One of the best rivalries in San Diego will take place on Friday with the St. Augustine Saints Pit and the Cathedral Catholic Los Locos. Photo Credit/Instagram: @cchs.asb


St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego at Cathedral Catholic Los Locos of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

The Holy Bowl! Some great instant classic games have come through this rivalry and the student section battles are no different. Back and forth battles in the stands! The only issue is that both these student sections aren’t hot on working social media. If there is any time to show off your school spirit on Instagram, now is the time! This is going to be a good one! 


Chaparral Birdcage of Scottsdale at Brophy Red Army of Phoenix, Friday, 7pm

The Birdcage has been on a roll! Arizona Student Section of the Year worthy! Social media is great and they have showed off their amazing school spirit! The Red Army is about the same, but not as intense. This should be a loud one!

Red Mountain Red Sea of Mesa at Desert Ridge of Mesa, Friday, 7pm

The Red Sea is starting to appear on social media and from what I heard, it is as good as advertised. Great student section. Desert Ridge has had their moments as well, so I expect this to be a good one in the stands. 

Perry of Gilbert at Highland Fanatics of Gilbert, Friday, 7pm

Another city rivalry, but this one isn’t in Mesa, it’s in Gilbert. Perry has had a couple student section battles these last few weeks and we expect them to be ready to lose their voices. Highland should prepare to protect their house! Hoping we see all of this on social media on Friday!

Williams Field Red Rage of Gilbert at Casteel Stampede of Queen Creek, Friday, 7pm

We’ve heard great things from both of these student sections, but haven’t seen much of them on Instagram. Aside from maybe one time from the Casteel Stampede, both student sections haven’t been nominated for the Arizona Football Student Section of the Week. Time for that to change! 

Sierra Canyon of Chatsworth at Saguaro Zoo of Scottsdale, Friday, 7pm

While we don’t expect the Sierra Canyon student section to be there (I don’t believe they have one), we do expect a lot of rattling from the Zoo. I’m sure the Trailblazers are used to the Bronny James chants, but the Lakers did lose to the Suns, so something tells me Saguaro will use the extra tools. We would love to see that on social media!

Folsom Dogpack at Rocklin Storm, Friday, 7pm

Two of the best student sections in NorCal battle it out! I still think the Storm is top dawg at the moment, but Folsom still has a strong say. Rocklin has been rocking it, no pun intended!

Granite Bay Den at Whitney X-Factor of Rocklin, Friday, 7pm

Two solid student sections who I feel out on the outside when it comes to front runners in NorCal, but there’s still time to become a front runner. Social media is great from both student sections, so we expect to see school spirit galore on Friday.

Frontier of Bakersfield at Liberty of Bakersfield, Friday, 7:30pm

Rivalry game in Bakersfield and now that we’re starting to notice student sections outside of the CIF-San Joaquin Section, we saw this and expect a loud one on Friday.

Carrillo of Santa Rosa at Cardinal Newman Santa Rosa, Friday, 7pm

We have a city battle with these two student sections! Cardinal Newman looks like they get weird in the stands, so I expect some craziness in the stands. Carrillo will travel for this one! 

Arroyo Grande Zoo at Righetti of Santa Maria, Friday, 7pm

The Zoo is on a roll and I expect them to make the trip and try to take over Righetti High! We’ll see if the Righetti student section will defend their turf 



Redlands East Valley Litterbox at Redlands Boneyard, Friday, 7pm

This is a huge rivalry! Forget the records from these two teams, this one is huge! The Litterbox will travel and shake up Redlands and the Boneyard! The Boneyard has been solid this season and I expect them to protect their house! It’s going to get crazy!

Palm Desert Aztec Army  at Xavier Prep Vatican of Palm Desert, Friday, 7pm

The Aztec Army is the defending SoCal Football Student Section of the Week Champs and now they have their third rivalry game. The Battle on Cook Street against the Vatican! This is going to be another crazy one for the Aztec Army, but the Vatican won’t go down quietly. They will protect their house! 

Centennial Dawgpound of Corona at Norco Cougar Den, Friday, 7pm

The Cougar Den has showed off their student section once or twice, which is more than usual in the past. More than the Dawgpound has done this season, which is shocking! The Dawgpound was great on social media in the past, but they’ve been quiet this year. Hoping to see both student sections to go wild with the Big VIII League title on the line!

Rancho Cucamonga Rooters at Upland Dogpound, Friday, 7pm

There’s been some bad blood with this rivalry, more so during football season. While this game will be intense, we aren’t sure if the student sections will be nuts as social media is illegal at both schools? At least we think it is because neither schools have showed off their school spirit. Rancho Cucamonga is falling down in the rankings while the Dogpound isn’t moving up from the ranking they weren’t happy about in 2019. Something has to change. Show off your school spirit!!!

Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures at Great Oak Red Wave Temecula, Friday, 7pm

The Bronco Bleacher Creatures isn’t showing off their student section as much as they have in the past and it’s putting their number one spot in massive danger. Right now, I have them at number two or three. Vista Murrieta BBC, you gotta change that. As for the Res Wave, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, show off your school spirit. You can’t be number one unless you show off your student section on social media on a consistent basis!


Redondo Union Flock of Redondo Beach at Palos Verdes Red Tide of Palos Verdes Estates, Friday, 3pm

Cheer on your football team at 3pm and have the Friday evening free? That sounds ideal. The Flock has been on a roll this season and they look like a Top 5 or 10 Student Section in the Los Angeles region. The Red Tide also goes unnoticed as they show off their school spirit as well. This should be a good one in the Bay area.

Loyola Pride of Los Angeles at Crespi Cabana of Encino, Friday, 7pm

We have to assume both student sections will be going wild on Friday, but they won’t share it on social media. Is there some sort of secret going on? Hoping I get to see these student sections go wild as advertised.

Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente at Alemany Warzone of Mission Hills, Friday, 7pm

Well, as expected, the Dawgpound is a contender for the top spot for the Los Angeles Football Student Section of the Year. A roadshow would definitely help their case! So far, the Dawgpound as been insane, but that was expected. As for the Warzone, they’re in the same situation as the Cabana and the Pride where we know they can rock it, but they have no proof. It never ever hurts to show off your school spirit.

Notre Dame Castle of Sherman Oaks at Chaminade Cage of West Hills, Friday, 7pm

The Cage went from every year top contender to middle of the road. What happened to this student section? They used to show off their school spirit on social media. The only reason I’m being hard on the Cage is because I expect the best from the Cage. This is a golden student section, one of the best in SoCal. As for the Castle, when are we going to see them again? Better be on Friday!

Hart Tribe of Newhall vs. Valencia Viking Nation at College of Canyons of Santa Clarita, Friday, 7pm

Normally this would be for the Foothill League title, but I guess the times are changing. Either way, this is always a fun one when it comes to student sections. The Tribe is always solid. Their social media is a bit off this season. Meanwhile, Viking Nation has some serious company as two to three student sections are looking to take them down from the top spot in LA! I look for them to try and defend their title on Friday!


Villa Park Black Pack at El Modena Rowdy Rooters of Orange, Friday, 7pm

I will be at this game and I already feel overwhelmed with the love these two student sections will give me. These two student sections are battling for the Orange County Football Student Section of the Year title! Student Section, social media is perfect from both schools. EVERYONE, TAKE NOTES FROM THESE TWO STUDENT SECTIONS! Model student sections! 

Esperanza Hut of Anaheim vs. El Dorado Hawks Nest of Placentia at Yorba Linda, Friday, 7pm

This was always a huge game back in the day. Both teams used Bradford Stadium as their home stadium, but these days Esperanza plays at Yorba Linda for the homers. The Hawks Nest has stayed the course and have rocked it this season. The Hut on the other hand, has improved drastically. The Hut is getting respect from yours truly and many others as well. This should be a great one, but bring ear muffs. It’s going to get LOUD!

El Toro Bullring of Lake Forest at Capistrano Valley Cage of Mission Viejo, Friday, 7pm

The Bullring has traveled before, so I expect them to make the drive down the 5 Freeway to rattle the Cage. The Cage will look to blind El Toro with their famous powder toss. This is going to be a fun one to watch in the stands with two great football programs and two great student sections. Can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Corona del Mar Kings Krew of Newport Beach vs. Edison MESS of Huntington Beach at Huntington Beach, Friday, 7pm

A road trip from the Kings Krew is needed and not just because Edison is a tough opponent for the Sea Kings, but the Kings Krew has not been seen on social media as much this season. This is a fun student section to checkout and it would be great to see a student section battle with the Edison MESS. The MESS is a solid student section and they know how to market themselves. 

Portola Dawgpound of Irvine at Laguna Hills Hawks Nest, Friday, 7pm

The Hawks Nest has been fantastic this season and I expect another strong showing in the stands. The Dawgpound on the other hand has been on and off. Not the Dawgpound of 2019 that would show off their student section on the regular. Hope that changes on Friday because the Dawgpound is a crazy bunch!


Rancho Bernardo Stable of San Diego at Mt. Carmel Red Sea of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

Both of these student sections are up for the San Diego Football Student Section of the Year. Fantastic student sections with great social media marketing. They have already guaranteed a Top 5 finish this season. 

Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos at Torrey Pines Cardinal CHAOS San Diego, Friday, 7pm

Growl Crowd is up to their crazy selves. Solid student section as always and will once again battle for the top spot in San Diego by seasons end. The CHAOS on the other hand has not been seen as much on social media as we’ve seen in the past. They will have to show off their student section on social media in order to finish in the Top 10. The CHAOS isn’t just a clever name, they are really chaotic in the stands.

