The Chiawana Hawk Squad of Pasco will look to have you on the edge this football season. Photo Credit/Twitter: @hawksquadprez

Well, this season is as close as we will get to normal.

Good thing these student sections aren’t normal.

With Covid-19 and now the Delta Variant in the air, the football season and the student sections are still facing challenges, but one thing is certain, the show will go on.

While we cover the Southern California region very closely, we wanted to do the same with other states. We love to cover every state in this great country, but I am a one-man show. So, in the meantime, we will have a watch list for four west coast states and Northern California in hopes to get to know the student sections well enough to rank them properly.

We ranked student sections on the craziness in the stands, the themes, the chants, the props and the roadshow, which means how much they travel to support their team and take over the home team stadium. 

One main ingredient is your social media work. Your student section needs to work on marking their school spirit on a regular basis. Show off your student section to everyone in the country.

We’ll have Student Section of the Week voting on Saturday, ending on Sunday. The winner will have an article on here and bragging rights. 

Now if you’re student section is missing on here, let us know and we will add them and in return, we will follow them to see how rowdy they are. 

Tag us on Twitter (@StudSectRep) or on Instagram (@studentsectrep) and we’ll reward you the best we can!

Now, let’s get started on the Watch List!



Instagram: @renaissanceths

Chiawana Hawk Squad of Pasco

Twitter: @hawksquadprez

Instagram: @hawksquadprez

Lake Stevens Castle

Twitter: @lshs_sports

Instagram: @lshs.viking.castle


Twitter: @BothellHigh

Instagram: @bothell.hs

Mount Si of Snohomish

Twitter: @MountSiFootball

Instagram: @mshsasb

Kamiakin Run Kano of Kennewick

Twitter: @RUNKANO

Instagram: @run.kano


Instagram: @bellevuespirit


Twitter: @PapermakersArmy

Instagram: @papermakerasb

Seattle Prep

Twitter: @seattleprepsports

Instagram: @seaprepasb

Lynden Christian

Instagram: @asb.lc

North Kitsap of Poulsbo

Instagram: @northkitsaphigh

Glacier Peak of Snohomish Instagram: @gpactivities

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