Who will win the Milk Can on Friday? Chino or Don Lugo? Photo Credit/Instagram @chinohscowboys

We saw a lot of great Student Sections last week!

I know we are new outside of Southern California, but in time, we will get a much better understanding of the student sections in the West Coast. It took a short amount of time to get a scope of student sections in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama last year, so we hope for the same progress…maybe we can start covering the South as well?

We decided to go ahead and add Oregon and Washington to our list Student Section Battles to Watchlist last week and while it’s a ton of work, it is satisfying to get it done. Let’s see if we got it right.

Let’s get loud and rowdy this weekend!


(All Games on Friday unless noted)


Chino Cowboy Country at Don Lugo Gold Rush of Chino, Friday, 7pm

This one is for the Milk Can and bragging rights in the city of Chino. Don Lugo will be ready to roll, but Cowboy Country will be rocking on the other side. This should be a fun one to attend.


Brophy Prep Stampede of Phoenix at Basha Bear Nation of Chandler, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections are solid, but Basha is the defending Arizona Football Student Section of the Week Champs. Social Media is solid and rowdiness is a for sure thing. This one will be a fun one.

Red Mountain Red Sea of Mesa at Canyon del Sol Tribe of Tempe, Friday, 7pm

Haven’t seen the Red Sea on social media, but the Tribe has been amazing in the stand and on social media. I expect this one to be a good one and I hope the Red Sea markets themselves the same way the Tribe does on social media.

Chaparral Birdcage of Scottsdale at Higley Knightmare of Gilbert, Friday, 7pm

The Birdcage is coming off a huge week where they battled Desert Mountain for the Battle of Shea Boulevard. Now, will they have enough gas in the tank as they head to the road to try and battle the Knightmare. Both student sections are fantastic on social media in showing off their school spirit.

Horizon Dawgpound of at Desert Edge of Goodyear, Friday, 7pm

The Dawgpound did great last week and is looking to rinse and repeat. Desert Edge was a nominee two weeks ago for Arizona Football Student Section of the Week. Can they get that nod again or will Horizon return for the nomination for the second week in a row?

Bishop Gorman G-Block of Las Vegas, Nevada at Hamilton of Chandler, Friday, 7pm

This is going to be a great game on the field and Hamilton will look to give their team the edge. Doubtful that G-Block will cross states for this one, but it would be awesome!


Spanish Springs Cougar Nation of Sparks at McQueen of Reno, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections won the Nevada Football Student Section of the Week. Two winners here, but McQueen social media puts them up one here. This should be a rowdy one in Northern Nevada.

Legacy of North Las Vegas at Liberty Patriot Pit of Henderson, Friday, 7pm

Legacy has shown in the past that they have school spirit, but the Patriot Pit is insanely consistent with marketing themselves on social media. One of the student sections that are up for the top spot in the Nevada Football Student Section rankings. Amazing student section.

Desert Oasis Pit Crew of Las Vegas at Shadow Ridge of Las Vegas, Friday, 7pm 

Two student sections that we haven’t seen on social media this year, but they have worked the game in the past. Hoping they return to marketing their student section.

Foothill Nest of Henderson at Centennial Dawgpound of Las Vegas, Friday, 7pm

The Nest is starting to show off their student section and I hope it isn’t a one time thing. From the one photo I saw, a great student section and I hope they are road warriors on Friday. I hope the Dawgpound comes out of the Dawghouse as we haven’t seen them on social media yet. Follow what they Nest did this week and show off your student section.

Bishop Manogue of Reno at Reno, Friday, 7pm

City rivalries are always fun and I expect this game to be a good one on the field and in the stands. Reno has been talking about how great they are, but let the photos and videos do the talking. Show off that school spirit. BIshop Manogue does and I hope they do it again on Friday.


Whitney X-Factor of Rocklin at Rocklin Storm, Friday, 7pm

The Storm has been on a roll, but so has the X-Factor. The Storm was named the NorCal Student Section of the Week last week. Will the X-Factor do the same?

Roseville Tiger Cage at Woodcreek Wolfpack of Roseville, Friday, 7:15pm

A city rivalry. You know the Tiger Cage and the Wolfpack will show up in their stands and on social media! Should be a great one!

Vista del Lago Nest of Folsom at Capital Christian Cougar Crew of Sacramento, Friday, 7pm

The Nest will look to rattle the Cougar Crew following the Capital Christian battle with the Rocklin Storm. CC will be ready for the Nest.

Oak Ridge Blue Crew of El Dorado Hills at Folsom Dogpack, Friday, 7pm

The Dogpack is back at home, but they’ll have to prepare for the Oak Ridge student section. Should be a rowdy one and I’m sure I’ll see it on social media.

