Will the Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures go for their third Inland Empire Football Student Section title or will someone take them down in 2021?

Welcome to the only website in the entire world that has a student section preseason rankings.

I’ve been covering student sections since 2015 when I used to write for OC Sidelines, but a year later we became SoCal Sidelines and that is when I was introduced to the Inland Empire Student Section scene.

Now, I’ve only named three Inland Empire Student Sections as champions. In 2016 it was the Murrieta Mesa Beast, 2017 and 2019 it was the Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures and in 2018 it was the Rancho Cucamonga Rooters.

Part of me is thinking that this years champ will come from the Southwestern League again, which would make it the fourth time in five seasons if it does.

The Inland Empire has some great Student Sections and we couldn’t get all of them in the Top 25, but don’t worry, you have three months to prove us wrong!

As for those honorable mentions, well here are the ten that are outside the Top 25.


Santiago Black Sea of Corona

Elsinore Tigers Den of Wildomar

Bonita Den of La Verne


Xavier Prep Vatican 

Citrus Valley

ML King Red Zone of Riverside

Chino Hills Dawgpound

Arlington Lions Den


Again, these are preseason rankings, so if anyone disagrees, you have three months to prove us wrong when we bust out the final rankings in late November.

Now, what gets you noticed to get that respect your Student Section wants? Easy question and an easy answer.

You have to work social media and market your Student Section. A photo and a video of your Student Section is really all that is required. Pretty simple.

Does a tree make a sound with no one is around? In this case, no it doesn’t. With no social media, you’re Student Section won’t get recognized.

Also, take your Student Section to the road. Go to those away games. Yes, I’m aware the 210, the 91, the 60, the 10, the 215 and the 15 are a pain in the neck on a Friday, but it isn’t that bad. Your football team needs you, cheer them on in the away stands.

Finally, be smart! Don’t chant anything that is remotely offensive, stay away from anything that can be offensive as far as your themes, what you wear and what you chant! We have already banned a Student Section after what they did in June and I’d hate to do the same thing again. Be Smart!

Enough talk, lets break out the preseason Student Section Rankings for the Inland Empire!


1.Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures (2019 Ranking: 1st)

One of the most respected student sections in the country. The Bronco Bleacher Creatures puts on a crazy show and it is something you really need to see in person. It’s an attraction. Social media is on point as well. While they do lose great leaders from graduation, they can rebound with new leaders. I love this student section.

2. Great Oak Red Wave of Temecula (2019 Rank: 6th)

The Red Wave is all word of mouth. I need to find a way to see this student section in person. If social media improves for this student section, then Vista Murrieta is in trouble. Make it happen Red Wave. You guys have to show off your amazing skills.

3. Rancho Cucamonga Rooters (2019 Rank: 2nd)

The Rooters will have to keep things going with their principal now gone. He gave the Rooters the ok to go wild. I hope nothing changes in that regard. Maybe more social media from them, but it wasn’t much of a problem. 

4. Murrieta Mesa Beast (2019 Rank: 5th)

The Beast is a wild student section. One of the best in SoCal and it shocks me that they aren’t that known nationally. All around a great student section.

5. Damien Pit of La Verne (2019 Rank: N/A)

Damien football looks promising, more so than usual and I expect the Pit to go nuts. Social media will need work. The bigger test is how will this student section turnout without the football guys in the stands. I’ve always respected this student section inside the gym, so the baseball guys will have to step it up this fall.

6. Murrieta Valley Red Zone (2019 Rank: 8th)

I remember a few years ago how great the Red Zone is. Still a great student section, but social media has been inconsistent. Hopefully we can see them on social media. They should have another great football team, so the attractive to come to games will be an ease for the Red Zone. 

7. Etiwanda Red Zone (2019 Rank: 14th) 

The Red Zone will have a great team on the field. Even if they didn’t, this student section will deliver. In 2019, the Red Zone still had the party going on despite the stadium lights being off for a while. I know because they posted it on social media. Great student section.

