In 2015, yours truly began covering Student Sections in Orange County, California. We expanded to Southern California in 2017 and two years ago, we added four more states and added 15 more states. We went to 40 states last fall.

This last winter, we went to all 50 states. No one has ever done that before…until now!

This is still a one-man operation for the most part.

I know that Student Sections have a lot of work to do to get the students to the games to cheer on their classmates and go along with the theme and make sure they don’t cause trouble. These student sections deserve recognition.

We will kick off the Student Section season with Preseason Football Student Section Rankings. REMEMBER, this is a PREVIEW. It is merely a prediction. The real rankings come out in November or December. 

If you feel your student section isn’t ranked high enough or not ranked at all, let us know and we’ll keep a close eye on them.

Every week, we will also have Student Section of the Week for each state. Once you win Student Section of the Week, you can’t win it again, but you still have to battle for the top spot in your state and perhaps the Nation as we will also name a Football Student Section National Champion. 

We continue with the 2023 Football Student Section Season with a preview of New Mexico.

We’ve covered New Mexico last season, but we didn’t get much from them. We hope to see and give them more exposure on here and on social media.

Last season, the Farmington Rowdy Crowd took the title as the best Student Section in New Mexico. It will be tough for them to repeat, but it is there’s to lose.

In each state, we will name one student section to look out for. A student section that doesn’t get talked about a lot by us or others and for New Mexico, it’s  Roswell. Many people associate Roswell with sci-fi and aliens, but this Student Section might be aliens themselves because they’re out of this world…not a good pun, sorry about that.

Can Roswell knock off Farmington and take over the top spot in New Mexico? Let’s find out.


  1. Volcano Vista Hawk Nation

One of the best teams in the state will come with one of the best Student Sections in the state. Only problem is they have to show it off on social media or one of the Student Sections underneath them will take the top spot come November.

  1. Hobbs
  2. Farmington Rowdy Crowd
  3. Centennial
  4. Roswell
  5. Los Alamos
  6. Organ Mountain
  7. Los Lunas
  8. Rio Rancho
  9. La Cueva
  10. Cleveland
  11. Artesia
  12. Piedra Vista
  13. Las Cruces
  14. West Mesa
  15. Jal
  16. Alamogordo
  17. Cibola
  18. Eldorado 
  19. Carlsbad
  20. Goddard
  21. Bloomfield
  22. Raton
  23. Sorcorro
  24. Elida