Will the Rancho Bernardo Stampede finish strong and take the top spot for the San Diego Football Student Section Champions for 2021?


Palm Desert Aztec Army at Chaparral Green Fanatics of Temecula, Friday, 7pm

The Aztec Army won’t have to travel far and they seem like a group of kids that don’t mind getting on the 15 Freeway to cheer on their Aztecs. They look like they’ll battle with the Green Fanatics, which is a solid student section at home. This has the potential to be a loud one!


Highland of Gilbert at Chandler Blue Crew, Friday, 7pm

We haven’t seen much from these two student sections, but when we have seen them, they looked terrific. Hopefully, we see them on social media on Friday in a hopeful student section battle.

Saguaro Zoo of Scottsdale at Notre Dame Prep Dogpound of Scottsdale, Friday, 7pm

The Zoo has been fantastic as expected while the Dogpound has been just as good. The Dogpound might be slightly smaller, but they can match the intensity. This should be a crazy one in Scottsdale.

Brophy Prep Stampede of Phoenix at Liberty Uproar of Peoria, Friday, 7pm 

The Stampede has been great, but I feel like the Uproar has the upper hand when it comes to rowdiness and student section marketing. Uproar will do its thing and we hope the Stampede finishes the regular season strong!

Williams Field Red Rage at Red Mountain Red Sea of Mesa, Friday, 7pm

We’re seeing Red on Friday with these two student sections. Red Rage has popped up on social media more than the Red Sea, but we’ve seen the Red Sea a few times on Instagram. Both student sections are fantastic. We hope to see the same great hype this Friday.

Boulder Creek of Anthem at Valley Vista of Surprise, Friday, 7pm

Boulder Creek has been fantastic, but I’m curious if they have a roadshow set up? Will they travel or will Valley Vista be alone in the stands? Will Valley Vista let us know on social media? So Many questions.


Clovis East vs. Clovis West of Fresno at Clovis, Friday, 7pm 

These Clovis school matchups are great when it comes to the student sections. I’ve seen both student sections and they can rock the stands. I’m hoping they show off their student section next week so we can see which Clovis school has the best student section.

Turlock Dogpound at Sheldon of Sacramento, Friday, 7pm

When it is an important game, the Dogpound will travel and it wouldn’t surprise me if they head to Sacramento. I’ve heard great things from the Sheldon student section, but I have yet to see proof. I do have plenty of proof of just how good the Turlock Dogpound is.

Enochs of Modesto at Del Oro Blackhole of Loomis, Friday, 7pm

Enochs can pack the stands, but will they hit the road to battle with the Blackhole? The Blackhole is a top candidate for the NorCal Student Section of the Year. I expect them to give their football team a push to the next round.

Clayton Valley of Concord at De La Salle 12th Man of Concord, Friday, 7pm 

Clayton Valley travels and I expect them to get crazy against the NorCal powerhouse. The 12th Man will be ready to go on Friday.

St. Francis of Mountain View at Serra of San Mateo, Saturday, 2:30pm 

Two great football programs in NorCal means they should have solid student sections. Looks like iI’ll have to dig into Instagram and research these two student sections.


Cajon of San Bernardino at Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures, Friday, 7pm  

An important first-round matchup with a tough team. The Bronco Bleacher Creatures will need to step it up. As usual, the Vista Murrieta BBC has been solid, but they haven’t been as insane on social media as they have in the past. Time to step it up as we get very very close to the Final Inland Empire Football Student Section Rankings. Plus, maybe the Cajon Student Section will show up.

Oak Hills Dogpound of Hesperia at Etiwanda Red Zone, Friday, 7pm

The Dogpound isn’t that far from Etiwanda, so no excuses if the Dogpound doesn’t show up. Plus, the Red Zone has been solid this year and I expect them to rock it on Friday!

Apple Valley at Citrus Valley Nest of Redlands, Friday, 7pm

The Nest has been amazing this season, but this is the time where they’ll be needed for support as the Blackhawks play a good Apple Valley squad. You never know if the Apple Valley Student Section will show up or not, but the Nest will be there and be ready to go on Friday.

Serrano of Phelan at Temescal Canyon Blue Hole of Lake Elsinore, Friday, 7pm

The Blue Hole has been phenomenal this season. So much so that other student sections has had high praise for the Blue Hole. They’ll look to step it up against Serrano. Keep it up Blue Hole.

St. Paul of Santa Fe Springs at Upland Dogpound, Friday, 7pm 

The Dogpound has shown up in the stands, but has been a no-show on social media for the most part. I would love to grade the Dogpound, but I don’t see them often. Start showing up on the internets and show off your school spirit. You deserve the credit!


Pacifica Big Kahuna of Oxnard at Oaks Christian Lions Den of Westlake Village, Friday, 7pm 

Two fantastic student sections that aren’t far from each other meet up in round one. Will the Big Kahuna make the short drive or will the Lions Den rock their side of the stands? One thing is for sure, both student sections need to improve on their social media skills! Show off your student sections!!

Yorba Linda Stable at Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente, Friday, 7pm 

Yorba Linda is undefeated and their reward for that is a brutal road game with one of Los Angeles best student sections out there. The Stable needs to travel to this game because the Dawgpound loves to rattle their opponents.

Downey Viking Nation at Glendora Dogpound, Friday, 7pm 

Glendora might be a long drive, but if you’re Viking Nation, you step it up a notch and travel! Dogpound will be ready, but Viking Nation has one thing the Dogpound doesn’t have, a social media game. Downey knows how to market their student section!

