2020 West Virginia Fall Virtual Student Sections Watch List

Will the Marshall Monarch Maniacs stay at the top of the Student Section world in West Virginia this Fall? Photo Credit/Twitter: @JMstudents


We know that there are Student Section Challenges that we give out each week, but this season is going to be the toughest challenge of them all.

With COVID-19 putting a stop to our normal lives and for many, putting it in danger. This school year or on this page the 2020-21 student section season, will be done differently in different parts of the country. Seems like a tough start for the Student Section Report (Or what it used to be called SoCal Student Sections), but some states will have students at the games and for others, they may not attend, but that won’t stop their school spirit.

For everyone outside of Southern California that is new to us or visa versa, the biggest key to being considered the Student Section of Week in your region is marketing your school spirit on social media. Instagram and Twitter will be your best friend. Posting videos and photos or your school spirit is huge and now with the Student Section Report being your weekly source of showing off your school spirit to everyone in the country.

Tag us on your Instagram and Twitter photos and videos. Even if you can’t attend the game, you can still show off your support for your team with a tweet, photo or video of you cheering or anything positive that you can show off on social media.

Nothing will stop your school spirit. 

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We will name a Student Section of the Week every week and have a Final Fall Student Section Rankings at the end of the Fall season.

This will be a big test for the Student Section Report as we discover the Student Section game in the state of West Virginia.

Normally, we have pre-season rankings, but since this is our first year checking out the West Virginia Student Section, let’s show you our watch list.


If your student section is missing here, let us know and we’ll add them to the list or we’ll follow you.



Twitter: @InsaneINDIANS

Instagram: @bigredsat

Marshall Maniacs of Glen Dale 

Twitter: @JMstudents

Morgantown Rowdie Society

Twitter: @mhs_rowdie

Instagram: @mohignfootball

Parkersburg South Psychos

Twitter: @SSidePsychos

Instagram: @pshspatriots

Martinsburg Dog Pound

Twitter: @MHSDogPound

Instagram: @mhs_dogpound

Cabell Midland  of Ona

Twitter: @BarstoolCmhs

Wheeling Park Pit

Twitter: @ParkPit1

Instagram: @positive_wp_patriots

South Charleston 

Twitter: @SCStudentSect

Instagram: @orangenationsc

Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@StudentSectRep) or on Instagram (@studentsectrep) 


Twitter: @bubarstool

Roane County

Twitter: @BarstoolRc


Twitter: @HuntingtonStuGv

Instagram: @huntingtonhighlanders_com

Brooke of Wellsburg

Twitter: @BrookeAthletics

Capital Cougar Gang of Charleston

Twitter: @CHS_Cougars1989

Wilson Eagle Army of Beckley

Twitter: @WWHSEagleArmy

Spring Valley Wolf Pack of Huntington

Twitter: @SpringValleyHS

Instagram: @svhstimberwolves

Poca 6th Man

Twitter: @The_6th_Man_

Instagram: @pocahighschool


Twitter: @WHS_SSec

Instagram: @wmflgenerals

Williamtown Maroon Maniacs

Twitter: @YellinJackets

If your student section is missing here or we don’t have the right information, let us know and we’ll add them to the list or we’ll follow you.