In 2015, yours truly began covering Student Sections in Orange County, California. We expanded to Southern California in 2017 and last year, we added four more states. This past winter, we expanded to 19 states. 

Now, we are going to 40 states. This is still a one-person operation for the most part.

I know that Student Sections have a lot of work to do to get the students to the games to cheer on their classmates and go along with the theme and make sure they don’t cause trouble. These student sections deserve recognition.

We will kick off the Student Section season with Preseason Football Student Section Rankings and Watch List. REMEMBER, this is a PREVIEW AND A WATCH LIST. These are not rankings. The real rankings come out in November or December. 

If you feel your student section isn’t mentioned on the Watch List, let us know and we’ll make sure to keep an eye on them this season.

Every week, we will also have Student Section of the Week for each state. Once you win Student Section of the Week, you can’t win it again, but you still have to battle for the top spot in your state and perhaps the Nation as we will also name a Football Student Section National Champion. 

So far we have previewed a Top 40 Preseason Football Student Section Ranking in 13 states and we have done a Watch List for five states, but now we go to our sixth state in the watch list. 

This week, we introduce our 26th state to join the Student Section madness, North Dakota.  

When we planned to expand at the beginning of 2020, we did not plan chaos to push our plans back for two year. We briefly covered Iowa during the fall of 2020, but COVID made that difficult. We know very little of North Dakota as far as Student Sections.

In each state, we will name one student section to look out for. Since this is a Watch List, again, we know very little of North Dakota Student Sections, but if we could pick a preseason favorite as the best football student section, it would be the Jamestown.

Jamestown looks like a solid football Student Section. Not sure about the other sports, but we’ll cross that bridge until we get there. I am not sure of the cold weather up there, but Jamestown seems to be used to it. This is a committed Student Section that can rock it in the stands and on social medai.

Will Jamestown be on top by seasons end? We’ll find out at the end of the season!


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