Will the Carlsbad Loud Crowd go for a four-peat or will they finally be taken out of the top spot in 2021?

Welcome to the only website in the entire world that has a student section preseason rankings.

I’ve been covering student sections since 2015 when I used to write for OC Sidelines, but a year later we became SoCal Sidelines and that is when I was introduced to the San Diego Student Section scene.

Now, I’ve only named two San Diego Student Sections as champions. In 2016 I named the Helix Dawghouse of San Diego the Student Section champs and from 2017-2019, the Carlsbad Loud Crowd took the crown.

Something tells me there will be a new champ this year.

San Diego has some great Student Sections and we couldn’t get all of them in the Top 25, but don’t worry, you have three months to prove us wrong!

As for those honorable mentions, well here are the five that are outside the Top 25.


Madison Nest of San Diego

Westview Black Hole of San Diego

Mater Dei Catholic of Chula Vista

University City Roman Legion of San Diego


Again, these are preseason rankings, so if anyone disagrees, you have three months to prove us wrong when we bust out the final rankings in late November.

Now, what gets you noticed to get that respect your Student Section wants? Easy question and an easy answer.

You have to work social media and market your Student Section. A photo and a video of your Student Section is really all that is required. Pretty simple.

Does a tree make a sound with no one is around? In this case, no it doesn’t. With no social media, you’re Student Section won’t get recognized.

Also, take your Student Section to the road. Go to those away games. Yes, I’m aware the 5, the 8 and the 15 are a pain in the neck on a Friday, but it isn’t that bad. Your football team needs you, cheer them on in the away stands.

Finally, be smart! Don’t chant anything that is remotely offensive, stay away from anything that can be offensive as far as your themes, what you wear and what you chant! We have already banned a Student Section after what they did in June and I’d hate to do the same thing again. Be Smart!

Enough talk, lets break out the preseason Student Section Rankings for San Diego!


  1. Carlsbad Loud Crowd (2019 Ranking: 1st)

Until someone takes them down, they remain number one! They’ve taken the San Diego Football Student Section of the Year title for the last three seasons, but something tells me five student sections underneath will take them down. As long as Carlsbad shows off the school spirit on social media and makes it crazy as usual, then the champs stay on top.

  1. San Marcos Blue Crew (2019 Rank: 2nd)

Now that we have our student section of the week voting on our website, I expect The Blue Crew to take the weekly title. They are very strong on Instagram. If they do what they do, we will have a new champ in San Diego as far as Football Student Sections!

  1. St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego (2019 Rank: 5th)

I don’t play favorites, but if I did, I’d be a big Saints Pit fan! Great group of kids and crazy in the stands. If they can work the social media game and show off that crazy, they also can take the top spot! Bonus points if they bring in that purple curtain. 

  1. Cathedral Catholic Los Locos of San Diego (2019 Rank: 4th)

Los Locos is a bit identical to the Saints Pit. They put on a show and are nuts! Some social media work and they will prove that they deserve to be higher than the three spot! The safe pyrotechnic show helps with their rank as well!

  1. Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos (2019 Rank: 3rd)

The Growl Crowd is another favorite of mine! They can work social media and pack the stands. They know what to do! This is a fun student section to watch and a good group of kids to chat with!

  1. Torrey Pines Chaos of San Diego (2019 Rank: 6th)

I’ve seen the Chaos once on the road and for a small road show, they can bring the noise! I can only imagine how it goes at home! Show it off on social media Chaos!

  1. Oceanside Ship (2019 Rank: 9th)

I noticed the Ship late in the 2019 football season. Fantastic student section. Hopefully, we can more of them on social media, but for the little that I saw of them, I was impressed!

  1. Poway Titan Terror (2019 Rank: 7th)

I see glimpses and pieces of Titan Terror and I like what they do! Hopefully, I can see more on social media, but overall a great and rowdy student section!

  1. El Camino Jungle of Oceanside (2019 Rank: 12th)

The Jungle is fantastic and ran some great themes. Social media was an issue, but if they showed off the work they do in the stands, they’ll get more respect than they deserve!

  1. Rancho Bernardo Stampede of San Diego (2019 Rank: 8th)

The Stampede is phenomenal. They pack the stands and go wild! Hope to see more of them on social media.

  1. La Costa Canyon Stampede of Carlsbad (2019 Rank: 11th)

The Stampede is well respected and hopefully, we see more of them this season. We saw a few highlights of the LCC Stampede. The more the merrier.

  1. Lincoln Hive of San Diego (2019 Rank: 10th)

It’s always a party at Hive. I’ve yet to see this student section and from what I’ve heard, this is a great student section. Hoping the Hive can show it off to everyone on the West Coast!

  1. Helix Dawghouse of La Mesa (2019 Rank: 13th)

The Dawghouse is a fantastic student section. Very loud, but like some student sections, you have to be there to see it. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. The Social Media game needs to return to where it was five years ago. I’ve seen the Dawghouse in person, they can rock it!

  1. Patrick Henry Hooligans of San Diego (2019 Rank: 16th)

I like this student section. Rowdy group and improved a lot in their social media game. I hope to see more of the Hooligans on social media because they looked like they handled business.

  1. Mt. Carmel Red Sea of San Diego (2019 Rank: 17th)

Somewhat of a small student section, but they make up for it with their noise and their funk! Another student section that will have to work social media to get more respect!

  1. Eastlake Titan Army of Chula Vista (2019 Rank: 18th)

The Titan Army used to share their school spirit to everyone, but now it is word of mouth! Thankfully, I have a friend who has a son on the team. Would help to see just how rowdy the Titan Army gets. 

  1. Scripps Ranch Cage of San Diego (2019 Rank: 15th)

The Cage enjoyed a great 2019 season. With more wins come more rowdiness and the Cage will rattle this season if the outcome is the same on the field. As far as their social media game, that’s a different story.

  1. Grossmont Foothillers of El Cajon (2019 Rank: 14th)

I’ve seen this student section in person a few years ago. Great and loud student section, but you never see them on social media, so it’s difficult to see how Grossmont has been these days. It’s all up in the air

  1. Central Crazies of El Centro (2019 Rank: 20th)

I’ll be honest, their band gave them a boost. If the Crazies are as good as their band, then they should be higher. Like most student sections on this list, social media, work it.

  1. Steele Canyon Cougar Den of Spring Valley (2019 Rank: 19th)

The Den is spoiled with good football. We have to assume this is a rowdy student section. Haven’t heard about them that much nor have I spotted them on social media. Hopefully, we can get some proof.

  1. Brawley Den (2019 Rank: 23rd)

Word of mouth has them on here. Heard that the Den is a fantastic student section. Would like to see what this student section is all about on my mobile device.

  1. Vista Panther Pit (2019 Rank: 24th)

The Panther Pit is hoping to see the same results from the 2019 season. Hopefully, one thing changes and that is their work on social meida. I’d like to see the Pit go crazy!

  1. Olympian Eagles Nest of Chula Vista (2019 Rank: N/A)

The Eagles are expected to be better on the field which means more students will show up. They have an alright social media game, so maybe we may see all of this unfold on our phones!

  1. Granite Hills Eagles Nest of El Cajon (2019 Rank: 25th)

 This is a tough student section and it goes great with a team in a tough league. Hopefully, we see the results of this student section and we also hope the football provides good results as well.

  1. Classical Academy Calmans of San Diego (2019 Rank: 22nd)

A small student section, but they are a mighty one in the stands! They know how to show off their student section on social media, so no complaints here! You made a fan out of me!