Co-SoCal Student Section of the Week: Capo Valley Cage (01/15/2020)

The Cage has been rattled and people responsible for rattling have paid for it last week.

The Capistrano Valley Cage of Mission Viejo went on the road to face Mission Viejo and went wild in a city rivalry and a South Coast League game.

The Cage went to savage mode from the get-go with reading the newspaper during Mission Viejo starting lineup. The good news was that they saw some great After Christmas deals on page two of the paper.

The Cougars went on a quick run and the Cage was loving it all the way until halftime. 

At halftime, the Cage battled with the Mission Viejo cheerleaders with some fantastic flips.

The Cage kept the crazy at a max despite the Diablos coming back in the second half, which ignited the Diablo Inferno.

With Mission Viejo leading 40-39 with 20 seconds left in the game, the Diablos had the ball stolen at half court which resulted in a layup for Capo Valley. The Cage went wild, but Mission Viejo had one more chance at the victory.

The Diablos missed a couple shots and the buzzer rang as Capo Valley took the thrilling victory, causing the excited Cage to rush the court.

This followed a strong showing at home a few days later in a 22 point victory over San Clemente. This propelled them to the SoCal Final 4!

The Cage got to voting and battled all the way to the end, which ended in a tie and a victory with the Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente.

The Cage was rattled and people paid for it as the Capo Valley Cage is the SoCal Student Section of the Week.

We spoke with the Cage on what it took to take the first Student Section of the Week title for 2020!

You guys are the Co-So Cal Student Section of the Week with the Bishop Amat Dawgpound, beating out the Damien Pit and Sage Creek Bob Squad. What did it take to stand out as one of the best in Southern California?

The Cage: I think what it took for us to stand out was the community that runs in our student section, we cheer as if we are one person, it’s like a ripple effect once one person starts everyone joins in. Also, what really helps us stand out is that everyone who comes to the games is there to cheer on our team and get them hype. The Cage is a team effort we all build of each others energy and are all unified when it comes to supporting our boys.

We were at the Mission Viejo-Capo Valley game. The Diablo Inferno battled with you guys, but the thrilling battle on the court was just as amazing. Talk about that evening as the game went down to the wire?

The Cage: Everyone in the student section that night was very stressed when it came down to those last couple of minutes. It was especially crazy going back and forth with Mission’s student section which I think made us want to win even more. But, we all had faith in our boys to pull through and take the win. Coach Mulligan and the boys do such a good job out there when it comes down to it. Everyone in the stands knew the most we could do was be loud and crazy for them so that they could get fired up and that’s what we did. Nothing could beat those last couple of seconds when Mission missed that last shot and we won the game and stormed the court. How we all came together at the end and did the chant in the middle was a feeling I don’t think anyone will ever forget.

What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section?

The Cage: I think my most memorable game in the student section was either my freshmen year when we won CIF and it was at the Honda Center or the Mission game we just had. The CIF game was incredible, so many people from Capo were there, it was like a sea of gold in the Honda Center. We were loud and proud at that game and cheered on our boys with everything we had. The Mission game we had was insane and one I’ll remember forever, that was one of the hypest  games Capo has had in a long time.

Favorite theme?

The Cage: The best theme is definitely Gold Rush. We get the most hype when it’s a Gold Rush because that’s Capo’s main color and its different than typical white out or blackout.

Favorite chant?

The Cage: The best chant is definitely “Who’s your daddy?” There’s nothing better when one of the boys blocks/steals a ball and we get to do that cheer. Out of all the cheers we do, we chant that one the loudest we possible can.

Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section?”

The Cage: Another student section that stands out to me is San Juan. They are very unique with what they do there and have such a good atmosphere in there student section.