The 2021 Inland Empire Football Student Section Champion Murrieta Valley Red Zone.

And now we are at our home base of student sections on this website. When I began student section coverage in 2014, it was solely for Orange County, but that changed in 2016 when the old sports website SoCal Sidelines extended its coverage. Thus, beginning my journey in covering Inland Empire Student Sections. This continued after SoCal Sidelines was no more and the beginning of the Student Section Report.

This year has to be the deepest Inland Empire has been in school spirit as far as how many fantastic student sections there were. I’d have to say 9-10 student sections had a say for the top spot.

As we look back, here are a list of the past winners (the ones highlighted in red have links from the past Rankings that year);

2016: Murrieta Mesa Beast

2017: Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures

2018: Rancho Cucamonga Rooters

2019: Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures

2020: N/A

The Southwestern League is known as one of the best when it comes to student sections, but will they have a 5th winner in the last 6 seasons or will someone from the Baseline or Big VIII or another league take the crown?

We extended our Rankings from a Top 20 to a Top 25 to a Top 40!

Even with extra student sections on the list, we still have five student sections that missed the cut, here are the five Honorable Mentions;

Notre Dame Titan Army of Riverside

Coachella Valley

Glendora Dogpound

Cathedral City Black Hole

Patriot Warriors Den of Riverside

Hopefully we’ll see them make the list. Who knows maybe we extend to a Top 50.

And now, it is time to introduce to you, the 2021 Inland Empire Football Student Section Top 40 Rankings. Enjoy!


  1. Murrieta Valley Red Zone (2019: 8th)
The 2021 Inland Empire Football Student Section Champion, the Murrieta Valley Red Zone.

The Red Zone was consistent and by that I mean they packed the stands every week and kept it loud as the Nighthawks gave their student section a show! The powder was a nice touch!

The Red Zone battles with some of the best in the Southwestern League and in the Inland Empire and for that, the Murrieta Valley Red Zone is the 2021 Inland Empire Football Student Section of the Year!

“As we always say, ain’t no party like a Nighthawk party,” The Red Zone said in a statement. “We’re really grateful to be the Inland Empire Football Section Champions and we can’t wait to show you all what we have planned for the future! Thank you to all our incredible Nighthawks for making this happen!”

  1. Great Oak Red Wave of Temecula (2019: 6th)
Great Oak Red Wave.

The Red Wave is a party in the stands. Non-stop loud with dancing! It’s an event in itself! If their social media is a daily consistent thing, then this is a no contest! Red Wave rocks!

“Ain’t no party like a Wolfpack Party!” The Red Wave said.

  1. Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures (2019: 1st)
Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures.

The Bronco Bleacher Creatures has been one of the best in SoCal over the last several years. The student section is electric and the noise is nonstop. The social media game was a bit off this year, but Vista BBC is still crazy!

“The ‘21 fall season has come to a bittersweet ending,” The Bronco Bleacher Creatures said in a statement. “Although we are sad to conclude the season we are excited for what’s to come in the future. The electricity of having students back in the bleachers has woken a new passion for school spirit at VMHS. Coming back after COVID restrictions shut us down completely was not easy but without a doubt, our students showed up to every game ready to support and cheer their hearts out. It means the world to us to be recognized among the Top 5 Student Sections and we are looking forward to keeping the spirit and support through our upcoming seasons. What goes on behind the scenes is what keeps up going, so thank you to our students, faculty, fans, and our advisors’ Coach Rucker and Coach T.”

  1. Rancho Cucamonga Rooters (2019: 2nd)
Rancho Cucamonga Rooters.

The Rooters got off to a slow start social media-wise, but they picked it up very quickly near the end! Another fantastic season for the Rooters!

  1. Etiwanda Red Zone (2019: 14th)
Etiwanda Red Zone.

The Red Zone had another fantastic year! Loud and insane, but there is a powder shortage in the city of Etiwanda.

  1. Norco Cougar Den (2019: 16th)
Norco Cougar Den.

The Cougar Den was fantastic this season, as expected, but the Den finally got social media exposure to prove that they are still a solid student section! When you have a team that went to the toughest football division in the country, it might be because your student section rattled the opponents!

  1. Centennial Dawgpound of Corona (2019: 3rd)

The Dawgpound was fantastic and when you have a football program like the Huskies, you will do anything to enjoy the show on the field.

  1. Summit Nest of Fontana (2019: NR)
Summit Nest of Fontana.

The Nest was fantastic this season, but what propelled them to a Top 10 finish was the long road trip to South Orange County on a Friday night, traffic and all. That’s commitment!

