them next season. Plus, with the Scots on the field, how can you miss a game?


14. Etiwanda Red Zone (Last Year: 9th)

The Red Zone was alive this season. Several games this season, the Red Zone showed off their student section on Social Media and we noticed it. Plus, if the lights went out at the stadium, you can always rely on the Red Zone with their cellphone.


15. Temescal Canyon of Lake Elsinore Blue Hole (Last Year: 19th)

Social Media is what moved this student section up in the rankings. They showed off their school spirit and their love for their Titans. The rowdyness was not missed. Well done!


16. Norco Cougar Den (Last Year: 14th)

If the Cougar Den can market themselves on social media, this could be one of the top student sections in the Inland Empire. Word of mouth can only take you so far. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the Cougar Den, so there is potential for this student section to take the top spot next year.


17. Ramona of Riverside Rowdy Rams (Last Year: 12th)

When you lose your Student Section Advisor to another school, your student section tends to lose a step. This isn’t the case for the Rowdy Rams. What they learned last year, they used again and showed everyone why they are ‘Rowdy’ and when you have a Rams squad that makes it to the CIF-SS Finals, you’re going to get extra ‘Rowdy’


18. Rancho Verde of Moreno Valley Red Zone (Last Year: Not Ranked)

With another fantastic season from the Mustangs, the Red Zone showed up and cheered for their team. They can move up if they show off their school spirit with the world, but word of mouth got them on the list this year.


19. Ayala of Chino Hills Dawgpound (Last Year: Not Ranked)

The Dawgpound shook up the football stands this season and rattled opposing teams. With an undefeated regular season squad on your side, you can’t miss a game. It was a show on the field and in the stands. If the Dawgpound can improve their social media game, then it is only up from here.


20. Shadow Hills of Indio Dungeon (Last Year: Not Ranked)

The Dungeon battled in a league that consisted of some tough teams and tough student sections. The Dungeon has been consistent in the past several years and their social media game has been on point.


21. La Quinta Birdcage (Last Year: Not Ranked)

This student section disappeared on me last year, but they made their return and improved in big ways. With some student sections in the Desert showing signs of social media life, the Birdcage will look to do the same as they have been dynasty in the desert for awhile.


22. Heritage of Menifee Patriot Pit (Last Year: 11th)

The Pit stays in the Top 25, but they took a dive. They provide a lot of fun in the stands and show their love for their Patriots. If they can improve their social media game, we may see this student sections return to the top part of the rankings.


23. Cathedral City Black Hole (Last Year: Not Ranked)

The biggest surprise this Football Student Section Season has been the Cathedral City Black Hole, which took the Week 5 SoCal Student Section of the week title. A rowdy Student Section might be the boost the Lions need next season. 


24. Elsinore of Wildomar Tigers Den (Last Year: Not Ranked)

The Tigers Den has the passion, but if they can get a full squad, this could be a student section on the rise. I expect the Den to move up next year. They have what it takes and it showed this season.


25. Alta Loma Blue Crew (Last Year: Not Ranked)

The Blue Crew is a small, but amazing student section. Their social media game showed me that this is a student section that has love for their football team despite a tough season and they show off their love for their classmates and school. Great job Blue Crew!