OC Sports Podcast (01/28/19): Dan Albano, Michael Huntley and the Irvine Frontier join the show

Episode 4 of the OC Sports Podcast now comes with a sightly more improved audio from yours truly. It’s not going to pop your ears this time.

Anyway, in this three part episode, we talk about the 60th Annual OC All-Star Football Classic in which the South defeated the North 16-7 despite the coaching change from the South a few weeks ago. We talk with Dan Albano and Michael Huntley, both from the Orange County Register.

Here is part one of the podcast;



In part two of the podcast, we talk about the basketball league title races and the playoff races in Orange County with Michael Huntley. Almost every league is still open for first place and Michael breaks it down;

In our third and final part of the fourth episode of the OC Sport Podcast, we talk to the Irvine Frontier. Student Section members Grant Lockwood and Ellaena Rodriguez join the show as they talk about their fantastic year in the football stands and what they have done to keep it going inside the basketball gym;