Will the Valencia Viking Nation keep its title as the Los Angeles Football Student Section Champion?

Welcome to the only website in the entire world that has a student section preseason rankings.

I’ve been covering student sections since 2015 when I used to write for OC Sidelines, but a year later we became SoCal Sidelines and that is when I was introduced to the Los Angeles Student Section scene.

Now, out of the four SoCal regional student sections, the Los Angeles area has had a different winner every year.

Will this be the year where a past student section champion win it for the second time?

The LA area has some great Student Sections and lots of them, so we couldn’t get all of them in the Top 25, but don’t worry, you have three months to prove us wrong!

As for those honorable mentions, well here are the ten that are outside the Top 25.


Redondo Union Flock of Redondo Beach

Loyola Pride of Los Angeles

St. Bonaventure Gates of Heaven of Ventura

Glendora Dogpound

Camarillo Scorpion Cyclone

Warren Cave of Downey

Highland Dawgpound of Palmdale

Wilson of Hacienda Heights

Burbank Dawgpound

Walnut Stable

Canyon Green Machine of Canyon Country

Marshall of Los Angeles

Again, these are preseason rankings, so if anyone disagrees, you have three months to prove us wrong when we bust out the final rankings in late November.

Now, what gets you noticed to get that respect your Student Section wants? Easy question and an easy answer.

You have to work social media and market your Student Section. A photo and a video of your Student Section is really all that is required. Pretty simple.

Does a tree make a sound with no one is around? In this case, no it doesn’t. With no social media, you’re Student Section won’t get recognized.

Also, take your Student Section to the road. Go to those away games. Yes, I’m aware the 710, the 91, the 5, the 10, the 101 (you get the idea!) are a pain in the neck on a Friday, but it isn’t that bad. Your football team needs you, cheer them on in the away stands.

Finally, be smart! Don’t chant anything that is remotely offensive, stay away from anything that can be offensive as far as your themes, what you wear and what you chant! We have already banned a Student Section after what they did in June and I’d hate to do the same thing again. Be Smart!

Enough talk, lets break out the preseason Student Section Rankings for Los Angeles!


1. St. John Bosco Tribe of Bellflower (2019 Ranking: 1st)

I’m sure having one of the best football programs in the country helps, but the Tribe can make some noise of their own. They are a crazy bunch and show up in large numbers. I hope to see a lot of the Tribe on social media. This school eats wins.

2. Chaminade Cage of West Hills (2019 Rank: 4th)

A consistent student section and they have always been at the top of the LA Student Section game. Hoping that their social media improves because it would be a shame for all of us to miss out on that school spirit.

3. Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente (2019 Rank: 2nd)

The Dawgpound is a crazy group. No one does the powder game better than this student section. I’m hoping the Dawgpound shows off their antics on social media this season.

4. Valencia Viking Nation (2019 Rank: 1st)

Viking Nation was wild in 2019. Great themes and celebrity cameos helped Viking Nation to the Los Angeles Football Student Section title in 2019. Hoping that social media game returns as well because their marketing skill got them the win.

5. Alemany War Zone of Mission Hills (2019 Rank: 15)

The War Zone kind of disappeared in 2019. Well, they did on social media. If they can show off their school spirit on Twitter or Instagram, then they’ll be rewarded! 

6. Crespi Cabana of Encino (2019 Rank: 7th)

This student section is mainly word of mouth. You rarely see them on social media. I feel if they work the social media part of the student section game, they’ll battle for the top spot in LA!

7. West Covina Bulldog Nation (2019 Rank: 11th)

I’m expecting a big season from the Bulldogs, which means Bulldog Nation will be better than ever! They ran a great social media game and everything relies on that in order for Bulldog Nation to stay with the best of them!

8. Oaks Christian Lions Den of Westlake Village (2019 Rank: 8th)

Lions Den knows how to rock the stands, but they don’t know how to market themselves. Lions Den needs to show off on social media and let everyone know just how great the Lions Den is.

