In 2015, yours truly began covering Student Sections in Orange County, California. We expanded to Southern California in 2017 and last year, we added four more states. This past winter, we expanded to 19 states. 

Now, we are going to 40 states. This is still a one-man operation for the most part.

I know that Student Sections have a lot of work to do to get the students to the games to cheer on their classmates and go along with the theme and make sure they don’t cause trouble. These student sections deserve recognition.

We will kick off the Student Section season with Preseason Football Student Section Rankings. REMEMBER, this is a PREVIEW. It is merely a prediction. The real rankings come out in November or December. 

If you feel your student section isn’t ranked high enough or not ranked at all, let us know and we’ll keep a close eye on them.

Every week, we will also have Student Section of the Week for each state. Once you win Student Section of the Week, you can’t win it again, but you still have to battle for the top spot in your state and perhaps the Nation as we will also name a Football Student Section National Champion. 

So far we have previewed the Top 40 Preseason Football Student Section Rankings in 10 states as well as a Watch List for three states. We now head to Louisiana!

Louisiana has some solid Student Sections with some friendly bad blood between each other. One Student Section hyped for their big time QB! It’s going to be fun to see who finishes at the top!

In each state, we will name one student section to look out for. A student section that doesn’t get talked about a lot by us or others and for Louisana, it’s the Zachary Brew Crew. With all the talk here on the Catholic Bear Nation of Baton Rouge and Jesuit Gizzard of New Orleans as well as the Newman Greenie Swamp of New Orleans, we tend to forget to put focus on the Brew Crew. This is a fantastic Student Section that can hang with the other three. Don’t be surprised if the Brew Crew plays spoiler this football season!

Will the Brew Crew sneak in at the top spot? Let’s find out.

(Our special thank you Jack Douglass (@jacksdouglas on Instagram) for his help in making sure our Louisiana rankings are as close as accurate.)


  1. Catholic Bear Nation of Baton Rouge  

This is an insane Student Section with a fantastic social media presence. Great interaction with us and they show up in big numbers. Bear Nation will once again battle with Jesuit Gizzard for the top spot in Louisiana. It’s going to be a fun one to watch!

  1. Jesuit Gizzard of New Orleans  
  2. Newman Greenie Swamp of New Orleans
  3. Zachary Brew Crew
  4. St. Amant Pit Crew
  5. Brother Martin of New Orleans
  6. Ruston Catbox Crazies
  7. Ponchatoula
  8. Neville Jungle of Monroe
  9. University Lab of Baton Rouge
  10. St. Paul’s of Covington
  11. Sterlington 
  12. Destrehan 
  13. Easton of New Orleans
  14. West Monroe 
  15. Many
  16. East Ascension Blue Crew of Gonzales
  17. Woodlawn 
  18. Alexandria 
  19. Acadiana of Lafayette
  20. Holy Cross of New Orleans
  21. Dutchtown 
  22. Karr of New Orleans
  23. Lafayette Christian Academy 
  24. St. Augustine of New Orleans
  25. Byrd of Shreveport
  26. Hahnville Tigers Den
  27. Sulpher 
  28. Mandevillle Riot Zone
  29. Captain Shreve of Shreveport
  30. Archbishop Rummel of Metairie
  31. Covington Crazies
  32. White of Thibodaux
  33. Parkview Baptist of Baton Rouge
  34. St. Charles Catholic of LaPiace
  35. Westgate of New Iberia
  36. Northwood of Shreveport
  37. Fountainbleu of Mandeville
  38. Donaldsonville 
  39. Northshore of Slidell