Will the 2019 OC Student Section Football Champs protect their title or will someone dethrone the Los Alamitos Locos?

Welcome to the only website in the entire world that has a student section preseason rankings. 

I’ve been covering student sections since 2015 when I used to write for OC Sidelines, Orange County is my bread and butter when it comes to Student Sections. Thankfully, nobody does it better when it comes to Student Sections than the OC and that is the truth!

In this list, there are Student Sections that can be ranked higher in other counties. Heck, the five honorable mentions can be ranked high in other counties. The OC is deep when it comes to school spirit.

As for those honorable mentions, well here are the ten that are outside the Top 25. 


Yorba Linda Stable

La Habra Clan

Huntington Beach Oil Pit 

Northwood Den of Irvine

Brea Olinda Den

Tustin Barn

Troy Warzone of Fullerton

Laguna Hills Nest 

Fountain Valley Kingdom

Esperanza Hut of Anaheim

Again, these are preseason rankings, so if anyone disagrees, you have three months to prove us wrong when we bust out the final rankings in late November.

Now, what gets you noticed to get that respect your Student Section wants? Easy question and an easy answer.

You have to work social media and market your Student Section. A photo and a video of your Student Section is really all that is required. Pretty simple.

Does a tree make a sound with no one is around? In this case, no it doesn’t. With no social media, you’re Student Section won’t get recognized.

Also, take your Student Section to the road. Go to those away games. Yes, I’m aware the 405 and the 5 are a pain in the neck on a Friday, but it isn’t that bad. Your football team needs you, cheer them on in the away stands.

Finally, be smart! Don’t chant anything that is remotely offensive, stay away from anything that can be offensive as far as your themes, what you wear and what you chant! We have already banned a Student Section in San Diego after what they did in June and I’d hate to do the same in the county that I grew up ad currently live in. Be Smart!

Enough talk, lets break out the preseason Student Section Rankings for Orange County!


  1. Los Alamitos Locos  (2019 Final Ranking: 1st)

The Locos took the 2019 SoCal Football Student Section title. This time around the Griffins are loaded with talent on the field that it will become an attraction to attend the games. That means more Locos in the student section. We’ll definitely see it since the Locos run a fantastic social media game!

  1. Villa Park Black Pack (2019 Rank: 4th)

The Black Pack is back in their home stadium. This group is going to fill up the stands like the old days and they love to travel. The social media game is on point and I expect the Black Pack to make a run for number one. 

  1. Servite Asylum of Anaheim (2019 Rank: 3rd)

The Asylum is always at the top. One of the most respected student section and a dynasty. Great social media and better student sections with the crazy themes and insane chants! Credo!

  1. San Juan Hills Stampede of San Juan Capistrano (2019 Rank: 6th)

Nobody does it better at a home game than the Stampede. They work a great social media at first. If they can be consistent on social media and go on the road with the Stallions, then expect the Stampede to take the number one spot.

  1. Santa Margarita Eagles Nest of Rancho Santa Margarita (2019 Rank: 13th)

This student section is insane. Great costumes and if they can work a great social media game like they used to, they’ll prove to you how great they are. Something tells me they are going to improve in every aspect of the student section game. If the Eagles Nest can travel, then they’ll crash the student section party. Also, the Eagles Nest had a training camp for the new members of the student section. The Nest is ready!

  1. El Modena Rowdy Rooters of Orange (2019 Rank: 11th)

I need to make amends to the Rowdy Rooters. This student section should have been ranked higher in the past. Great social media game and will travel. 2019 Roadshow was huge for the Rowdy Rooters and I feel this is just the beginning. Now that they have their on-campus stadium back, even better. This student section is going to get the respect they deserve this season.

  1. Edison MESS of Huntington Beach (2019 Rank: 5th)

The founder of the MESS has been gone for awhile, but he set up a system and passed the torch. This crew will look to have a solid social media game to show everyone how MESSy they are at Edison. It’s a crazy student section.