9. Pacifica Big Kahuna of Oxnard (2019 Rank: 18th)

I saw the Big Kahuna at the CIF-SS Finals in 2019…on the road, 2-3 hours away from their home. This student section was fantastic for a road show! I hope they can show it off on social media because I can’t imagine how nuts they are at home.

10. South Hills Dawgpound of Covina (2019 Rank: 5th)

The Dawgpound knows how to throw a party! I expect the Dawgpound to be ready. In fact, I may have shaken them up by ranking them lower than West Covina. Prove me wrong this season on social media.

11. Saugus Blue Crew (2019 Rank: N/A)

What happened to Saugus High School in November of 2019 is still fresh. The Blue Crew can work a social media game, at least I hope so because I would love to see those students rally around and unite. I think everyone in the West Coast would cheer for them as well. 

12. Hart Tribe of Newhall (2019 Rank: 6th)

The Tribe got better at social media and that helped as we noticed great school spirit from the students in 2019. Let’s hope the 2021 students follow suit!

13. Palos Verdes Red Tide of Palos Verdes Estates (2019 Rank: 13th)

The Tide did some work on the socials and from I saw, this is one Tide you don’t want to surf on. It’s a crazy group of students!

14. Birmingham Patriot Pack of Lake Balboa (2019 Rank: 19th)

One of the best student sections in CIF-Los Angeles City Section. The Pack can throw a party in the stands and they have shown it on social media for all to see.

15. St. Francis Dungeon of La Canada (2019 Rank: 23rd)

The Dungeon is a fantastic home student section, but we don’t really see much of them on social media, so it is uncertain if they travel. The Dungeon 

16. La Serna Kingdom of Whittier (2019 Rank: 12th)

I saw the Kingdom at the CIF-SS Finals and you pretty much have to be in person to see the Kingdom. If they have the same kind of school spirit like they did the night I saw them, then they have to show it off to everyone. They’ll get tons of respect for the work they put in.

17. Oxnard 12th Man (2019 Rank: 17th)

The 12th Man shows off their school spirit on social media and from what everyone can see, this student section knows how to rock! And the 12th Man is on another level when they run into Pacifica of Oxnard. The signs they put in the stadium are hilarious!

18. Crescenta Valley Falcon Nation of La Crescenta (2019 Rank: 21st)

Falcon Nation enjoyed a huge 2019 football season. Their social media game improved last year and I hope to see the same this season.

19. St. Anthony’s Saints Pit of Long Beach (2019 Rank: N/A)

This is mainly a basketball student section, but from what I’ve seen inside the gym, this student section must rock it at a stadium. Hopefully we can see them on social media.

20. Salesian Stampede of Los Angeles (2019 Rank: N/A)

The Stampede is a fantastic basketball student section and we hope they’re just as good during football season. Win or lose, the Stampede will be there!

21. Los Altos Conqueror Crazies of Hacienda Heights (2019 Rank: 20th)

The Crazies had an off year in 2019, so we expect them to bounce back in 2021 and the same goes for their marketing aka, social media.

22. Palmdale Falcon Nation (2019 Rank: 14th)

Falcon Nation marketed themselves very well in 2019. This student section looked like it had a lot of fun. Hopefully we see more of that in 2021!

23. West Ranch Pack of Valencia (2019 Rank: 10th)

It will be tough for the Pack to top what they did at the end of the 2019 football season. One of the greatest things I ever saw from a student section came from the Pack in honor of Saugus High. Hopefully that motivates the Pack to unite as one this season.

24. Notre Dame Castle of Sherman Oaks (2019 Rank: 9th)

I’ve caught the Castle on social media. Very good student section and it should be with a consistent winner on the field.

25. Loyola Pride of Los Angeles (2019 Rank: 22nd)

The Pride is on here thanks to word of mouth. Social Media will need to be put to work if Loyola wants to stay in the Top 25.