San Marcos Blue Crew at El Camino Jungle of Oceanside, Friday, 7pm

We finally noticed the Jungle and we hope to see more of them. This is a great student section that shouldn’t hide their amazing school spirit. The Blue Crew isn’t in your face about their student section like they were before. I miss that! Please bring that back! Blue Crew is always solid.

Eastlake Titan Army of Chula Vista at Mater Dei Catholic of Chula Vista, Friday, 6:30pm

A city rivalry means we should see the student sections battle it out. The Titan Army pops up every now and then, but that’s more than Mater Dei Catholic. With the end of the season rankings near, we would like to see both student sections give a strong case.

Steele Canyon Cougar Den of Spring Valley at Helix of La Mesa, Friday, 7pm

Both these student sections are solid…I think. We rarely if ever see these two student section showing off their school spirit. That has to change. We know they’re active in the stands. Might as well show it off.


Palo Verde Jungle of Las Vegas at Bishop Gorman G-Block of Las Vegas, Friday, 7pm

The G-Block is looking like a solid leader for the Nevada Football Student Section of the Year. This solid student section will be at home and will show the Jungle how it’s done. The Jungle is also a great student section, but they aren’t as consistent as Bishop Gorman. Let’s change that Palo Verde!

Del Sol of Las Vegas at Basic Blumanati of Henderson, Friday, 6pm

Both student sections are rock solid! Blumanati has been amazing this year and Del Sol has joined in on the fun! Social media is great and I expect this to be a fun one on Friday!

Durango of Las Vegas at Las Vegas, Friday, 6pm

Durango is getting better and we expect them to bring it on the road against a student section that has been in hiding from social media. It would be nice to see Los Vegas show off their school spirit! 

Reno at McQueen of Reno, Friday, 7pm

Reno has run into two Nevada Football Student Sections of the Week. Damonte Ranch Blue Hole and now McQueen. It might be time for Reno to join in on the party! Show off your school spirit on social media! McQueen is looking like a contender for Nevada Football Student Section of the Year.

Foothill of Henderson at Canyon Springs of Las Vegas, Friday, 6pm

Both student sections have been quiet for the most part. Part of it might be because I haven’t found them on social media, the other part might be that they may not post videos or photos of their student section. Let’s make a deal, I’ll work on my research and both student sections show off their school spirit on Friday! Fair deal!


Tigard Tiger Army at West Linn, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections have been amazing on showing off their school spirit and I don’t expect a decline on that on Friday! Who will have the better student section on Friday? We’ll find out on Instagram!

Tualatin at Lakeridge of Lake Oswego Navy, Friday, 7pm

Tualatin has been amazing this season, but how are they on the road? Lake Oswego has showed off their student section here and there, but they don’t show it off as much as Tualatin. If they want to move up in the student section rankings, then they need a good showing on Friday.

Glencoe at Newberg, Friday, 7pm

Glencoe has been a solid student section this season, but they’ve been quiet recently. Newberg is coming off an amazing and thoughtful showing two weeks ago with Sherwood Bowman, but like Glencoe, they’ll need to show off on Friday to get more respect than usual.

South Salem at Bend, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections have shown off their school spirit here and there. I would love to see just how rowdy these two student sections get on Friday, mainly Bend as they’re at home!

Southridge of Beaverton at Mountainside of Beaverton, Friday, 7pm

I’ve seen Mountainside once or twice on social media and they’re a pretty good student section. I’ve seen Southridge once and it’s about the same. Perhaps this game will give these student sections more credit than I’m giving them. Social media media s your friend if done right. Show off that school spirit!


Bothell Blue Train at Woodinville, Friday, 7pm

I saw these two student sections have a dance off during a volleyball match! I expect the same upbeat school spirit on Friday! Blue Train is a front runner for the Washington Football Student Section of the Year! Keep it up Blue Train!

Chiawana Hawk Squad of Pasco at Southridge of Kennewick, Friday, 7pm

Two solid student sections with pretty good social media game. We hope to see both student sections showing off their school spirit on Friday! 

Camas at Tumwater, Friday, 7pm

Camas was off to a great start, but they have seemed to have gotten a bit quiet since then. Tumwater has showed off their student section here and there. It would be swell to see both student sections marketing their school spirit to others on Friday.

Richland at Walla Walla, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections have popped up on Instagram once or twice. Hoping to see them a second or third time on Friday. Market your school spirit!

Squalicum of Bellingham at Sedro-Woolley, Friday, 7pm

We recently saw Sedro-Woolley a few weeks back and we hope to see them again. I want to say the same about Squalicum, but maybe I need a second look.