The 2021 Orange County Football Student Section Champion, the Los Alamitos Locos.

And now we are at our home base of student sections on this website. When I began student section coverage in 2014, it was solely for Orange County, but that changed in 2016 when the old sports website SoCal Sidelines extended its coverage. Thus, beginning my journey in covering Los Angeles Student Sections. This continued after SoCal Sidelines was no more and the beginning of the Student Section Report.

This year Top 40 is filled with new Orange County Student Sections on the list.

As we look back, here are a list of the past winners (the ones highlighted in red have links from the past Rankings that year);

2015: La Habra Clan (Now Highlander Huddle)

2016: Villa Park Black Pack

2017: University Trojan Army

2018: Villa Park Black Pack

2019: Los Alamitos Locos

2020: N/A

Will the Villa Park Black Pack take it or will the Servite Asylum do what they’ve done during basketball season and take the OC title, which they’ve done three times since 2015!

We extended our Rankings from a Top 20 to a Top 25 to a Top 40!

Even with extra student sections on the list, we still have five student sections that missed the cut, here are the five Honorable Mentions;

Los Amigos Wolfpack

Marina Splash Zone

Crean Lutheran Blue Zone

Estancia Nest

Laguna Beach Point Break

Hopefully we’ll see them make the list next year. Who knows maybe we extend to a Top 50.


And now, it is time to introduce to you, the 2021 Los Angeles Football Student Section Top 40 Rankings. Enjoy!


  1. Los Alamitos Locos (2019 Ranking: 1st)
The 2021 Orange County Football Student Section Champion, the Los Alamitos Locos. Back-to-back!

I believe Drake said it best, “Los Al going back-to back!”

The Locos stayed on point and rocked it in the stands! You can see the Locos surfing, parting the Red Sea, throwing large beach balls as well as getting Loco for their Griffins! 

The Locos has a dynasty on their hands now as the Los Alamitos Locos are the 2021 Orange County Football Student Section Champions.

“Being able to support our football team in-person for the 2021 season was really special to all of our Los Al Locos,” The Loco leaders said in a statement. “Specifically our seniors. Our season featured many memorable moments such as our Los Al Locos AC/DC Back in Black game against the Edison Chargers, parting the Loco Red Sea at our pirate-themed homecoming, and raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital at our annual yellow game. The Los Al Locos brought their A-game week after week, while constantly having a great time. We are proud to be ranked with so many other talented student sections.”

  1. Servite Asylum of Anaheim (2019: 3rd)
Servite Asylum

The Asylum stayed the course and kept the tradition alive as one of the best student sections in the land! This is a dynasty! The Asylum didn’t have the crazy theme this year,  it they made up for it with the over the top chants and cheers…and drum banging!

  1. Villa Park Black Pack (2019: 4th)
The Villa Park BBlack Pack

This was very close. The Black Pack traveled and traveled well on a consistent basis and they killed it at home. No brownie points for the love like the Locos, but I appreciate it! The Black Pack didn’t need gimmicks or props, it was all chants! Helps to have a solid band!

  1. El Modena Rowdy Rooters of Orange (2019: 11th)
ElMo Rowdy Rooters.

The Rowdy Rooters step it up a few notches! One of the best Road Warriors to the point where it may have been better than the home games! What a year for the Rowdy Rooters!

  1. San Clemente Loud Crowd (2019: 8th)
San Clemente Loud Crowd

Loud Crowd at home is one of the best you’ll see! It’s a must-see in itself! It’s a party at home! If the Loud Crowd can travel, then we have a knockout for number 1! Solid student section!

  1. JSerra Lion Nation of San Juan Capistrano (2019: 6th)
JSerra Lion Nation

Like the Loud Crowd, Lion Nation is solid and it’s bad news for away opponents with Lion Nation parked right behind the end zone! Loud and insane, the Lion Nation can be a distraction!

  1. Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno (2019: 2nd)
Mission Viejo DIablo Inferno

The Diablo Inferno finished strong! Solid student section with great leaders! Also, they can get a bit savage on you if you try to play with fire or in this case, the Inferno!

  1. Santa Margarita Eagles Nest of Rancho Santa Margarita (2019: 13th)
Santa Margarita Eagles Nest

The Eagles Nest is back and I’m not just saying their return to Saddleback College. The Nest improved a lot this year and I get the feeling that they will move up in the future rankings. That deserves a Rikki Tikki Tumba!

  1. Irvine Frontier (2019: 23rd)
Irvine Frontier

The Frontier had somewhat of a rebuilding year in 2019, but they’re back this season! Their home games were tremendous this season! Powder was their go-to, but watching their team go undefeated was their other go-to!

