SoCal Student Section of the Week for Week 5: Cathedral City Black Hole

Week 5 is now a week where football teams take a week off after playing in Week Zero.

A nice rest up before the start of league.

This is also the perfect time for student sections to make noise and make the best of getting recognition in Southern California with the powerhouse student sections on an off week.

Shadow Hills Dungeon of Indio did this three years ago, Los Osos Grizzly Nation of Rancho Cucamonga did this two years ago, Ontario Jag Jungle did this last year.

This year, it was the Cathedral City Black Hole.

I am very familiar with Cathedral City. See, I got hired as an announcer for the Max Prep Holiday Classic in 2011 when Cathedral City High School was the main gym for the top games in the country and I was behind the mic. This was before Rancho Mirage High School was built and the Rattlers head coach was coaching the Lions.

I got moved to Xavier Prep of Palm Desert three years later and the last three years, I’ve been the MC for the Slam Dunk Contest and the social media master at Rancho Mirage for the now Rancho Mirage Invitational.

So, I am familiar with the Palm Springs area very well. 

I also worked with Richard Lee, the head coach at Cathedral City.

Lee and the Lions have gone through some tough times, but the Lions have returned from the dead and are 3-2 heading into the Desert Valley League.

We’ll get back with the Black Hole in a minute, but let meet the other finalists for SoCal Student Section of the Week for Week 5.

In Orange County, the Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno made a second appearance as a possible SoCal Student Section of the week after they showed up big in a Yellow out for fellow student Hudson.

Diablo Inferno went wild as Mission Viejo hosted Upland in there final non-league game and Mission Viejo did not disappoint in a big 38-3 win over the Highlanders. 

Diablo Inferno is just getting started as the South Coast League ain’t nothing to mess with.

For the second time this season, the Los Angeles region will be represented by a volleyball student section.

The Sacred Heart of Los Angeles Comet Crazies have been killing it on social media and finally got the recognition after another crazy performance next to the hardwood.

With a lot of LA teams having the week off or some LA student section not smart on the marketing side of things, the Comet Crazies took advantage. We’ll keep an eye on these ladies come basketball season.

In San Diego, the San Marcos Blue Crew blew up on social media and gave me an easy choice to pick them to rep SD.

The defending CIF-SDS Battle of the Fans champs (yes, that’s a thing.) showed up when the Knights hosted Mt. Carmel of San Diego.

Blue Crew showed up in bright colors and made sure the Red Sea wouldn’t out do them. 

Glad to see the Blue Crew blow up. Carlsbad has company!

In the end, it was a small student section from the desert that has put themselves on the student section map.

This student section didn’t just show up and cheered. They did their homework. Seriously, they did research and made a field trip to see how the best student sections do it.

Talk about commitment.

The Black Hole is young, but I can see this student section growing and getting more creative as they learn along the way.

Showing up to see a different and much better Lions team take on Desert Hot Springs last Friday, the Black Hole showed up in support and in return, the Lions rewarded them with a 33-19 victory.

Thankfully, the Desert Sun took a video of the Black Hole and posted it on Instagram. 

That short video was all the convincing I needed to nominate them from the Inland Empire.

After voting for a SoCal Student Section Champion, the Black Hole came out on top with close to 1300 votes.

Big things are happening at Cathedral City this year as the Black Hole is your Week 5 SoCal Student Section of the Week.

We spoke with the Cathedral City Black Hole on what it took to take the title this week.

You guys are the Week Five So Cal Student Section of the week, beating out San Marcos Blue Crew, Sacred Heart Comet Crazies and the Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno. What did it take to stand out as one of the best in Southern California?

Black Hole: I believe what made us stand out was everyone being present, cheering on and having a great time. Over the years I have been in Black Hole it has been okay, but this year it has been even better. Everyone has gotten more involved in the spirit of it. Another thing could be that the News notices and shows little clips of us every now and then on their sports channels.

What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section?

Black Hole: I don’t think I can say I have a most memorable one because they all have been amazing, and I greatly appreciate everyone who has come out and supported the team. Though our last home game last week was pretty great. I had an amazing time with my friends, and I could tell everyone in the stands was to. Just seeing that makes me very happy.

Favorite theme?

Black Hole: Everyone normally just wears their Back Hole shirt. They either do some face paint or add jewels to them as well as glitter. I like going out so I wear my Black Hole shirt, jewels and even a tutu of our school colors. Other students as well have tutus that they wear. Some even wear during the school day not only the game. I always try to incorporate more things, see what else I can add.

Favorite chant?

Black Hole: We do have a couple chants but the main one we use is “Ain’t no party like a CC party! What What!” <(repeat again) “Now Scream!!!” This is probably the most used one we cheer.

What’s your least favorite chant that you hear from the other side of the stadium/gym?

Black Hole: Normally there isn’t many schools who come out to away games. There was once when we had a screaming contest against the other side. It was very funny because everyone would scream to see who could hear other from across each side. One time we all had our phone lights on waving it side to side and when we looked over some students were doing the same thing.

Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section?”

Black Hole: Last year when I was a Junior we went on a field trip to go see a football game. The reason we went was so we could go see their student section and get some ideas. That night was so much fun. They had a pretty big space as well. Everyone was just so involved and they had many things going on. The school we went to was Great Oak High school. They have an amazing student section.