Cathedral Los Locos of San Diego at De La Salle of Concord, Friday, 7:30pm

De La Salle student section kind of reminds me of the Mater Dei student section, the Den. You rarely hear from them, but when they get a chance to show up, they make the best of it. Los Locos probably won’t make the trip up north, but De La Salle student section should prep as if they are. Social media marketing to show off your student section wouldn’t hurt either.



Bonita of La Verne Den at Los Osos Grizzly Nation of Rancho Cucamonga, Friday, 7pm

Grizzly Nation has a home game, so we know that they will bring it and show it off on social media! The Den is fantastic inside the gym, but how’s there football student section? Hoping for the same as the basketball one. 

Riverside Poly Den vs. Ramona Rowdy Rams of Riverside at ML King of Riverside, Friday, 7pm

The Den is coming back from their rivalry game against ML King and are back in the same stadium, but this time they face a Rowdy Rams squad that has been amazing in the last few seasons. Should be another good one in Riverside.

Colony of Ontario Titan Army at Etiwanda Red Zone, Friday, 7pm

Home game for Etiwanda, which means the Red Zone will have a party in the stands! Not sure if the Colony student section will be there, but we know the Red Zone will be rocking!

Long Beach Poly at Centennial Dawgpound of Corona, Friday, 7pm

The Dawgpound started slow because Covid, but the Dawgpound is catching up and back to battling for the best in the Inland Empire! The Dawgpound will be needed against a great Poly football program. Hoping for some social media work from the Dawgpound as well.

Great Oak Red Wave of Temecula at Paloma Valley Maroon Platoon of Menifee, Friday, 7pm

The Red Wave is a fantastic band…we think. We never see them in the stands during a football game on social media. Everyone in America is missing out on how great the Red Wave is. Will they be there to cheer on Great Oak at Paloma Valley? Will Maroon Platoon be there for their home game? That’s also in the air. 


Villa Park Black Pack at Valencia Viking Nation, Friday, 7pm

Viking Nation will be going wild, but they better be ready for a possible Black Pack road show! Small group on the road, but very mighty! Black Pack doesn’t mess around! Hopefully they make the trip to battle with the mighty Viking Nation!

Pacifica Big Kahuna of Oxnard at Channel Islands of Oxnard, Friday, 7pm

This city rivalry should be a good one in the stands. I’ve seen the Big Kahuna on the road and they’re fantastic. I’m sure they’re even better in their home town! 

West Torrance at Mira Costa of Manhattan Beach, Friday, 7pm

West student section has a great basketball student section, but what about their football one? Haven’t seen much of them on social media. Meanwhile, every now and then you’ll see the Mira Costa student section marketing themselves on social media. This has the potential to be a good one as it is somewhat of a rivalry game. 

Oxnard 12th Man vs. Saugus Blue Crew at College of Canyons of Santa Clarita, Friday, 7pm

Not sure if the 12th Man will travel to Saugus, but it isn’t that far of a drive. The Blue Crew is enjoying this great start by the Saugus football team. Could it be a feel good story after the tragic school shooting at Saugus High in 2019. Thou have to wonder if the Blue Crew has gotten tighter as a group.

West Ranch Pack of Valencia at Crespi Cabana of Encino, Friday, 7pm

The Cabana is a great student section, but their social media isn’t there every week. You have to assume that they’re consistently rowdy, especially at home games. The Pack is a pretty good student section, but will they travel? It’s Los Angeles, so doubtful, but you never know. The Cabana will be ready regardless!


Santa Margarita Eagles Nest of Rancho Santa Margarita vs. Los Alamitos Locos at Saddleback College of Mission Viejo, Friday, 7pm

The Eagles Nest is at home and they’ll be rocking on Friday, but the Locos will travel anywhere! The Locos will be rocking and both student sections will be marketing on social media constantly! Saddleback College will be rocking on Friday!

San Clemente Loud Crowd vs Edison MESS at Orange Coast College of Costa Mesa, Friday, 7pm

The MESS is back for a home game and it sounds like the Loud Crowd may make an appearance on the road. The Loud Crowd is fantastic at home, but what keeps them from the top spot is not traveling. This could put them with the top dawgs in Orange County and Southern California, like the MESS. Edison has been on a roll as expected. Nothing should be different on Friday for Edison.

Beckman Patriot Pit of Irvine at Portola Dawgpound of Irvine, Friday, 7pm

The Dawgpound has not been seen much this season, which is a shame because they’re a great student section. They’re doing better than the Patriot Pit as we haven’t seen them at all this season. We know they exist, but nothing so far. Hoping for social media to be rolling all day Friday in Irvine.