8. Centennial Dawgpound of Corona (2019 Rank: 3rd)

The only reason why I have the Dawgpound lower than they should be in the preseason rankings is they are one of the schools that got hit with Covid recently. Questions in the air as far as what they will do in the stands now that they will have to play it safe. In the end, the Dawgpound should end higher than the 8 spot.

9. Palm Desert Aztec Army (2019 Rank: 4th)

The best student section in the Valley. I had the pleasure of knowing their former student section leader very well to the point where he co-hosted our podcast last season. I’m hoping they keep up the work in the stands and on social media. 

10. Chaparral Green Fanatics of Temecula (2019 Rank: 7th)

The Green Fanatics are a great group of kids. They go nuts and pack the stands! Social media is there every now and then so we get to see them. Hope to see more of them in 2021!

11. Upland Dog Pound (2019 Rank: 13th)

The Dog Pound (or as an Upland administrator once said, they will change their name to The Upland Unit), either way this is a great and wild student section. I saw this student section inside a gym and they are very loud. The football team is heading into a new era, so we’ll have to see what is instore for the student section. Hopefully we see what unfolds on social media.

12. Los Osos Grizzly Nation of Rancho Cucamonga (2019 Rank: 9th)

This student section is amazing. Win or loss, Grizzly Nation can bring it! Social media is great and so is this student section.

13. Ayala Bone Zone of Chino Hills (2019 Rank: 19th)

The Battle for the Bone will kickoff the season and we know the Bone Zone will be there. Ayala looks like they have alot to cheer for this football season and we hope they can work their social media magic and show it off for all of us. 

14. Temecula Valley Gold Zone (2019 Rank: 10th)

The Gold Zone rarely popped up on social media. It was either word of mouth on how great this student section was or you see that one photo that proves the word of mouth folks right. This is a great student section with a football program back on top. Let’s hope to see more of them on our mobile phone!

15. Norco Cougar Den (2019 Rank: 16th)

The Cougar Den is a great student section, but it is tough to see them on social media. They will battle for a league title, so we should see the Den in action and maybe on social media.

16. Temescal Canyon Blue Hole of Lake Elsinore (2019 Rank: 15th)

This student section shows off their school spirit on social media and what they have shown me is that the Blue Hole can pack the stands. I need to find time to check out the Blue Hole.

17. Roosevelt Stampede of Eastvale (2019 Rank: 12th)

The Stampede got a lot better in 2019 and I hope the off year didn’t put the Stampede to a halt. This student section has potential to be a big one in the IE.

18. Shadow Hills Dungeon of Indio (2019 Rank: 20th)

The Dungeon has been consistent and thanks to their Principal social media skills, we can tell that this student section is still a good one.

19. Rancho Verde Red Zone of Moreno Valley (2019 Rank: 18th)

The Red Zone has seen great football from Rancho Verde and nothing should change that. This is a good student section and to get recognition, social media will have to improve.

20. Heritage Patriot Pit of Romoland (2019 Rank: 22nd)

I’ve seen the Patriot Pit and they’re a fantastic student section, but haven’t heard from them in awhile. I would love to see the Pit back at the top of the rankings.They used to rock it on social media. Wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

21. Cathedral City Black Hole (2019 Rank: 23rd)

The Black Hole has something to cheer for. Their football team is competitive and the Black Hole shows when the Lions win. I hope to see more if CatCity this season.

22. La Quinta Bird Cage (2019 Rank: 21st)

The Bird Cage social media isn’t the same as it used to be. The football team is going to face some challenges and we hope to see the Cage rattle some teams and keep the momentum in La Quinta side. 

23. Alta Loma Blue Crew (2019 Rank: 25th)

The Blue Crew came around in 2019. This is a great student section and I hope they keep improving. The football team looks good and if they win, the Blue Crew will grow!

24. Ramona Rowdy Rams of Riverside (2019 Rank: 17th)

The Rowdy Rams had plenty to be rowdy about last season with a trip to the 2019 CIF-SS Finals. This student section has gotten better in the last couple of seasons and I expect them to be in the herd as one of the best in the Inland Empire.

25. Chino Cowboy Country (2019 Rank: 11th)

Cowboy Country went Cowboy up in 2019 and we hope they keep doing what they did in the stands for 2021. The same goes for their social media game.

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