Who will be the Kings of Cameron on Saturday? The West Covina Bulldog Nation or the South Hills Dawgpound?


South Hills Dawgpound of West Covina vs. West Covina Bulldog Nation at Covina District Field, Saturday, 7pm

Who will be the Kings of Cameron?! South Hills has won the past few, but the Bulldogs have been on a roll, so this could change! We will definitely see a lot of the Kings of Cameron game on social media. What makes this even better is that yours truly will be at this game!


Chandler Blue Crew at Pinnacle Crazies of Phoenix, Friday, 7pm

Two fantastic student sections will be going at it on Friday. Social media is there for both sections, but we don’t see enough compared to other sections. Perhaps i’m greedy, but I would love to see these two student sections go back and forth.

Red Mountain Red Sea of Mesa at Liberty Uproar of Peoria, Friday, 7pm

The Red Sea was strong last week and I hope they have an encore this Friday on the road. Uproar has been fantastic this season and I hope nothing changes to their social media game. 

Queen Creek Dawgpound at Williams Field Red Rage of Gilbert, Friday, 7pm

Haven’t seen a whole bunch of the Dawgpound, but the same can be said for Red Rage. It would be nice to see both of them on Friday square off on Friday in a student section battle. Only way I can see it is on social media! Would love to see this go down.

Basha Bear Den of Chandler at Valley Vista of Surprise, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections have won the Arizona Student Section of the Week in either Football or Volleyball. Both student sections are solid on marketing and in the stands. If the Bear Den travels, then we have a crazy one on our hands on Friday.

Hamilton of Chandler at Perry of Gilbert, Friday, 7pm

These two student sections have been all word of mouth. Two great student sections that are behind on the social media game. If they add that on Friday with the rowdiness that they have shown to others, then they’ll move up in the rankings!


Centennial Dawgpound of Las Vegas at Liberty Patriot Pit of Henderson, Friday, 7pm

The Patriot Pit is looking like a front-runner for the Nevada Football Student Section of the Year Champion. A solid social media game and a solid student section. Haven’t seen much from the Dawgpound, but word of mouth is trustworthy. Hope to see the Dawgpound battle with the Patriot Pit on Friday.

Palo Verde Jungle of Las Vegas at Arbor View Grateful Red of Las Vegas, Friday, 6pm

The Grateful Red won the Nevada Football Student Section of the Week a few weeks ago and they are a fantastic student section. Social media is pretty good too. The Jungle has great social media as well, which means their student section is impressive when you see it on social media, but they have yet to win the Student Section of the Week. This should be a good one.

Douglas of Minden at Damonte Ranch Blue Zone of Reno, Friday, 7pm

Douglas has a great student section, but their social media game isn’t as strong as the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole knows how to show off their school spirit on social media and they can rock it in the stands. Don’t change a thing Blue Zone. 

Galena of Reno at Bishop Manogue Goldmine of Reno, Friday, 7pm

I noticed Galena student section a few weeks ago and they are pretty good. Social media is hit and miss, but I know they’re there. Bishop Manogue is consistent on social media, but I hope we get to see them on Instagram on Friday. This is a good student section.

Las Vegas at Basic Academy Blumanati of Henderson, Friday, 6pm

Las Vegas hasn’t shown much on social media. Not sure if they’re in the stands or not. We definitely know Blumanati is in the stands. Consistent on Instagram and they know how to rock the stands. Here’s to hoping we see a student section battle on Friday.


Pitman of Turlock at Turlock Dogpound, Friday, 7pm

The Harvest Bowl is upon us and Turlock has been informative about this game. Both student sections will be ready and will definitely show off their student sections on social media!

Folsom Dogpack at Del Oro Black Hole of Loomis, Friday, 7pm

Del Oro is looking for the number 1 spot in the Final NorCal Football Student Section rankings! Solid social media game and a solid student section every week! Folsom has also showed off their student section and we expect them to prepare for a student section battle!

Rocklin Storm at Granite Bay Den, Friday, 7pm

The Storm has been on a storm this season,  it so has the Den. They know how to show off their student sections and they each have every reason to show off their school spirit. Amazing student sections!

Rio Americano Rowdy Raiders of Sacramento at Christian Brothers of Sacramento, Friday, 7pm

Two great student sections in Sacramento will go to battle in the stands. Christian Brothers is amazing, but they’ll have a road show on the other side on the Rowdy Raiders. Hopefully we see it on social media.