Newport Harbor Tarpit of Newport Beach at Trabuco Hills Stampede of Mission Viejo, Friday, 7pm

The Tarpit was fantastic at home last Friday, but will they travel down the 5 Freeway on Friday and be road warriors? Will they rattle the Stampede or will the Stampede be busy rattling the Sailors? Hoping the Tarpit hits the road as I’m a huge fan of the Tarpit!

Aliso Niguel Den of Aliso Viejo at El Modena Rowdy Rooters of Orange, Friday, 7pm

The Den was amazing last week, but will they drive from the 5 to the 55 to cheer on the Wolverines at El Modena? The Rowdy Rooters will be at their home stadium for the first time since 2019 and are dedicating this game to former Rowdy Rooter leader Ryder Wade, who I consider the greatest student section leader ever! Hopefully they honor him by being as energetic, loud and rowdy as Ryder was! Rowdy Rooters are amazing, but they have to go over the top like never before on Friday! Do it Rooters!


Carlsbad Loud Crowd at Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos, Friday, 7pm

Two of the best student sections in San Diego will square off for battle! Great social media game from both, so we expect a nice show on Twitter or Instagram! This is going to be fun to watch!

La Costa Canyon Stampede of Carlsbad at San Marcos Blue Crew, Friday, 7pm

The Stampede has done such a tremendous job on social media this year. Reminds me of how the Blue Crew handled it in 2019. The Blue Crew still shows off their school spirit, but not as often as before. This is going to be another fun one we’ll definitely enjoy watching.

St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego at Helix Dawghouse of La Mesa, Friday, 7pm

The Saints Pit was amazing last week, but they do it again on the road? If they do, they face the Dawghouse that is great at home. We rarely see the Saints Pit on social media, but it’s more than the Dawghouse. You have to be in person to see this impressive student section.

Lincoln Hive of San Diego at Steele Canyon Cougar Den of Spring Valley, Friday, 7pm

Two student sections that we know of, but haven’t seen on social media at all this season. Hoping at some point that we get to see them on social media. Maybe this Friday?

Valhalla of El Cajon at Santana of Santee, Friday, 7pm

These are two student sections that I don’t know much about. I have seen the Valhalla student section on social media through 3rd parties, but very rarely have I seen the Santana student section. We assume this will be a good one in the stands, but I’m hoping that sometime soon we will see on social media on a consistent basis.


Glencoe of Hillsboro at Beaverton, Friday, 7pm

We’ve seen Glencoe showing off their great student section on social media, but what about Beaverton? Haven’t seen them in our first year covering Oregon Student Sections. That’s about to change as they caught on with our contest and I can’t wait to see what they have in store! I haven’t seen them yet, but based off what they’ve been saying, I’m sold on them being the best student section in Oregon!

West Linn at Sunset of Portland, Friday, 7pm

The defending student section champions from Oregon are back at home and hopefully they have a battle in the stands. Haven’t seen much from West Linn, but Sunset has been fire this season. Hoping West Linn catches up.

Liberty of Hillsboro at Lakeridge of Lake Oswego, Friday, 7pm

Lakeridge won the student section of the Week a few weeks ago, but that shouldn’t stop them from rattling Liberty. Haven’t heard from the Liberty student section yet, but Lakeridge will be ready just in case!

South Medford at Lake Oswego Laker Navy

Laker Navy looked solid in the past based off their past social media posts, but haven’t seen much so far this season. South Medford might be at the game, but Laker Navy will be ready and I hope we see them show off their school spirit!

Sherwood at North Medford, Friday, 7pm

Two student sections I have yet to see on social media this season. Now it could just be us as we are in our first year covering student sections in Oregon, but we do scope for student section craze. Hoping for good news as we look for rowdy student sections from these two.


Kamiakin Run Kano of Kennewick at Richland, Friday, 7pm

Both schools have solid student sections which you can see on social media. Nothing should be different this Friday…we’ll, maybe more aggressive voting? 

Pasco at Southridge, Friday, 7pm

Southridge has a solid student section that we have seen here and there. We hope to see more of them and perhaps for the first time, the Pasco student section! Social media is your friend in this case!

Sumner at Puyallup, Friday, 7pm

I noticed Puyallup and Sumner student sections recently, so you have to assume that they’ll be at this game on Friday, but I hope to see more of them on social media!

Bishop Blanchet at Skyline, Friday, 7pm

Both schools have great football programs, so perhaps they also have solid football student sections? I’ve seen a photo or video of the Bishop Blanchet student section, but I have yet to see anything from Skyline. Maybe this Friday I will.

Jesuit of Portland, Oregon at Camas, Friday, 7pm

The Camas student section won the Washington Football Student Section (although they didn’t answer any of the Student Section of the Week question, I’m not mad thou) anyway, they’re a solid group in the stands and in case Jesuit student section makes the drive, the Camas student section will be ready. More ready than answering questions.