SoCal Student Section of the Week (01/22/2020): St. John Bosco Tribe

St. John Bosco of Bellflower seems to still be in the giving mood.

After giving the Bosco Tribe and the Braves fans a gift in December with a comeback for the ages to take the CIF-SS Division I Football Title over Mater Dei of Santa Ana, the Braves took on Mater Dei in basketball last Friday, but it wasn’t as thrilling as the football one.

It was still pretty good.

Bosco hosted the Monarchs and the Tribe came back to not only rub it in on the Mater Dei faithful about last month, but go crazy in the stands.

What they lack in size, the Tribe made up for it in noise and the Tribe brought the noise.

The Tribe once again were treated to a St. John Bosco victory over Mater Dei in a 70-62 victory.

The Tribe wasn’t done eating wins as they went to the voting booth and with 35 percent of the votes, the St. John Bosco Tribe took the SoCal Student Section of the Week title.

We spoke with the Tribe and asked them what it took to take the SoCal title for this week.

You guys are the So Cal Student Section of the Week, beating out the Carlsbad Loud Crowd, Corona del Mar Kings Krew and Etiwanda Eagles Nest. What did it take to stand out as one of the best in Southern California?

Bosco Tribe: We stand out because we know we can be loud and rowdy. Our brotherhood here at Bosco helps us really connect and we love helping our brothers while they compete for a championship. 

The victory over Mater Dei (the last one, not the football one in December) was huge. How big was that and did the Tribe prepare for that game?

Bosco Tribe: Beating the Mater Dei is always the best thing in the world. We prepared for this game by having a rally the day of and getting everyone hyped and ready for the game. 

What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section?

Bosco Tribe: Our most memorable moment was for sure our CIF-SS Football Championship game against Mater Dei. The comeback was insane and it was something amazing to watch. Always remember, MD blew a 28-5 lead. 

Favorite theme?

Bosco Tribe: The best theme that we love to do is for sure beach party. We live in California so the beach is something we all experience and it’s fun to bring to Bellflower.

Favorite chant?

Bosco Tribe: Our favorite chant has to be either “I believe” or “Hit the field” both of those get the crowd going. 

What’s your least favorite chant that you hear from the other side of the stadium/gym?

Bosco Tribe: We definitely hate hearing the other side chanting “We can’t hear you” but honestly we really don’t hear that cause we love to be loud. 

Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section?”

Bosco Tribe: Los Alamitos definitely has a crazy student section! Shout out to Los Locos. We love the energy y’all bring.