SoCal Student Section of the Week (02/01/19): Murrieta Mesa Beast

It seems like rushing the court was the theme last week.

Two of our four SoCal Student Section of the week finalists celebrated in extreme ways

One celebrated a buzzer beating three pointer to win a league title while another rushed the court in the middle of the game.

Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

What helped this particular student section was that they worked the social media market very well and we noticed it. It is something other student sections in their league fail to do. Maybe they should take note.

Anyway enough belittling, let’s meet our SoCal Student Section of the week finalists.


The Bishop Montgomery Swaglet of Torrance is considered a dynasty in the Los Angeles region. They come in large numbers and rock any theme.

They also rock the stands, but when you have the best boys and girls basketball teams every year, it would be crazy to not go crazy.

The Swaglet had to deliver against St. Anthony of Long Beach with the Del Ray League title on the line. Normally, the Knights cruise in league play, but for Bishop Montgomery high standards, this is a rebuilding year.

A nine point victory sealed another league title and now The Swaglet will look to give the Knights a boost in the CIF-SS Open Division playoffs.


The St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego knows that the Western League is going to be a dogfight and they need to put in their work for the Saints.

The Saints Pit did that as they are the top dawg in San Diego at the moment, for basketball. The student section portion will come to the public on this site later this month.

The Pit is definitely going to be needed when the CIF-San Diego Section Open Division playoffs begin this upcoming week.


The La Habra Clan showed up for their big city rival game against Sonora of La Habra.

Everything in this game came from a movie script.

For the second time this season, the Fire Marshall came in to shutdown the box office as the gym was filled to the brim.

There was a reason for that, this game was for the Freeway League title. La Habra won the last meeting and was looking to win their first Freeway League title since 2006.

Sonora jumped ahead by more than 10 points after three quarters of play. It seemed like the Sonora Jungle had defended their court, but La Habra still had the support of their student section.

The Clan kept the spirit alive and the Highlanders woke up in the final quarter. The momentum changed, but Sonora had the lead with seconds to go.

La Habra guard Cameron Dashiell got the ball and found enough room to take a buzzer beating three pointer to seal the victory and the league title for the Highlanders.

What came next was mayhem as The Clan rushed the court in celebration.

One of the best games in this rivalry history and The Clan played a big part of it.


The Clan came close to taking the title this week, but that went to the Murrieta Mesa Beast, which went wild themselves, but during the game.

Their final regular season game against Temecula Valley was call “The Silent Seven”.

The Beast was to remain quiet until the Rams scored their eighth point in the game. Once they got point number eight, The Beast can go wild.


The Rams got their eighth point and not only did The Mesa Beast go nuts, they rushed the court.


The fans enjoyed the special moment and it caught my eye to put them in the finalists spot.


The Beast went to the voting polls and with over 1400 votes, The Beast took the SoCal Student Section of the week title.

We will just pretend they rush the court for that one.

We spoke with The Beast on what it takes to be one of the Southlands best student sections.

What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section?

The Beast: The most memorable game I have attended this year was the outstanding 10th year anniversary football game. Our schools community was absolutely outrageous.


The Beast is considered one of the best Student Section in the state during football season. How does your student section adjust during basketball season?

The Beast: From football to basketball, our student section is the same. We bring the same energy every year to every game.


Favorite theme?

The Beast: The best theme one of our school sporting events has is by far the costume event for our Silent 7 Basketball game.

Favorite chant?

The Beast: Ah-Ramba has been used for multiple years to get the students more energetic and it has helped boosted our schools image.


What’s your least favorite chant that you hear from the other side of the stadium/gym?

The Beast: Out of every chant that other schools shout, the worst is the “Scoreboard” chant. It gets our players down and our students upset.


Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section?”

The Beast: Outside of Mesa, Great Oak definitely has an outstanding student section called the “Red Wave”