The time has come to start ranking 50 states that we covered this football season. 

To say I’m overwhelmed with the work that comes along with this is an understatement.

We had 12 Student Section of the Week winners in Arizona and that helped us determine who had the best Student Section and which ones wanted it more.

Just showing up in large crowds isn’t enough. It might fool other outlets that don’t cover Student Sections, but not us. We have to know how bad you want it and marketing is key. 

You will see top-notch Student Sections miss out at the top spot, but we kept saying it over and over and over again, in order to be considered number one, you have to win the Student Section of the Week title. Otherwise, what is the point of having that contest?!

I know Student Sections complain, but remember it’s thousands of Student Sections and only me. Social media is your friend if used correctly.

This is our third year covering Football Student Sections in Arizona.

I feel like we got a solid grasp of Arizona Student Sections last year, but we didn’t hear from them as much in 2023. Hopefully we are accurate this season.

The Arizona Football Student Section Champion will move on to Regionals in hopes to get the National Championship banner as voting will now get involved!

So, let’s see who made the list and who is the best in the Grand Canyon State.


  1. Liberty Uproar

The Uproar made a last second impression with showing off their school spirit on social media. Definitely tough to jump over Highland, but Liberty has one of the best football teams in the state, so there’s a solid reason why the Uproar can pack the stands and go wild! We’ll see how the Uproar will fare in Regionals and Nationals, but they’re the 2023 Arizona Football Student Section of the Year!

  1. Highland Nest

We didn’t hear from them as much as we did in the past couple of seasons, but we know of the Nest and this is an insane Student Section. They never take a break. Would be tough to keep them out of the Top 3. One of the best.

  1. Brophy Prep Stampede

The Stampede has always been regard as one of the best in Arizona and I felt they showed more in the stands and on social media than I’ve ever seen. Hoping we can see the full potential of this amazing Student Section. This looks like a crazy bunch!

  1. Higley Knightmare

The Knightmare social media showed off a fantastic group of kids with amazing school spirit! Definitely a Knightmare when other teams come into town.

  1. Desert Mountain Wolfden

The Wolfden was amazing this football season, but in one of the biggest rivalries in Arizona, the Battle on Shea Blvd. , the Wolfden stepped up and rocked the house. One of those rivalries that I would love to see in person one day!

  1. Pinnacle Crazies
  1. Mountain Ridge Army
  1. Basha Bear Den
  1. Chandler Blue Crew
  1. Corona del Sol Tribe
  1. Williams Field Red Rage
  2. Saguaro Zoo
  3. Salpointe Catholic Lancer Legion
  4. Chaparral Birdcage
  5. Casteel Stampede
  6. O’Connor Nest
  7. Hamilton
  8. Notre Dame Dogpound 
  9. Valley Christian Blue Crew
  10. Centennial 
  11. Boulder Creek
  12. Red Mountain Red Sea
  13. Queen Creek Dawgpound 
  14. Verrado Viper Pit
  15. Perry
  16. Horizon Dawgpound 
  17. Desert Edge
  18. American Leadership Academy 
  19. Prescott 
  20. Yuma Catholic
  21. Millennium Jungle 
  22. Paradise Honors
  23. Cactus
  24. Desert Vista Storm Troopers
  25. Mountain View 
  26. Paradise Valley Red Zone
  27. Agua Fria 
  28. Desert Ridge
  29. Valley Vista 
  30. Mica Mountain

HONORABLE MENTION: Canyon del Oro, Cactus Shadows, Apollo, Casa Grande, Arcadia Chaos