SoCal Student Section Week 11 Preview: (11/08/19)

The final week of the regular season did not disappoint as we had our second San Diego Student Section taking the SoCal Student Section of the Week title. 

The playoffs are underway and some student sections don’t have the luxury of cheering on their teams as their seasons have come to an end. 

For the ones that do have a team in the postseason, now is the time to turn it up a notch. One loss and it’s off to basketball season for these student sections.

Before we preview the student sections battles, let’s recap the top student sections from last week.


We start in the Inland Empire where the Arlington Lions Den of Riverside went all out in the final game for the Lions. A lot was on the line here though and while the Lions lost 42-22 to Notre Dame of Riverside, their love for their team was noticed.

In the end, the Temescal Canyon Blue Hole came out on top for a second time as they represented the Inland Empire. The Road Warriors showed off their school spirit against Elsinore of Wildomar. Despite the 28-7 loss to the Tigers, the Blue Hole won the battle in the stands and were credited for their school spirit.

Over in Orange County, the Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno spit the hot fire against Tesoro of Rancho Santa Margarita and the Titan Army. The Diablos defeated Tesoro 44-14 to stay undefeated. Keeping spitting hot fire like you’re Dylan…that’s a Chapelle Show reference kids.

In a must win situation to get in the playoffs, El Dorado got a crazy amount of support from the El Dorado Hawks Nest as they faced Esperanza of Anaheim.

Esperanza brought their student section over in the Hut, but the Hawks Nest was too crazy for them and the craziness may have rattled the Aztecs as El Dorado took the 15-13 victory to punch their ticket to the playoffs.

El Modena Rowdy Rooters of Orange went wild in a Thursday showdown against Villa Park and the Black Pack. This was a student section battle and it matched the intensity on the field. While the Spartans won 24-7, the Rowdy Rooters was turnt up…is that how it’s said? Anyway, Elmo, the school mascot, enjoyed the school spirit and so did we.

In the end, it was the Servite Asylum of Anaheim as the Friars faced Orange Lutheran. OLu Code Red went to battle with the Asylum and while they were impressive, this is the Asylum. Tough matchup in the stands. The Asylum went crazy as usual and the insaneness transferred onto the football field in Servite’s 34-14 victory.

In Los Angeles, the Royal Kingdom of Simi Valley came ready to go in a city rivalry against Simi Valley. Royal has showed off their school spirit this season and nothing changed last Friday as the Kingdom went to work on social media. Simi Valley may have won the battle on the field with a 21-0 victory, but the Kingdom won the student section battle.

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The best student section in the valley! #royalvalley

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Meanwhile, the best student section in the CIF-Los Angeles City Section, the Birmingham Patriot Pack of Lake Balboa, came ready to go against Granada Hills. The Pack did what their name states and packed the stands as they cheered on their Patriots to a 42-0 victory.

But, LA was represented by the West Covina Bulldog Nation, which went all out in the season finale against league champ Diamond Ranch of Pomona. Bulldog Nation started the season as a Final 4 Nominee and ended the season as a Final 4 nominee. Pretty cool.

In San Diego, the San Marcos Blue Crew continued their social media magic when their Knights faced Mission Hills of San Marcos. The student section battle between the Growl Crowd and the Blue Crew was on point and the noise and the funk were brought in this one. While the Grizzlies took the 41-7 victory over San Marcos, both student sections provided amazing school spirit.

In the Palomar League finale, the Rancho Bernardo Stampede made their appearance in the student section world and moved up in San Diego Football Student Section Rankings after showing off their love for their Broncos in their 16-7 victory over Poway. Keep up the great work.

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When you look to defeat a powerhouse football program in Cathedral Catholic of San Diego, all hands need to be on deck and Lincoln of San Diego needed their student section to join in. The Lincoln Hives did that.

The Hives came in ready to go and didn’t disappoint, but it was the Hornets that didn’t disappoint in their 24-19 upset victory. The Hives had plenty to cheer about.

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The Hive Is Alive! #LincolnCertified ? #RepTheHive

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But, the Carlsbad Loud Crowd had a home game and it’s tough to outshine the Loud Crowd, especially when they’ve made adjustments with the student section craze flowing all over the Southland. The Loud Crowd came in hot with the Lancers taking on Vista. The Loud Crowd went nuts in a USA theme and busted out the streamers and provided fun school spirit in the stands in Carlsbad 26-14 victory over the Panthers.

