March on with the Band Q&A: Santa Ana Marching Saints


From the time I began covering student sections, I was always told to take a look at the Santa Ana Marching Saints.

Not a student section, but I kept being told to check them out.

I finally got the chance to see them during a Santa Ana football playoff game last November and man, they did not disappoint. 

This band put on a solid show and has that prestige everyone talks about. 

With the game coming to an end, I left the press box and began walking down to the field. While walking onto the field, I noticed the Marching Saints playing a familiar banda song. I was floored and hoped one day we can have them on here for Q&A and perhaps on our podcast!

We have them on here and we’ll have them on the next podcast, but let’s get to know them now. Let’s meet the Marching Saints of Santa Ana.

What is the weekly routine to prepare for a football game and the halftime show? Are there adjustments made every week?

During the fall the marching band will rehearse an average of 10 hours a week to prepare their halftime show or practice music that we perform in the stands. Every week we are making adjustments based on how each performance is executed, the field show is an ongoing evolution which is not completed till their last performance. 

Do you perform at other Santa Ana sports functions like basketball and how has the reception been?

Each year the Marching Band will support the football team at all home and away game, during the winter we also perform for all home basketball games. The band also supports the school at pep rallies, events and will often tour around the city promoting Santa Ana High School. 

Do you enjoy the game or follow it as it goes along or are you focused with your job?

I love the atmosphere created at sporting events, I have always believed that the band is there to add to the atmosphere. When the team is losing, it is our job to get morale back up. 

Do you play any pop culture songs and if so, which is your favorite?

We create a halftime show that is musical and visually competitive within the marching arena, however, in the stands I believe we have to play modern musical selections. Everything we play if from the radio, from Rick James, Carl Carlton, Chuy Lizárraga to Beastie Boys. 

Favorite song/routine to play during a game? 

Our fans love to hear La Peinada by Chuy Lizárraga, but my favorite routine is our annual March to the Bowl. For every home game the Marching Saints will march down flower street from Santa Ana High School to Eddie West Field with police escort. 

What kind of appreciation do you get from people at the games?

Every game we perform at both football and basketball games, I’ll have our school fans and the opposing schools fans compliment the way the band sounds and the music selections. 

Do you guys interact with the Student Section or students?

Our goal is to always get the school section involved in our chats or more importantly dance to our music. 

What is the funniest or most embarrassing moment as a member of the band/color guard?

The funniest part of marching band is that freshmen will often put on their marching band uniforms on backwards the first time they ever put it on. 

Any other band that you enjoy hearing from the other side of the stadium?

We were very impressed with the Bell Gardens marching band a few years ago.