In 2015, yours truly began covering Student Sections in Orange County, California. We expanded to Southern California in 2017 and last year, we added four more states. This past winter, we expanded to 19 states. 

Now, we are going to 40 states. This is still a one-man operation for the most part.

I know that Student Sections have a lot of work to do to get the students to the games to cheer on their classmates and go along with the theme and make sure they don’t cause trouble. These student sections deserve recognition.

We will kick off the Student Section season with Preseason Football Student Section Rankings. REMEMBER, this is a PREVIEW. It is merely a prediction. The real rankings come out in November or December. 

If you feel your student section isn’t ranked high enough or not ranked at all, let us know and we’ll keep a close eye on them.

Every week, we will also have Student Section of the Week for each state. Once you win Student Section of the Week, you can’t win it again, but you still have to battle for the top spot in your state and perhaps the Nation as we will also name a Football Student Section National Champion. 

So far we have previewed the Top 40 Preseason Football Student Section Rankings in 14 states as well as a Watch List for 11 states. We now head to Nevada!

Nevada has two groups. They have very solid Student Sections and several Student Sections that can hang. We hope the solid group grows because some of those Student Sections are fantastic!

In each state, we will name one student section to look out for. A student section that doesn’t get talked about a lot by us or others and for Nevada, it’s the Galena Riot Squad of Reno. Why am I putting a Student Section here that had a football go through a tough season last season? Well, the Riot Squad was there and if this football has a better season, I can expect the Riot Squad to grow and gro and be a beast in the Nevada Student Section world.

Will the Riot Squad rally around their football team? Will it pay off? Am I asking a lot of questions? Let’s check out the rankings.


  1. Bishop Gorman G-Block of Las Vegas (2021 Final Rank: 2)

The G-Block was so so so close from being the Nevada Football Student Section of the year. The G-Block is hot and hungry to finish strong. This is a solid Student Section that can battle with the best of them in the USA! They should be a tough one to get past for the top spot.

  1. Liberty Patriot Pit of Henderson (2021: 1)
  2. Spanish Springs Cougar Den of Sparks (2021: 13)
  3. Arbor View Red Zone of Las Vegas (2021: 3)
  4. McQueen (2021: 5)
  5. Damonte Ranch Blue Hole of Reno (2021: 4)
  6. Galena Riot Squad (2021: 25)
  7. Moapa Valley of Overton (2021: 15)
  8. Green Valley Insitgators of Henderson (2021: 6)
  9. Basic Academy Blumanati of Henderson (2021: 7)
  10. Silverado of Las Vegas (2021: 9)
  11. Churchill County Greenwave of Fallon (2021: 31)
  12. Bishop Manouge Goldmine (2021: 10)
  13. Palo Verde Jungle of Las Vegas (2021: 8)
  14. Foothill of Henderson (2021: 11)
  15. Virgin Valley Dawgpound of Mesquite (2021: 17)
  16. Reed Raider Nation of Sparks (2021: 19)
  17. Douglas of Minden (2021: 37)
  18. Desert Oasis of Las Vegas (2021: 12)
  19. Las Vegas (2021: 14)
  20. North Valley Reno (2021:16)
  21. Desert Pines of Las Vegas (2021: 20)
  22. Faith Lutheran of Las Vegas (2021: 26)
  23. Reno (2021: 28)
  24. Boulder City (2021: 29)
  25. Legacy of North Las Vegas (2021: 18)
  26. Del Sol of Las Vegas (2021: 24)
  27. Canyon Springs of Las Vegas (2021: 21)
  28. Shadow Ridge of Las Vegas (2021: 23)
  29. Centennial Dawgpound of Las Vegas (2021: 22)
  30. Elko (2021: Not Ranked)
  31. Wooster of Reno (2021: 27)
  32. Coronado of Henderson (2021: 30)
  33. Durango of Las Vegas (2021: 32)
  34. Sierra Vista of Las Vegas (2021: 33)
  35. Fernley (2021: 34)
  36. Bonanza of Las Vegas (2021: 35)
  37. Incline of Incline Village (2021: 36)
  38. Clark of Las Vegas (2021: 38)
  39. Carson (2021: NR)