With the four SoCal nominees set to go, the voting started and after close to 2,000 votes, the Carlsbad Loud Crowd took the title.

Who will take the title this week in the first round of the CIF playoffs? That’s you to decide. Show off your school spirit and your student section. Let’s see which games will provide the best school spirit.




St. Francis of La Canada (The Dungeon) at Cajon of San Bernardino (Cowboy Nation), Friday, 7pm  

Cajon is looking to take the CIF-SS title this season and in order to do that, they have to get by a tough Angelus League team first. Cowboy Nation will need to saddle up and rattle the Knights. Social media presence is somewhat non-existent for both student sections. Now, it is doubtful that the Dungeon will make the trip from La Canada, so this is perfect for Cowboy Nation to take advantage and make noise in the Inland Empire Student Section world.

Valencia of Placentia (Tigers Den) at Temecula Valley (Gold Zone), Friday, 7:30pm

The Gold Zone hasn’t made their presence felt compared to some of their Southwestern League foes. This would be the perfect time to do that as Valencia isn’t an easy team to get by. Granted, the Tigers Den isn’t going to show up on the road. Heck, I was never sure they showed up at home. Gold Zone marketing game is going to have to step it up.

Los Osos of Rancho Cucamonga (Grizzly Nation) at Ayala of Chino Hills (Dawgpound), Friday, 7pm

Ayala is looking to keep the undefeated season alive, but they face a tough Los Osos squad. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grizzly Nation makes the trip to set up a student section battle. Dawgpound has been kind of quiet on the internets. We know they are at the games and they have popped up here and there on social media, but they need to show off their love for their Bulldogs. This would be a good time to start doing that.

Chaminade of West Hills (The Cage) at Norco (Cougar Den), Friday, 7pm 

On social media, the Cougar Den has been pretty disappointing. We know they’re at the games and we’ve seen very little of them, but the small amount of proof isn’t enough to stand with the big boys of the student section world. Time to show off the Den if you want to be recognized. Do what the Cage does, build a dynasty of a student section.

Carter of Rialto at Elsinore of Wildomar (Tigers Den), Friday, 7pm 

I’m unsure that Carter has a student section, but we do know that the Tigers Den has one. They told us so, but we have seen them at all. It’s time to work that social media magic and let everyone know how crazy the Den is.



La Serna of Whittier (The Kingdom) vs. Warren of Downey (The Cave) at California of Whittier, Friday, 7pm

The Kingdom has been a bit quiet this season. They haven’t posted much, but they have time to do what the Cave has done and that’s showing off their school spirit. I hope the Cave shows up for this one. The drive isn’t that far, so we may see a student section battle. The Kingdom wouldn’t like it if someone took over their home turf, so they best bring tonight!

Chaparral of Temecula (Green Fanatics) vs. Hart of Newhall (The Tribe) at College of Canyons of Santa Clarita, Friday, 7pm

This might be too far of a drive for the Fanatics, so this is the time for the Tribe to take advantage and rattle the Pumas. This is going to be a great game that will go down to the wire, so the Tribe better bring it!

St. Bonaventure of Ventura (Gates of Heaven) at Oxnard (12th Man), Friday, 7:30pm  

There’s a chance that the Gates of Heaven makes the trip to Oxnard, which means the 12th Man better bring it tonight. We’ve seen the 12th Man do their thing and they’re savages. I wonder if those signs they bring for the Battle on Gonzales is an all year thing? One way to find out is if the 12th Man shows off their school spirit tonight! I suggest the Gates of Heaven do the same since they have done that once this season.

Northview of Covina (Vikings Nation) vs. Ventura (Cougar Den) at Covina District Field, Friday, 7pm  

This might be a close one, so I expect Vikings Nation to get wild. I assume they are a loud bunch, they have a sign warning fans of the loud noise. At least they are polite about it. We hope to see more of Vikings Nation on social media tonight.

Camarillo (The Scorpion Cyclone) vs. Damien of La Verne (The Pit) at Moorpark College, Friday, 7pm

This might be a far drive for the Pit and plus, they’re getting ready to defend their SoCal Basketball Student Section of the Year title, so I don’t expect them to travel. The Cyclone is enjoying their football teams perfect season, I think. They haven’t really showed off their student section on social media. Time to make a final impression. 