  1. Foothill Dungeon of Santa Ana (2019: 17th)
Foothill Dungeon

The Dungeon improved a lot this year. They worked a solid social media game and it paid off as we all got to see how amazing they are!

  1. Trabuco Hills Stampede of Mission Viejo (2019: 18th)
Trabuco Hills Stampede

The Stampede made huge improvements and are now one of the big boys in the OC! The themes and social media game has been insane! And they can travel a little bit as well!

  1. Edison MESS of Huntington Beach (2019: 5th)
Edison MESS

The MESS came up with another big season! They can travel a bit and can be a bit savage sometimes. Basically, it can get MESSy at Edison! 

  1. El Toro Bullring of Lake Forest (2019: NR)
El Toro Bullring

The Bullring is back! After being in hiding for a few years, the Freak Show became the Bullring and rocked it this year! A lot of neon in the stands, but there was distracting noises for the opposing teams! An improved football team and improved student section! What a year!

  1. Capistrano Valley Cage of Mission Viejo (2019: 14)
Capo Valley Cage

The Cage is a master of the powder toss! Large student section that enjoyed the high flying Capo Valley offense, including the game I was at where their QB broke the county record for most passing yards in a single game. What a moment!

  1. El Dorado Hawks Nest of Placentia (2019: 20th)
El Dorado Hawks Nest

The Hawks Nest came up with another fantastic showing this season and so did their football team. They’ve stayed the course! That deserves a ring from a certain bell…perhaps the Bell that is given to the city champs.

  1. Dana Hills Pod Squad of Dana Point (2019: 12th)
Dana Hills Pod Squad

I honestly feel that the Pod Squad best performance was on the road against Aliso Niguel. It was a huge moment for the football program and the Pod Squad delivered with their support!

  1. La Habra Highlander Huddle (2019: 21st)
La Habra Highlander Huddle

A huge improvement to the Highlander Huddle this year. It probably helped the Highlanders go from 0-5 to 5-5 and league champs! What turn around for both programs!

  1. Aliso Niguel Den of Aliso Viejo (2019: NR)
Aliso Niguel Den

The Den is back and better than ever! This student section was electric this year! The powder and fog machine was just extra! Great season for the Den!

  1. St. Margaret’s Kitchen of San Juan Capistrano (2019: 19th)
St. Margaret’s Kitchen

The Kitchen cooked up another weird display  the stands! If the condiment costume and races didn’t entertain you, their wackiness sure did! The word is spreading around SoCal, this is one of the weirdest student sections out there!

  1. Sunny Hills Lancer Nation of Fullerton (2019: 16th)
Sunny Hills Lancer Nation

Lancer Nation rocked it again this season. They are loud and I mean loud!!! They rock the thunder sticks like nobodies business! It’s a party in Lancer Nation!

  1. Mater Dei Den of Santa Ana (2019: 25th)
Mater Dei Den
  1. San Juan Hills Stampede of San Juan Capistrano (2019: 6th)
San Juan Hills Stampede
  1. Yorba Linda Stable (2019: 24th)
Yorba Linda Stable
  1. Orange Lutheran Code Red (2019: NR)
Orange Lutheran Code Red
  1. Orange Juice Box (2019: NR)
Orange Juice Box
  1. Esperanza Hut of Anaheim (2019: NR)
Esperanza Hut
  1. Tesoro Titan Army of Rancho Santa Margarita (2019: 9th)
Tesoro Titan Army
  1. Ocean View Nest of Huntington Beach (2019: NR)
Ocean View Nest
  1. Newport Harbor Tarpit of Newport Beach (2019: 15th)
Newport Harbor Tarpit
  1. Laguna Hills Hawks Nest (2019: NR)
Laguna Hills Hawks Nest
  1. Valencia Tiger Den of Placentia (2019: NR)
Valencia Tiger Den
  1. Huntington Beach Oil Spill (2019: NR)
Huntington Beach Oil Spill.
  1. Costa Mesa Stampede (2019: NR)
Costa Mesa Stampede
  1. Corona Del Mar Kings Krew of Newport Beach (2019: 10th)
  1. Fountain Valley Kingdom (2019: NR)
Fountain Valley Kingdom
  1. Woodbridge Tribe of Irvine (2019: NR)
Woodbridge Tribe
  1. Fullerton Red Zone (2019: NR)
Fullerton Red Zone
  1. Portola Dawgpound of Irvine (2019: 22nd)
Portola Dawgpound
  1. Canyon Tribe of Anaheim (2019: NR)
Canyon Tribe
  1. Cypress Legion (2019: NR)
Cypress Legion