Clovis West of Fresno at Buchanan Res Riot of Clovis, Friday, 6:30pm

Two of the finer football programs in the Fresno area will look for their student sections to start a rally. The Red Riot is amazing, but I expect Clovis West to go wild on the road. Like the last game, we hope to see both student sections on social media.



Heritage Patriot Pit of Menifee at Paloma Valley Maroon Platoon of Menifee, Friday, 7pm

The Menifee Bowl! Heritage has won every Menifee Bowl and the Patriot Pit is looking to keep it that way by rattling Paloma Valley. Maroon Platoon will look to witness history and will do anything to help the Wildcats. Social media is non-existent from both student sections. I hope that changes this Friday.

Murrieta Mesa Beast at Great Oak Red Wave of Temecula, Friday, 7pm

The Beast has been on a roll. Win or lose, the Beast shows off their school spirit and their love for their football team. We’ve heard about the Red Wave, but we rarely see them on social media. The Beast is looking like the top contender for the Inland Empire football Student Section of the Year. 

Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures at Chaparral Green Fanatics of Temecula, Friday, 7pm

Now we’ve seen the Bronco Bleacher Creatures, but not as much as we’ve seen in the past. Hoping that changes. Green Fanatics got off to a great start, but they’re starting to fizzle on social media. I’ll be honest, both student sections trail the Mesa Beast. Time to change that.

Etiwanda Red Zone at Damien Pit of La Verne, Friday, 7pm

The Pit is at home and they must be excited to see the Spartans on a roll. Two losses to top quality programs should prep them for league play and they have the Pit. Red Zone could say otherwise if they show up. Hoping both student sections show up on social media!

Santiago Black Sea of Corona at Norco Cougar Den, Friday, 7pm

The Cougar Den is doing a great job, but we haven’t seen them on social media in a few weeks! This student section has the potential to take the top spot in the Inland Empire, but they need to be consistent on social media. Black Sea made an appearance this season and we hope to see more of them on Instagram.


Mater Dei Den of Santa Ana at St. John Bosco Tribe of Bellflower, Friday, 7pm

One of the top rivalries in the Nation as the Trinity League title is on the line. Two of the best football teams in the Nation also have two amazing student sections. The Tribe has always been solid and they’re back on social media. Meanwhile, the Den has just showed up on social media and we should expect a massive improvement from the Den. This one is going to be a wild one!

Banning of Wilmington at San Pedro, Friday, 7pm 

The Battle of the Harbor might be the best rivalry in the CIF-Los Angeles City Section! We hope to see what takes place in the stands on Friday for this huge game. I’ve been to this game once on a Saturday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and it’s an amazing rivalry!

West Ranch Pack of Valencia at Valencia Viking Nation, Friday, 7pm

A big Foothill League battle here and we know the Viking Nation will be ready and hoping we see it on social media. The Pack might be ready? We have yet to see them on social media. That has to change.

Notre Dame Castle of Sherman Oaks at Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente, Friday, 7pm

The Dawgpound is looking to take back the top spot as Los Angeles Football Student Section of the Year. Social media has been consistent and their student section is solid! Not sure if the Castle will travel down the 5 Freeway, but if they do, I hope they show it off on social media.

Royal Kingdom of Simi Valley at Thousand Oaks Green Hole, Friday, 7pm

The Kingdom is a solid student section and markets themselves well! Green Hole is a crazy student section that doesn’t show off their school spirit as much on social media. A sea of green will definitely take place on Friday and hopefully we see it off on social media.


Santa Margarita Eagles Nest of Rancho Santa Margarita at JSerra Lion Nation of San Juan Capistrano, Friday, 7pm

A South Orange County rivalry! Both teams are in must win situations to make a strong showing in the Trinity League. Lion Nation will be in full force as they are the best home team student sections out there! The Eagles Nest will make the trip as they have before at JSerra. Social media is not an issue for both student sections, so this will be a fun one to see from my phone!

San Juan Hills Stampede of San Juan Capistrano at El Toro Bullring of Lake Forest, Friday, 7pm

The Stampede needs to show up for this one as the Stallions need to get their first win of the season. The Bullring will be there as El Toro is in a must win situation to get some respect! The Bullring social media game is solid and we hope for the same from the Stampede! 

Sunny Hills Lancer Nation of Fullerton vs. La Habra Pit at Buena Park, Friday, 7pm

This one is pretty much for the Freeway League title. Lancer Nation knows that they will be needed to help rattle the Highlanders. La Habra is still winless, but the Pit should make the road trip for this big game! Social media is iffy from both student sections. We hope that changes on Friday.

