The time has come to start ranking 50 states that we covered this football season. 

To say I’m overwhelmed with the work that comes along with this is an understatement.

We had 13 Student Section of the Week winners in Tennesse and that helped us determine who had the best Student Section and which ones wanted it more.

Just showing up in large crowds isn’t enough. It might fool other outlets that don’t cover Student Sections, but not us. We have to know how bad you want it and marketing is key. 

You will see top-notch Student Sections miss out at the top spot, but we kept saying it over and over and over again, in order to be considered number one, you have to win the Student Section of the Week title. Otherwise, what is the point of having that contest?!

I know Student Sections complain, but remember it’s thousands of Student Sections and only me. Social media is your friend if used correctly.

This is our second year covering Football Student Sections in Tennessee, so we hope we are accurate.

This might be the deepest state in the nation when it comes to Student Sections. SoCal and Tennessee are two of the strongest. If we ever go outside of SoCal or Arizona, were going to Tennessee first. Amazing schools over there.

The Tennessee Football Student Section Champion will move on to Regionals in hopes to get the National Championship banner as voting will now get involved!

So, let’s see who made the list and who is the best in the Volunteer State.


  1. Houston Mustang Mob

The Mustang Mob was close to perfect this fall. They always showed off their Student Section on social media, every week. They traveled for games, they proved they were the best and let yours truly know that. The Mustang Mob never disappointed. This Student Section is a favorite for the Regional and National title, but they have to vote and win it, but for now, the Houston Mustang Mob is the 2023 Tennessee Football Student Section of the Year!

  1. Baylor

Baylor has always been a solid Student Section. The Jersey Theme is amazing. You may not see this Student Section that much on social media, but when you do, they don’t disappoint.

  1. Montgomery Bell Academy

This is a legendary Student Section. This school has a long rich history and so does this Student Section. Big Red goes perfect for these kids in the stands.

  1. Nolansville

Nolansville looks like a Student Section full of weirdos and that always helps when you try and move up in the rankings. This Student Section definitely has the look of a crazy group!

  1. Independence Indy Nation

This is one of the larger Student Section and based on the photos, they look intimidating. White Out Theme is pretty normal, but it is one of their school colors and they can rock it.

  1. Hardin Valley Academy Nest
  1. Father Ryan Jungle
  1. Brentwood
  1. Hillsboro
  1. Pope John Paul II Blue Man Group
  1. Ravenwood
  2. Beech Patrol 
  3. Lipscomb Academy Stable
  4. Liberty Creek Pack
  5. Gallatin Tsunami
  6. Brentwood Academy
  7. Christ Presbyterian Academy Lions Den
  8. Page
  9. Franklin Flagship
  10. Alcoa
  11. Warren County Tree Mafia
  12. Summit Squad
  13. Collierville Crazies
  14. McCallie
  15. Ensworth
  16. Middle Tennessee Christian
  17. East Roberson
  18. Portland
  19. Station Camp Tribe
  20. Bradley Central
  21. Greenbrier
  22. White County Maroon Maniacs
  23. Coffee Central County
  24. West Ridge Wolf Pack
  25. West Knoxville
  26. Crockett
  27. Mount Juliet Heebie Jeebies 
  28. Oakland O-Zone
  29. Germantown
  30. Westview Bestview

HONORABLE MENTION: Union City, Pearl-Cohn, Blackman, Christian Brothers, Blackman