SoCal Student Section of the Week for Week 4: Centennial Dawgpound

Remember when I said all our SoCal Student Section of the Week winners had some shade of blue.


The Centennial Dawgpound ended that streak.


The Dawgpound put up a fight for the top spot with the Servite Asylum, but the managed to stay on top.


On Homecoming Night, the Dawgpound prevailed.


Let’s see the other SoCal Student Section of the Week nominees.


Chaminade Cage. The Cage of Chaminade of West Hills came ready to go when the Eagles faced nationally ranked St. John Bosco of Bellflower. The Cage, which represented the Los Angeles region, did their usual and rocked it. Despite the tough 56-20 loss, the Cage was lit, but that should come to no surprise as The Cage is one of the best student sections in the LA area.


The Eagles have played a tough schedule and The Cage has stuck by them during the first half of the season.


Torrey Pines Chaos. The Chaos were pretty chaotic on Friday in Torrey Pines of San Diego 36-14 victory over El Camino of Oceanside. The Chaos, which represented the San Diego Region, has always been on fire during home games and this was no different. They are big fans of the baby powder. The Chaos will be back here, i’m sure of it.


Servite Asylum. Returning for a second time this season, the Servite Asylum rocked it on the road against Villa Park. Although Servite of Anaheim suffered a tough 28-14 loss, The Asylum, representing the Orange County Region, rocked it.


Wearing white, The Asylum battled with another SoCal Student Section power, the Villa Park Black Pack. The Asylum also had a special guest. Considered the greatest Los Angeles Clippers fan ever, Clipper Darrell made an appearance and The Asylum welcomed with open arms. Credo Asylum, Credo.


In the end, it was the student section from Corona, repping the Inland Empire Region, that came out on top. The Centennial Dawgpound rocked it and so did the Huskies in their 77-7 victory over Valley View of Moreno Valley.


On Homecoming night, the Dawgpound showed up in a sea of red and black and cheered on their team to a big victory and thanks to their social media work the next day, they are the SoCal Student Section of the Week for Week 4.


We spoke with students Jacob Parra-Cota, Alberto Bahena and MiKayla Acosta on what it took to take the SoCal Student Section title for Week 4.


You guys are the Week Four So Cal Student Section of the week, beating out the Servite Asylum, Torrey Pines Chaos and Chaminade Cage. What did it take to stand out as one of the best in Southern California?

Parra-Cota: What really made Centennial’s Dawgpound stand out more than all the other schools is based on how our student body can get out of their comfort zone and really pour out every single energy cell left in their body.

Bahena: What makes Centennial’s DawgPound stand out from other high school student sections in SoCal is that we all love to come on out on Friday nights to support our amazing football team and support our cheer team cheer on the football team and having an amazing time.

Acosta: Our student section, otherwise known as, Dawg Pound, stands out from the rest because of the amazing football program we support. If we didn’t have the passionate players and coaches, games wouldn’t be won and the student section wouldn’t be at its full potential. Thankfully we have such a great dynamic on campus, students root each other on and are passionate in doing so. That’s what makes Centennial stand apart.

What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section?

Parra-Cota: My favorite game so far this season would have to be our Homecoming Game. What really made this game so special is that it didn’t matter who you were on campus (ie: being shy or social) everyone was talking to everyone. There was wasn’t a divide, we were all “One Husky Nation.”

Bahena: The most memorable game I have gone to would happen to be our Homecoming game. Not only are we supporting our amazing football team throughout the whole game. But we’re also cheering on our amazing club performances, homecoming king and queen and our grand Marshall during halftime and creating amazing memories within those in the Dawg Section.

Acosta: The most memorable game i’ve ever attended was my freshman year when we played the Santiago Sharks, in the Battle of Rimpau. Our most “hyped” game in all of my high school career, because in the stands we were constantly chanting back and forth the whole game.

Favorite theme?

Parra-Cota: My favorite theme would have to be a Black Out. Black is a very common shade in t-shirts and seeing everyone wear black, not just the students but the parents as well, really marks how everyone is here in spirit gear and just full energy!

Bahena: My favorite theme every year would have to be our Pink Out game. Breast Cancer Awareness happens to hit close to home at Centennial High school. The amount of support that we get is amazing. Seeing everyone come decked out in Pink and supporting the cause is just incredible and helps us be even more united than what we already are.

Acosta: My favorite theme is also when we play the Santiago sharks because we wear sushi chef headbands. We wear these because after Centennial annihilates the Sharks, they become sushi. So in spirits we wear the sushi chef headbands to show “we’re EATIN’ tonight.”

Favorite chant?

Parra-Cota: My favorite chant is “C-H-S Huskies, Go Fight Win!” This chant gets everyone pumped and really captures Centennial as a united pack of young leaders. You got band, cheer, and Dawgpound chanting this one saying together. In a result, it creates a sense of unity and allows everyone to join in on the fun!

Bahena: My favorite chant would happen to be “Where My Dawgs @?”. This chant happens to get everyone out of their comfort zone and “Woof”. Which happens to be lots of fun.

Acosta: My favorite chant is “RED HOT” because Centennial Cheer has created a fun clapping sequence that the crowd knows. It’s full of tricks and is very fast so often times if we can’t keep up we find ourselves laughing all together and little do we know, making memories.

What’s your least favorite chant that you hear from the other side of the stadium/gym?

Parra-Cota: My least favorite chant is “I believe that we will win.” Centennial is here to win, and for the other team to chant that they will win, gets us to doubt ourselves. However, we get so much energy from that chant, that we all erupt with passion to win. In a result, we start a little chant competition and that makes the game a million times better!

Bahena: A chant I don’t really enjoying hearing from the other side would happen to be the “I believe that we will win” chant. Especially when it’s a home game we really wouldn’t like to see our team lose on our own turf.

Acosta: One cheer i don’t like to hear from the other stands is, “RED HOT” because many other teams have the same chant but don’t have the special clapping sequence that is strictly unique to Centennial.

Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section?”

Parra-Cota: I heard so many great things of other schools, for example Santiago High in Corona. There’s so much enthusiasm that floods their stadium and we really strive to find ways to incorporate that in our section. One aspect we really admire is the amount of posters and balloons that fill their stands. It’s really a work of art because a section that spirited takes lots of time and energy to achieve.

Bahena: If there happens to be another student section that I truly love, it would happen to the Santiago’s Black Sea. They always happen to deck out their student section with amazing posters and bring out dope energy regardless if they’re winning or not.

Acosta: I admire Santiago’s “Black Sea” they bring time and time again when we play them. They always have such great decorations and always bring a lot of people, which isn’t an easy thing to do.