Villa Park Black Pack at Brea Olinda Den, Friday, 7pm

The Wildcats know how big of a win this could be and we hope the Den knows it as well. The Den should also know that the Black Pack travels! The Black Pack rocks a solid social media game where the Den is trying to get there. It’s there, but not as insane as the Black Pack.

Esperanza Hut of Anaheim at Yorba Linda Stable, Friday, 7pm

This is a city rivalry despite where Esperanza is located at. The Aztecs will look to shock Orange County with a win on Friday and they’ll need the Hut to help out! The Stable will be there of course with the goal of letting everyone know who runs the city of Yorba Linda.


Torrey Pines Cardinal CHAOS of San Diego at Carlsbad Loud Crowd, Friday, 7pm

This is a solid student section battle, but the CHAOS hasn’t done much on social media and are slipping in the rankings. The Loud Crowd has won the San Diego Football Student Section Championship the last three seasons, but that’s streak is in massive danger. Social media will help for both student sections as far as ranking.

Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos at Oceanside Ship, Friday, 7pm

The Growl Crowd has been solid once again in the stands and on social media. As far as The Ship, they haven’t been seen as much on social media this season. Will the Growl Crowd travel to the 5 Freeway? We’ll find out on social media.

St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego at Lincoln Hive of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

This is going to be a big game on the field, but how about the student sections? Will the Saints Pit travel? Will they show it off on social media? Unsure on both. Don’t really know much about the Hive this season as they haven’t shown any evidence that they have a student section this season. Will they stay in the Top 25 San Diego Football Student Section Rankings in late November? A strong showing in the stands and on social media on Friday will help!

Westview Blackhole of San Diego at Rancho Bernardo Stable of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

The Stable is looking like a solid student section to take the San Diego Football Student Section of the Year! Amazing social media and great showing in the stands! The Blackhole shows up on social media here and there, but is better than most. We’ll see if they show up on the road on Friday.

Olympian Eagles Nest of Chula Vista at Eastlake Titan Army of Chula Vista, Friday, 6:30pm

I have yet to see the Eagles Nest. In a city rivalry, you have to expect them to show up. Hopefully they show up on social media. The Titan Army has popped up once or twice on social media. Would be nice to to see if this is a rivalry or not based of social media. 


Tigard at Lake Oswego Laker Navy, Friday, 7pm

I’ve noticed the Laker Navy a few times this season and I just discovered Tigard. I’m hoping for a back-and-forth battle in the stands on Friday. I also hope we catch it on social media.

Clackamas at David Douglas of Portland, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections have shown off their school spirit on Instagram before. Here and there, but they’ve shown it. Hoping to see both of these student sections show off on Friday/

Heritage of Vancouver, Washington at Sunset of Portland, Friday, 7pm

Sunset won the Oregon Student Section of the Week and we know they can be a bit crazy! This is an amazing student section. I haven’t seen Heritage yet, but if they are close to what Sunset is, then this should be a good one to check out in the stands. Granted, the Heritage student section would have to cross states, so maybe i’m asking for too much.

Bend at North Medford, Friday, 7pm

North Medford has been consistent in showing off their student section on social media. Good student section. Hopefully we see them go all out and perhaps we catch a glimpse of the Bend student section as well?

Cresent Valley of Corvallis at Silverton, Friday, 7pm

Noticed Silverton recently and I hope to see more of them this Friday. Perhaps I accidentally notice Cresent Valley student section as well? 


Kamiakin of Kennewick at Southridge of Kennewick, Friday, 7pm

Kamiakin social media game is fantastic while Southridge has won one of the Washington Football Student Sections of the Week. Both student sections have shown up this season and I can expect the same results this Friday in the city of Kennewick!

Skyline of Sammamish at Issaquah, Friday, 7pm

I just noticed these two student sections. I’ve seen more of Skyline than Issaquah, but not as much. Hoping for more consistency on social media. Perhaps we will see a student section battle on social media on Friday?

Bothell at Mount Si of Snoqualmie, Friday, 7pm

Haven’t seen much from these two student sections, but it’s more than usual that i’ve seen in my first year covering Washington Student Sections. Both have shown up in the past and I hope to see more on Friday. This could be a great student section battle.

North Thurston of Lacey at Gig Harbor, Friday, 7pm

Haven’t seen North Thurston on Instagram, but hopefully that changes soon. Gig Harbor won the Washington Student Section of the Week this past week, so we know what they’re all about!

Chiawana of Pasco at Richland, Friday, 7pm

Seen bits and pieces from both student sections. Perhaps we see more on Friday? Especially if this is a student section battle?