Edison of Huntington Beach (The MESS) vs. Heritage of Menifee (Patriot Pit) at Huntington Beach, Friday, 7pm  

Do I need to even give the MESS a pep talk? One of the more unique student sections in SoCal will look to rattle the Patriots tonight as the Pit might not make the long drive from Menifee for this one. The MESS will look to flood my Twitter account. It’s going to get messy!

Corona del Mar of Newport Beach (Kings Krew) vs. Santiago of Corona (Black Sea) at Newport Harbor of Newport Beach, Friday, 7pm

The Kings Krew will look to continue to party in the stands. The Rally Towels, the beach balls with my face on it, the banner on the stands, yes on the stands. The list goes on for Kings Krew. You never know, the Black Sea might take the toll toad to make an appearance for this one, but then again, they never worked a social media game like the Kings Krew has. Time to at least try to do what the Kings Krew does Santiago.

Murrieta Mesa (Mesa Beast) at San Juan Hills of San Juan Capistrano (The Stampede), Friday, 7pm 

The Stampede goes crazy at every home game in the “Badlands”. Can you imagine if the Mesa Beast showed up in full for this? Noise complaints galore! One thing the Beast is better than the Stampede is their social media game. The Stampede struggles with that. They show it off every now and then, but when it’s time to look for a SoCal nominee, they take their time in posting the hype video. It would be nice to get them as a SoCal Student Section of the week like the other two OC Student Sections (Tesoro Titan Army and Los Alamitos Locos). Some unedited student section footage is good enough to convince me.

Pacifica of Garden Grove at Trabuco Hills of Mission Viejo (The Stampede), Friday, 7pm 

The Stampede got off to a great start, but they fizzled from the social media game. It’s time to return to glory Stampede. Pacifica has some stars and the Mustangs need help. The Stampede will need to rattle the Mariners and if they do, share it with us.

Capistrano Valley Christian of San Juan Capistrano (Eagles Nest) at Portola of Irvine (The Dawgpound), Friday, 7:30pm

The Dawgpound might be a new student section, but it’s a student section on the rise. You have to give credit to the Bulldogs for that as they are an attraction and a can’t miss. The Dawgpound will look to protect their house on Friday against a small school student section. Small school have some very fun and unique student sections, so the Dawgpound better be ready, although I will say, the Dawgpound social media needs to improve a little bit. We see them, but not as much as the powerhouse student sections.


Torrey Pines of San Diego (TP Chaos) at Rancho Bernardo of San Diego (The Stampede), Friday, 7pm

The Chaos won’t have to travel that far and they’ve traveled before. The Stampede finally made their presence felt in this student section craze we have this season. We expect Chaos and people being trampled. Ok, that last part we hope doesn’t happen, but you get the idea. Hopefully, both student sections share their school spirit.

Granite Hills of El Cajon (Eagles Nest) at La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad (The Stampede), Friday, 7pm

The Stampede must be very exclusive. They don’t show off their school spirit to everyone in Southern California. I’ve seen them in person and I’m glad I did because that is the only reason I know they exist. The Stampede has the potential to be one of the best student sections out there if someone can just work their social media magic. Pretty easy task, in fact very very very easy task. Playoff time means it’s time to show off the madness! That or enjoy being mediocre. 

Oceanside at Eastlake of Chula Vista (Titan Army), Friday, 7pm 

If I was complaining about the LCC Stampede, where do I start with the Titan Army? There was a moment where the Titan Army looked legit and they knew how to market themselves, but that all disappeared. It’s time to bring back your student section to the main stage. You face a school whose has a student section that apparently loves to hide. Take advantage of this and rattle the Pirates. It could help. Again, marketing your student section doesn’t hurt anyone.

Del Norte of San Diego (Hawks Nest) at Henry of San Diego (Henry Hooligans), Friday, 7pm

The Hooligans have improved this year when it comes to marketing. Don’t stop now. The Patriots are favored here, but slightly, so the Hooligans are needed tonight! Show off that student section!

Mt. Carmel of San Diego (Red Sea) at Central of El Centro (Central Crazies), Friday, 7pm 

While the Red Sea has improved this year, this might be a tough drive to make, so this is an advantage for the Central Crazies. Problem is the Crazies haven’t done much to show off their school spirit on Twitter or Instagram.