  1. JSerra Pride of San Juan Capistrano (2019 Rank: 7th)

Like the San Juan Hills Stampede, this student section can rock it at home, but their social media game is non-existent and the same can go for their road game. If they can work on those two parts, the Pride will move up!

  1. San Clemente Loud Crowd (2019 Rank: 8th)

Great student section at home and a great social media game, but they’re missing the road show. If the Loud Crowd travels, then they will rocket up to the rankings! 

  1. Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno (2019 Rank: 2nd)

The Diablo Inferno is fantastic and shows it off on social media. The roadshow is questionable, but they make up for it at home. 

  1. Capo Valley Cage of Mission Viejo (2019 Rank: 14th)

The Cage is rowdy and they show it off on social media. They also travel! It’s a small group, but they travel nevertheless! I expect the Cage to move up by seasons end.

  1. Tesoro Titan Army of Rancho Santa Margarita (2019 Rank: 9th)

The Titan Army has worked the social media game and showed off their student section in the past, but it’s hit and miss. The roadshow is also a hit and miss. Let’s hope the Titan Army is all hit this season!

  1. El Dorado Hawks Nest of Placentia (2019 Rank: 20th)

The Hawks Nest is a crazy student section at home and can hit up the road with the Golden Hawks. I know this because they have a great social media game.

  1. Newport Harbor Tarpit of Newport Beach (2019 Rank: 15th)

The Tarpit can rock it at home and show it off on social media and when they don’t, Newport Harbor SID Teran Rodriguez has their back. Rodriguez is a busy man, so the Tarpit will have to do some work to get their respect!

  1. Corona Del Mar Kings Krew of Newport Beach (2019 Rank: 10th)

The Kings Krew works a great social media game and they know how to rock it at home, but I’ve noticed some students don’t interact inside the student section. Trying to protect an image? Great, move aside and let the student section do their thing. The Kings Krew works hard and hopefully, people follow suit.

  1. Mater Dei Den of Santa Ana (2019 Rank: 25th)

The Den has the tough task of catching up with the Monarchs! Plenty to cheer about inside the Den!

  1. Trabuco Hills Stampede of Mission Viejo (2019 Rank: 18th)

The Stampede has gotten better every year and can rock it at home! Hopefully we can see the stands rocking via their social media accounts!

  1. Irvine Frontier (2019 Rank: 23rd)

The Frontier can get wild at home and shows it off on Twitter! The 8-clap with the police is still fresh in my mind!

  1. Portola Dawgpound of Irvine (2019 Rank: 22nd)

The Dawgpound is young and we hope they remember what they did in 2019, then they should be just fine. They have a solid social media presence and rock it at home games. A roadshow is their next challenge!

  1. St. Margaret’s Kitchen of San Juan Capistrano (2019 Rank: 19th)

The Kitchen is a small, but crazy student section! One of the best halftime shows out there! Social media will have to improve and maybe a roadshow wouldn’t hurt them.

  1. Sunny Hills Lancer Nation of Fullerton (2019 Rank: 16th)

Lancer Nation will need to be challenged. They can handle it and they have shown it. If they can show it off every week on social media, then Lancer Nation will move up!

  1. Foothill Dungeon of Santa Ana (2019 Rank: 17th)

The Dungeon can rock it at home. You just have to be there to see it in person. Hopefully one day they’ll show it off on social media. A roadshow wouldn’t be a tough task with several league foes playing a few miles away from the school!

  1. Dana Hills Pod Squad of Dana Point (2019 Rank: 12th)

The Pod Squad will have to go forward without the Podfather. A tough task, but if the Pod Squad does everything the Podfather did as far as social media, then the Pod Squad will finish higher than 23.

  1. Orange Lutheran Code Red (2019 Rank: N/A)

Code Red can rock at home games and you have to give them credit in the toughest football league in the country! Code Red sticks by their Lancers! Hopefully we see them on social media on a consistent basis.

  1. Orange Juice Box (2019 Rank: N/A)

The Juice Box is a young, but great student section! Goofy student section too and that is always helpful! If they can travel and work social media then they will move up!