Inglewood at St. Bonaventure Gates of Heaven of Ventura, Friday, 7pm 

I’m pretty sure that Inglewood doesn’t have a student section. Gates of Heaven doesn’t really show off their student section on social media, but there’s a lot of people rooting for St. Bonaventure on Friday that have no affiliation with the Seraphs. They’re hoping for the Gates of Heaven to rattle Inglewood. I’m sure Gates of Heaven will be ready with some noise.

Woodbridge Tribe of Irvine at Norwalk Lancer Legion, Friday, 7pm 

Norwalk Student Section has done a tremendous job this season, but now is the time where it counts as the Lancers need a boost in round one. The Lancers will look to rattle Woodbridge. Plus, you never know when the Tribe makes the drive to Norwalk.


Dana Hills Pod Squad of Dana Point at El Modena Rowdy Rooters of Orange, Thursday, 7pm 

This will be a test for the Pod Squad. Will they travel to North County on a Thursday? The Rowdy Rooters will be there and pack the stands as they know the Dolphins are a tough team to play. Rowdy Rooters have done a tremendous job and are still a contender for the Orange County Football Student Section of the Year. A roadshow from the Pod Squad will be huge for them in the rankings. We know both student sections will show off on social media.

Ayala Bone Zone of Chino Hills at Foothill Dungeon of  Santa Ana, Thursday, 7pm 

The Dungeon has enjoyed a fantastic season and now run into a team that some have favored to win. Time to prove those people wrong and time to rattle the Bulldogs! Getting in the heads of other teams is something the Dungeon is good at! They also know how to work social media quite well. Something the Bone Zone needs work on.

La Habra Highlander Huddle at Tustin Barn, Friday, 7pm 

After a tough start to the season, La Habra is a league champ and a favorite to win the CIF-SS title, but Tustin has a say in this and the Barn will look to get loud and distract the Highlanders. Plus, you just never know when the Highlander Huddle makes an appearance. If they do, they’ll do what the Barn doesn’t do, post it on social media.

Murrieta Valley Red Zone at Edison MESS of Huntington Beach, Friday, 7pm 

If the Red Zone makes the trip 30-40 full to Huntington Beach, then we can call it and name the Red Zone the Inland Empire Football Student Section of the Year. Long drive. Plus it would be an amazing student section battle with the Mighty Edison Student Section aka the MESS! Both student sections rock at marketing their school spirit. Hoping this will be a good one.

Sunny Hills Lancer Nation of Fullerton at Newport Harbor Tarpit of Newport Beach, Friday, 7pm 

I always wondered if Lancer Nation travels or not. In an important first-round game, this might be the time to see if they do or not as Sunny Hills needs their support. Tarpit is hit and miss when it comes to showing up big, but this is the playoffs, so I expect the Tarpit to show up and go wild!


Grossmont Foothillers of El Cajon at Steele Canyon Cougar Den of Spring Valley, Friday, 7pm

This isn’t a Grossmont-Hills League game, these two student sections meet up again…well, that depends if the Foothillers show up on the road, but the Cougar Den will be there. We probably won’t see them on social media. If Grossmont shows up, I’m sure we’ll see them. They’ve improved a lot this year.

Bishop’s Dungeon of La Jolla at Rancho Bernardo Stable of San Diego, Friday, 7pm  

We just noticed the Dungeon. They look like a great student section, but will they be ready for the Stable if they travel. The Stable is a top dawg this season when it comes to San Diego Student Sections. 

St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego at El Camino Jungle of Oceanside, Friday, 7pm

It’s been a tough season for the Saints, so the Pit will be needed for a boost. Will they travel and battle with the Jungle? Hopefully we’ll find out. The Jungle will be there and hopefully, we also see them on social media.

Westview Blackhole of San Diego at Brawley Den, Friday, 7pm 

The Blackhole has been solid and has showed off there school spirit. The Den on the other hand has not, but we hope that changes on Friday.

Christian of El Cajon at San Diego, Friday, 7pm 

These are two student sections we just discovered and we hope to discover more of these two on Friday.


Sunset of Portland at Clackamas, Friday, 7pm
Sunset has been a solid student section, but we haven’t heard from them in awhile. Will this hurt their final ranking when the Oregon Student SectionRankings come out next week? I’m not even sure. We do know they’re a great student section and so is Clackamas as they have been consistent. 

South Salem at David Douglas of Portland, Friday, 7pm

Douglas has popped in on social media every now and then, but when they do pop in, they show off a great student section. They’re at home, so I hope we see a crazy student section on Friday. Hoping South Salem has a roadshow on their hands. 

Bend at West Linn, Friday, 7pm

I’m noticing more and more of Bend recently. This is a fantastic student section and I hope to see more of them on Friday. West Linn is a great student section, but you don’t see them as often as you hope for a top football program. You feel like that is more than enough to get people on their feet at the games. Maybe I can get a second opinion on Friday.

Newberg at Lake Oswego Laker Navy, Friday, 7pm

Laker Navy has had its great moments and has shown that it is a top-notch student section. Are they Top 5 in Oregon? We’ll see this Friday. Newberg I have seen once, but do they travel? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

North Eugene at Mazama Loud Crowd, Friday, 7pm

I have yet to see North Eugene, but I have seen plenty of the Loud Crowd. Well, we haven’t seen them in awhile. The Loud Crowd was a front runner for the Oregon Football Student Section of the Year, but since I haven’t seen them, so the game is open. Not sure if that makes sense.