The time has come to start ranking 50 states that we covered this football season. 

To say I’m overwhelmed with the work that comes along with this is an understatement.

We had 8 Student Section of the Week winners in Vermont and that helped us determine who had the best Student Section and which ones wanted it more.

Just showing up in large crowds isn’t enough. It might fool other outlets that don’t cover Student Sections, but not us. We have to know how bad you want it and marketing is key. 

You will see top-notch Student Sections miss out at the top spot, but we kept saying it over and over and over again, in order to be considered number one, you have to win the Student Section of the Week title. Otherwise, what is the point of having that contest?!

I know Student Sections complain, but remember it’s thousands of Student Sections and only me. Social media is your friend if used correctly.

This is our first year covering Football Student Sections in Vermont.

I feel like we haven’t gotten a solid grasp of Vermont Student Sections yet, but we have noticed more Student Sections in this state, so we hope to be more accurate.

The Vermont Football Student Section Champion will move on to Regionals in hopes to get the National Championship banner as voting will now get involved!

So, let’s see who made the list and who is the best in the Green Mountain State.


  1. Essex Hornet Hype

Just like their football team, Hornet Hype battled in the stands and this wasn’t an easy choice to make. Hornet Hype made a strong last impression to prove they had the best Student Section in Vermont. We’ll see how they’ll do in Regionals and Nationals, but one thing is for sure, they’re the 2023 Vermont Football Student Section of the Year!

  1. Brattleboro Union

Brattleboro Union looked like a contender for Vermont Football Student Section of the Year the entire year. They were solid all season and I’m we’ll see them at the top of this list every time!

  1. Rice Memorial Green Knights Castle

The Green Knight Castle can pack the stands and handle business. They look like the group that loves to rattle opposing players.

  1. Colchester

Colchester looks like a rowdy and crazy bunch. They look like they’re always ready to rock!

  1. Burlington

The Superfans mean business. It is the reason why they got a Top 5 finish in Vermont this fall.

  1. U-32
  2. Burr & Burton
  3. Hartford Canes Warning
  4. Otter Valley House of Noise
  5. Woodstock
  6. Spaulding
  7. Champlain Valley Union
  8. Fair Haven
  9. Middlebiry
  10. Bellows Free Academy