SoCal Student Section of the Week for Week 8: South Hills Dawgpound

We have gone through eight weekly winner in Southern California and no one from the Los Angeles region has taken the top spot.

That finally changed this past weekend.

With the battle for the Kings of Cameron against West Covina, the South Hills Huskies of West Covina was ready to go and despite the tough season for West Covina, the Huskies wasn’t going to take West Covina lightly.

While South Hills cruised to a 42-13 victory and the Dawgpound enjoyed every minute of it.

While the Dawgpound enjoyed the victory, they also weren’t going to take the West Covina Bulldog Nation lightly as well.

Bulldog Nation has done a phenomenal job this season, so the Dawgpound was ready for them.

Rocking yellow, the Dawgpound was bright and loud and let everyone on Cameron Street know who is boss.

If the loud noise wasn’t enough, the fog machine might have been a big help!

After getting the nomination to represent Los Angeles, the Dawgpound went to work in the voting polls and after close to 2,000 votes, the Los Angeles region finally got it’s first SoCal Student Section of the Week winner. The Dawgpound takes the Week 8 crown.

We spoke with Dawgpound leaders, senior Ryan Sanchez, junior Anthony Rasmussen and sophomore Julian Acosta on what it took to take the title for this week.

You guys are the Week Eight So Cal Student Section of the week, beating out the Villa Park Black Pack, Cathedral Catholic Los Locos and Temescal Canyon Blue Hole. What did it take to stand out as one of the best in Southern California?

Sanchez: What it took to stand out this week was to expand our Dawg Pound down two more rows. We were able to fit more people into our Dawg Pound, and we also used confetti cannons, Cameron street signs, and CO2 cannons to get everybody hype throughout the game.

Rasmussen: It took great support from our crowd and student body. Us as dawg pound leaders can only do so much without our crowd, so without my student body things would have definitely been different. 

Acosta: The biggest role that played in our Dawgpound was the fact that it was a rivalry game against West Covina. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing school spirit, we pulled out our loudest speakers and got our brand new CO2 cannons to start off the game strong. 


What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section?

Sanchez: This was the most memorable game I have ever been a part of for sure. The turnout was amazing, and the hype was unreal and lasted throughout the whole game. Being able to lead chants and interact with the crowd and my friends throughout the night was so much fun. 

Rasmussen: My favorite game would have to be this one because not only was our crowd all into it and having a good time, our vibes pushed our football team to give that extra effort and that caused them to claim their third consecutive win.

Acosta: Kings of Cameron was the best game I’ve ever been apart of, the amount of people who showed up to support was insane. We were so loud the other side stop chanting after the first half, leading the chants gave me such an adrenaline rush.

Favorite theme?

Sanchez: My favorite theme this season was our ‘Galaxy Game’. Late in the game our Dawg Pound threw up different colored powder (Pink, Purple, Blue, etc.) to give the effect of a galaxy. The Dawg Pound Leaders and I dressed up as Darth Vader and Buzz Lightyear.

Rasmussen: My favorite theme was our ‘Galaxy Game’ because it was something we took a risk on but for sure a risk that paid off. Our crowd did not really know what to expect but with the help of my student body and fellow Dawg Pound leaders we made it a night to remember.

Acosta: The best theme we had was ‘Galaxy Game’, that was our second biggest turnout. We had alien backdrops and different colors such as pink, purple, blue, this had the effect of a ‘Galaxy’. Meanwhile us as Dawg Pound leaders dressed as outer space fictional characters.

Favorite chant?

Sanchez: My favorite chant to perform is “Whos in the House? Whos in the House? . . . Huskies in the House!” I love performing this chant, because I feel like no matter where we are, our Dawg Pound is well represented. Also when everyone’s chanting it gets the crowd and the Dawg Pound Leaders hype and energized for the game.

Rasmussen: My favorite chant would have to be “I believe”, this chant is what we say towards the end of a successful game and where our crowd is usually the most into. This chant is 100% the loudest and where student body is most excited to be a part of. 

Acosta: My favorite chant was “Everywhere we go…”

What’s your least favorite chant that you hear from the other side of the stadium/gym?

Sanchez: My least favorite chant that I hear from the other side is, “We can’t hear you”. When the opposing student section does this chant, it feels sort of embarrassing to have the other student section make fun of our ability to get hype.

Rasmussen: The “We can’t hear you” chant, my reasoning is because my student body is the best it gets so the other crowd shouting that they cant hear us is just turns into laughter for us. Our crowd has serious confidence in what we do and we are proud and believe in our motto that “South hills does it best!” 

Acosta: Once the other school said “Musty Huskies” 


Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section?”

Sanchez: The one student section other than ours that really impressed me this season, was San Juan Hills. From what I saw, everyone in their Student Section was hype and into the game. 

Rasmussen: I would have to say San Juan Hills only because no matter what the score was they continued to stay into the game so I respect them for that.

Acosta: I think a good student section outside our Dawg Pound is San Juan Hills because they constantly keep an upbeat and hype energy throughout their games during their season.