SoCal Student Section of the Week for Week 10: Carlsbad Loud Crowd

With the Student Section game going crazy and into a whole other level, some of these powerhouse student sections have to make an adjustment to stay at the top.

The Carlsbad Loud Crowd made an adjustment as they look to defend their San Diego Football Student Section of the Year title for a third year in a row.

Last year, the Loud Crowd took the title and the year before, they took it when the Student Section craze was at a website called SoCal Sidelines.

The Loud Crowd went with the usual at the beginning of the season and despite student sections catching in on the hype, the Loud Crowd still stayed at the top.

The problems was the other top student sections. The three-peat was in danger.

The Loud Crowd went with the extraordinary to get noticed and it worked when the Lancers took on Vista in a non-league regular season finale.

It was a ‘Party In the USA’ as it was a USA theme and the Loud Crowd once again brought their ‘A’ game and so did Carlsbad in their 26-14 victory.

The streamers, the chants and noise was at a high, but the Loud Crowd wants to go out with a bang and I am not talking about the fireworks they use.

Tattoos? That’s one way of going from ordinary to extraordinary!

The Loud Crowd made their return to the Final 4, representing San Diego and after a tight race between the three other student sections from Southern California, the Carlsbad Loud Crowd takes the top spot as the SoCal Student Section of the Week for Week 10.

We spoke with the Loud Crowd on what it took to take the top spot in SoCal!

You guys are the Week Ten So Cal Student Section of the week, beating out the West Covina Bulldog Nation, Servite Asylum and Temescal Canyon Blue Hole. What did it take to stand out as one of the best in Southern California?

Loud Crowd: Student sections are getting much more impressive season by season, and it is getting harder to stand out. Loud Crowd stands out due to our constant performance. We always try to bring something new every season to make it better than the last. This year we added two more pyrotechnics. We have fireworks once a year, powder, streamers at every game, pom poms,  rally towels, tattoos, and a student DJ. We truly give students incentive to come and support our boys on the field. 

What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section?

Loud Crowd: The most memorable game I have ever attended is our homecoming game. We start off the day with the Crowning Ceremony, and then move on to our parade. After that we party all night long at the game, and end off the night with fireworks. 

Favorite theme?

Loud Crowd: A favorite theme throughout loud crowd is our USA game. We love to support our country AND our school at the same time. 

Favorite chant?

Loud Crowd: “Hey you know it wooh wooh you know the story tell the whole wide world this is Lancer Territory”.  We turned this chant into a song, that has been recorded with bass and everything so not only is it a fun chant, it’s a good song too. 

What’s your least favorite chant that you hear from the other side of the stadium/gym?

Loud Crowd: Most the time we can’t hear the other side of the stadium/gym, but when we can it would be “we can’t hear you”. This is our least favorite thing to hear for two reasons, 1: It’s not true, and 2: We like to promote student section as a fun thing and to encourage our students to support our team.  Also if you are worried about the other group you begin to focus your attention and cheers on them, you’re probably not having as much fun as you could be having or supporting your team to the best of your ability.

Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section?”

Loud Crowd: Its really cool to check out so cal student section every Friday to see all the different student sections and what they bring to the table. One student section that has stood out to us is The Edison Mess, they really came out of nowhere and are killing it! They also have always been nothing but kind to us through twitter and other platforms, and we love when student sections cheer each other on. We’d also like to give a shout out to Great Oak Red wave, they do an amazing job and were one of the original big student sections.