  1. Palm Desert Aztec Army (2019: 4th)
Palm Desert Aztec Army.

The Aztec Army once again was above the rest in the Valley! They won the Flag against La Quinta and they won one of the SoCal Student Section of the Week awards! Another successful season for the Army 

“We are absolutely thrilled to have made Top 10,” The Aztec Army said in a statement. “We cannot wait to continue bringing the hype to our student sections! Keep and eye out for us during basketball season!”

  1. Murrieta Mesa Beast (2019: 5th)
Murrieta Mesa Beast.

What I like about the Beast is that they packed the stands and went wild despite the tough season from their Rams! Win or loss, the Beast is there to support them! Mad respect!

“No matter how the game goes we support our team and we stay in BEAST MODE!” The Beast said.

  1. Temescal Canyon Blue Hole of Lake Elsinore (2019: 15th)
Temescal Canyon Blue Hole.

The Blue Hole got louder and better at everything! This student section stayed with the herd and is consistently one of the better student sections in the IE! Even other student sections agree!

  1. Upland Dogpound (2019: 13th)
The Upland Student Section.

The Dogpound or Unit, haven’t got confirmation if they ever changed their Student Section name. Regardless of the name, this is a solid student section. I know they throw powder from the few times they post on social media! When you see them, you’re impressed.

  1. Alta Loma Blue Crew (2019: 25th)
Alta Loma Blue Crew.

I saw the Blue Crew in person on a Thursday night and came away very impressed! They might have a couple of students in the back row who probably shouldn’t attend games, but don’t discount the ones that put the hard work in to make this student section the rowdiest of the rowdiest!

  1. Damien Pit of La Verne (2019: NR)
Damien PIt.

The Pit went crazy in the stands and supported the Spartans win or lose. If you weren’t impressed with their football student section, get ready for their basketball student section.

  1. Chaparral Green Fanatics of Temecula (2019: 7th)

The Green Fanatics packed the stands and went wild, especially at the home games! Social media is consistent, but it’s worth the wait when you see this student section go nuts!

  1. Los Osos Grizzly Nation of Rancho Cucamonga (2019: 11th)
Los Osos Grizzly Nation.

It was a tough year for the Grizzlies, but their Student Section showed up big this season to support them no matter what! 

  1. Citrus Valley Birdbox of Redlands (2019: NR)
Citrus Valley Bridbox.

The Birdbox has a fantastic season this year in the stands! Social media is your friend when done right and they did it right this year! Hoping for more this winter from the Birdbox!

  1. Roosevelt Stampede of Eastvale (2019: 12th)

The Stampede once again packed the stands and showed off great school spirit! This student section is consistent and is starting to make this a tradition at Roosevelt!

  1. Chino Cowboy Country (2019: 11th)
Chino Cowboy Country.

Cowboy Country stayed the course this season, but it was the Milk Can game where they went nuts! It looks like a fun rivalry!

  1. Santiago Black Sea of Corona (2019: NR)
Santiago Black Sea.

The Black Sea got a lot better this season! While black powder can be risky as it could get in the view of the players on the field, the Black Sea has to go with the black powder! 

  1. Bonita Den of La Verne (2019: NR)
  1. Ayala Bone Zone of Chino Hills (2019: 19th)
  2. Temecula Valley Gold Zone (2019: 10th)
  3. Don Lugo Gold Rush of Chino (2019: NR)
Don Lugo Gold Rush.
  1. ML King Red Zone of Riverside (2019: NR)
  2. Redlands Boneyard (2019: NR)
Redlands Boneyard.
  1. La Quinta Birdcage (2019: 21st)
  2. Arlington Lions Den of Riverside (2019: NR)
  3. Rancho Verde Red Zone of Moreno Valley (2019: 18th)
  4. Chino Hills Dogpound (2019: NR)
Chino Hills Dogpound.
  1. Xavier Prep Vatican of Palm Desert (2019: NR)
Xavier Prep Vatican.
  1. Elsinore Red Sea of Wildomar (2019: 24th)
Elsinore Red Sea.
  1. Ramona Rowdy Rams of Riverside (2019: 17th)
Ramona Rowdy Rams.
  1. Heritage Patriot Pit of Menifee (2019: 22nd)
  2. Ontario Christian (2019: NR)
  3. Colony Titan Army of Ontario (2019: NR)
  4. Redlands East Valley Litterbox (2019: NR)
Redlands East Valley Litterbox.
  1. Grand Terrace Thunder Zone (2019: NR)
Grand Terrace Thunder ZOne
  1. Ontario Jag Jungle (2019: NR)
Ontario Jag Jungle/Photo Credit: Instagram @ecliptus
  1. Shadow Hills Dungeon of Indio (2019: 20th)