The time has come to start ranking 50 states that we covered this football season. 

To say I’m overwhelmed with the work that comes along with this is an understatement.

We had 10 Student Section of the Week winners in Nebraska and that helped us determine who had the best Student Section and which ones wanted it more.

Just showing up in large crowds isn’t enough. It might fool other outlets that don’t cover Student Sections, but not us. We have to know how bad you want it and marketing is key. 

You will see top-notch Student Sections miss out at the top spot, but we kept saying it over and over and over again, in order to be considered number one, you have to win the Student Section of the Week title. Otherwise, what is the point of having that contest?!

I know Student Sections complain, but remember it’s thousands of Student Sections and only me. Social media is your friend if used correctly.

This is our second year covering Student Sections in Nebraska, so we hope we were accurate.

We are slowly getting to know more and more of this state when it comes to Student Sections. We have found some solid ones this season and we hope to continue to see more fantastic Student Sections in this state in the future. We do know there’s a bunch of amazing Student Sections in this state. Just wished they showed off their school spirit more. Also wouldn’t hurt if they interacted with us like Tennessee or Southern California.

The Nebraska Football Student Section Champion will move on to Regionals in hopes to get the National Championship banner as voting will now get involved!

So, let’s see who made the list and who is the best in Cornhusker State.


  1. Millard West Crazies

The Crazies have built a solid reputation in Nebraska as one of the best in the state. The Crazies have busted out many amazing themes like the Neon Out, which looked amazing in the photos. The CATS flags seem to always show up in photos. Rinse and repeat, the Millard West Crazies are back-to-back Nebraska Football Student Section Champions. Now, let’s see how they do in Regionals and potentially Nationals.

  1. Westside Red Shield

The Red Shield always battles for the top spot. Like Millard West, the Red Shield has been consistant at being on of the best. I like the Black Out, but more importantly, I like how the Red Shield went savage on the signs.

  1. Kearney Rowdies

We discovered the Rowdies this season and they can contend with some of the best in the state and in the nation. The Tropical theme looked amazing. Made them feel more rowdy!

  1. Creighton Prep Bird Cage

The Bird Cage is always up in the Top 5 of the Student Section Rankings. Amazing Student Section that can hang with the best of the best in the state. The USA theme looks insane from the photos.

  1. Papillion-LaVista South Black Hole

The Black Hole might look small, but it is mighty Student Section that earned a Top 5 finish.

  1. Lincoln Southwest Nest
  1. Waverly Crew
  2. Millard South
  3. Crete
  4. Omaha Central Nest
  5. Bellevue West Flock Squad
  6. Gretna
  7. Roncalli Catholic Lions Den
  8. Boone Central
  9. Wahoo
  10. Fremont
  11. Pierce
  12. Cozad Barn
  13. Ashland-Greenwood Bird Cage
  14. Elkhorn South
  15. Lincoln East
  16. Norfolk Catholic
  17. Bennington
  18. Crofton
  19. Aurora
  20. Scottsbluff Litterbox
  21. Norfolk Posse
  22. Sidney
  23. Battle Creek
  24. Ord
  25. Adams Central
  26. Broken Bow
  27. Omaha North
  28. Malcolm
  29. Lincoln Southeast
  30. Grand Island
  31. Malcolm
  32. Yutan
  33. Osceola
  34. Douglas County West

HONORABLE MENTION: Skutt Catholic, Gross Catholic, Cedar Catholic, Broken Bow, Millard North