2019 San Diego Football Student Section Preseason Rankings

We continue the first ever Preseason Student Section Rankings ever….like not on this website, I mean like ever!

The official website of the best of the best in Student Sections in Southern California brings you the first ever Preseason Rankings for the Football Student Section season.

Last Monday, we started with the Inland Empire Preseason Football Student Section Top 25 Rankings where we have the Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures and they have got off to a fantastic start with their pep rallies.

On Tuesday, we continued with the Los Angeles Preseason Football Student Section Top 25 Rankings where we have the Bishop Amat Dawgpound taking the preseason top spot.

On Wednesday, we went through the Orange County Student Section Top 25 Rankings with the Los Alamitos Los Locos starting in first position.

Will all three stay there by the end of the season? We shall see.

Now, this is much tougher than doing a preseason rankings for football. With football, we have stats, information that is easily accessible and the opportunity to see the team in the summer and at practices.

Student Sections are based off their rich history, their social media game and banking off the leadership from last season and seeing if they are back or off to college.

Sometimes, like football, student sections can have a hard time replacing senior leadership in the stands. Some of these student sections might be in a rebuilding year and some just know how to reload when they lose key students with school spirit.

One of the key things that helps a student section get recognition outside of the their local area to the Southern Region and perhaps the nation is working a strong social media game.

If you don’t have a strong social media game to show off your school spirit, it’s like a tree falling with no one around. It doesn’t make any noise. The only way it makes noise is if you film it or take a photo of it falling down and posting it on social media, like Twitter or Instagram (I don’t advise you cutting trees by the way.)

The tree in this is the students chanting or throwing streamers and powder or rocking the stands. Just a video or two per week on social media can get love for your student section.

Just ask the Carlsbad Loud Crowd, which will look to defend their San Diego Student Section Football title.

Work social media and get wild.

These are just preseason rankings.The real ones come out in December after naming a SoCal Student Section of the Week each week from Week Zero to the CIF-SS Finals.

San Diego Student Section might be the toughest to figure out, but hopefully with word of mouth, everything can be figured out for December Final Rankings.

By the way, you’re the word of mouth.

Let’s see who proves me right and who proves me wrong, here are the Orange County Student Section Preseason Rankings for the football season of 2019, enjoy and be nice!




1. Torrey Pines of San Diego (Chaos) Last Year: 2

The Chaos has plenty of reasons to not only attend games, but to go wild. The Chaos packs the stands in their goofy outfits with hands filled with powder. The Chaos gets loud for their team, which like their student section, stays at the top of any San Diego rankings.


2. St. Augustine of San Diego (Saints Pit) Last Year: 4

The Saints Pit is a crazy group. They fill the stands to watch some exciting football. Challenge the Pit and you will pay. This is a fun bunch that will go up for the challenge for the top student section spot in December.


3. Carlsbad (Loud Crowd) Last Year: 1

This is one of my favorite student sections. The powder, the music, the streamers, the cheers, the Loud Crowd has everything. The Loud Crowd will look to protect their title and let Purple Reign in December as Friday is for the Loud Crowd. 


4. Cathedral Catholic of San Diego (Los Locos) Last Year: 3

Los Locos goes wild under the stadium lights or the big Hollywood lights as the Dons can put on a show. Great themes can give you a packed house and it also helps when you have a fantastic football squad as well.


5. San Marcos (Blue Crew) Last Year: 5

The Blue Crew took the CIF-SDS Student Section Title last winter. CIF-SDS is a great option as a second opinion. The Blue Crew can rock the stands and can shock opponents on the field and in the stands.


6. Mission Hills of San Marcos (Growl Crowd) Last Year: 8

The Growl Crowd showed amazing support for their football in a rebuilding year and will now be rewarded with an experienced squad. The Growl Crowd will turn it up a notch in 2019.


7. La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad (The Stampede) Last Year: 6

I covered La Costa Canyon a few years ago. Unfortunately, it was a road game for LCC, so I never got to see The Stampede. Word on the street is that this is a loud and rowdy student section. If the social media game improves and shows off their school spirit, maybe they move up. 


8. Helix of La Mesa (Dawghouse) Last Year: 11

The Dawghouse took a dive in the rankings last season. I’m hoping they bounce back and make the noise they used to make. They have all the reason to with a dynasty type football program.


9. Poway (Titan Terrors) Last Year: 9

The Titan Terrors have a consistent winner on the field. That’s more than enough for this student section to terrorize opponents.


10. Eastlake of Chula Vista (Titan Army) Last Year: 7

The Titan Army had a very good social media game. They sold me in the past, but last season was tough to see if they were still rocking the stands. When you showed it off on Twitter, they rocked it. The Titan Army has a can’t miss football team every week.


11. Lincoln of San Diego (The Hive) Last Year: 14

The Hive enjoyed a fantastic season from the Hornets, which made an appearance at the CIF State Finals. I’m sure that will create a buzz for the 2019 season, pun intended.


12. University City of San Diego (Roman Legion) Last Year: N/A

When you make an appearance on ESPN in the winter during basketball season, that should get your student section going. That and the Roman Legion has a good football on campus.


13. Central of El Centro (Central Crazies) Last Year: N/A

According to a San Diego insider, the Central band is wild and you can bet the student section follows their lead.


14. Scripps Ranch of San Diego (The Cage) Last Year: N/A

The Cage enjoyed a winning season from their Falcons. Just a little more noise may push the team to a playoff appearance.


15. Grossmont of El Cajon Foothillers Last Year: 13

I’ve seen this student section once. It’s a large and loud student section and whatever help the Foothillers can get in a tough Grossmont-Hills League.


15. Otay Ranch of Chula Vista Last Year: N/A

Just like Grossmont, this is a very loud and rowdy student section and with a productive football team on the field, you can’t blame them.


17. Rancho Bernardo of San Diego (The Stampede) Last Year: 12

I’ve seen The Stampede, large and loud crowd, but they will be put to the test. The Broncos will be going through a challenging season with new starters, but if they show up, morale may go up on the field. 


18. Ramona (Dawgpound) Last Year: 16

The Bulldogs will look to battle for a Valley League title and if they can get a good showing from the Dawgpound, then they should take the top spot.


19. Brawley Wildcats Last Year: N/A

The home of Sergio Romo. A loud student section and I’m guessing a wierd student section because, well, Sergio Romo went there. I figured that’s where he got it from.


20. Oceanside Pirates Last Year: 15

A football team with a rich tradition brings a good student section in the stands no matter what the outcome.


21. Vista (Panther Pit) Last Year: N/A

The Panthers will battle for a Palomar League title. The Panther Pit will be needed this season. Plus, imagine a league title battle against Poway. Titan Terror against the Panther Pit. Bring ear muffs if that occurs.


22. Steele Canyon of Spring Valley (Cougar Den) Last Year: N/A

This should be another fantastic season for the Cougars. You can expect a loud roar in the stands from the Cougar Den this season.


23. Madison of San Diego (The Nest) Last Year: 10

Madison plays in one of the toughest leagues in San Diego with the Western League. The Warhawks needs all the help they can get to stay at the top of the league. This is where their student section comes to play.


24. San Diego Cavers Last Year: N/A

The Cavers have a solid squad on the field and it is equally matched with their loud student section.


25. Coronado (Tiki Squad) Last Year: 17

With a unique name like the Tiki Squad, you can expect a unique student section like Coronado. Plus, they don’t take no mess and i’m sure the Islanders won’t take any either as they battle in the Central League.