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Highland of Chandler at Hamilton of Gilbert, Friday, 7pm

The Battle of Arizona Avenue! Two of the best teams face off on Friday. These student sections will be ready to go! Hype videos have been posted. I hope the hype is real! This is going to be a fantastic one!


Pinnacle Crazies of Phoenix at Liberty Uproar of Peoria, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections have shown off their amazing school spirit. Uproar has shown off in a different sport, but I haven’t seen much of them during football season. Maybe that’ll change. Crazies have a chance to be the top dawg in Arizona by seasons end.

Queen Creek Dawgpound at Red Mountain Red Sea of Mesa, Friday, 7pm

Last week student section of the week will now be tested. Are they road warriors and can they battle with the Red Sea? Will the Red Sea start showing off their student section? So many questions that need answering on Friday.

Casteel Stampede of Queen Creek at Chandler Blue Crew, Friday, 7pm

The Stampede will look to keep the momentum going after winning the Arizona Student Section of the Week. They look like a front runner for Arizona Student Section of the Year. The Blue Crew on the other hand, I haven’t seen much of them. WOrd of mouth says they can rock it though, so I guess I’ll take their word.

Boulder Creek of Anthem at Shadow Ridge of Surprise, Friday, 7pm

We noticed Boulder Creek recently and I like what I see, but how is their roadshow? Can they rock it on the road? Will Shadow Ridge be ready for a possible student section showdown? Will Shadow Ridge show up on social media and by that, I mean proof that they went wild? I’m hoping yes.

Sunrise Mountain of Peoria at Desert Edge of Goodyear, Friday, 7pm

I’ve heard about these two student sections, but I’m not sure if I have seen them rock their student section on social media. Perhaps I need a second look on Friday. SHow off your school spirit this weekend!


Oak Ridge OZone of El Dorado Hills at Whitney X-Factor of Rocklin, Friday, 7pm

I’m still waiting and perhaps hoping for the X-Factor to be the NorCal Student Section of the Week Champs just like the OZone. Hoping either the OZone shows them how it’s done or perhaps the X-Factor will be the ones showing it off.

Placer Goldmine of Auburn at Ponderosa Loud Crowd of Shingle Springs, Friday, 7pm

The Goldmine has been somewhat quiet since they won the first ever NorCal Football Student Section of the Week, but we’ve seen bits and pieces of them since. Ponderosa is about the same, but both student sections have showed great school spirit. Finish strong!

Christian Brothers of Sacramento at Del Campo Cougar Crew of Fair Oaks, Friday, 7pm

We haven’t seen much of either student section. Here and there, but last game of the regular season, so maybe we’ll see a large crowd!

Clovis East of Clovis at Buchanan Red Riot of Clovis, Friday, 6:30pm

Some of the best student sections come from Clovis and both these student sections have shown great school spirit. Red Riot won the NorCal Student Section of the Week award a couple weeks back, Will Clovis East be next?

Rio Linda at Oakmont of Roseville, Friday, 7pm

I just noticed Oakmont and they’re have a great student section. I expect them to rock it on Friday and hopefully the same goes to Rio Linda.



Chaparral Green Fanatics of Temecula at Murrieta Valley Red Zone, Thursday, 7pm

The Green Fanatics have had a great season in showing off their school spirit, but the Red Zone is a front runner for the Inland Empire Student Section of the Year! A strong showing on a Thursday night can help the Red Zone!

Upland Dogpound at Etiwanda Red Zone, Friday, 7pm

The Red Zone is battling for the top spot in the Inland Empire and a strong showing on Friday can help. The Dogpound has been a solid student, but how is their road show? I guess we’ll find out!

Temescal Canyon Blue Hole of Lake Elsinore, at Elsinore Tigers Den of Wildomar, Friday, 7pm

The Blue Hole is on a roll these last few weeks. They’ve moved up a few spot in the Inland Empire Student Section Rankings! They have a city rivalry and hopefully the Tigers Den will join the Blue Hole as one of IE best. Better get to work on your social media skills though.

Alta Loma Blue Crew at Bonita Den of La Verne, Friday, 7pm

The Blue Crew has improved a lot this season, but let’s see how they travel. The Den is known for their basketball student section, but maybe they make an appearance in the stands and hopefully on social media.

Arlington Lions Den of Riverside vs. Patriot Pack of Jurupa Valley at Rubidoux of Jurupa Valley, Friday, 7pm

The Lions Den has shown off their student section quite well this season, but we haven’t seen much of the Patriot Pack. Maybe we’ll see them and maybe we get to see the Lions Den on the road? Would be great if we did!


Pacifica Big Kahuna of Oxnard at Oxnard 12th Man, Friday, 7pm

The Battle on Gonzalez Road! We’ve seen signs in the stands before, but nothing like the ones you’ll see in this game! It’s a fun rivalry and I’m mainly relying on the 12th Man to show off all the fun in this one!

Servite Asylum of Anaheim at St. John Bosco Tribe of Bellflower, Friday, 7pm

The Asylum needs to travel again to stay in the Top 5 in the OC and perhaps take the top spot. The Tribe on the other hand has company for the Top spot in LA! We’ll see who ends up on top!

Warren Cave of Downey at Downey Vikings Nation, Friday, 7pm

The Cave has always been solid, but the Vikings Nation is having a great year in the stands and their social media game has gotten a lot better! This city rivalry should have some great school spirit!

Alemany Warzone of Mission Hills at Chaminade Cage of West Hills, Friday, 7pm

I’m starting to notice the Warzone and it’s just as good as it was in the past. Now, will they dare drive in Friday LA traffic and be road warriors? The Cage awaits…they’re just missing their social media magic.

El Camino Real MESS of Woodland Hills at Birmingham Patriot Pack of Van Nuys, Friday, 7pm

The Patriot Pack was the best student sections in the CIF-Los Angeles City Section, but some city student sections are looking to get that top spot and the MESS is of them. Social media will be key for both student sections!


San Clemente Loud Crowd at Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno, Friday, 7pm

The South Coast League title is on the line. Loud Crowd doesn’t travel much, but they’ll be asked to make the trip. Diablo Inferno has been on a roll these last few weeks and we know they’ll step up on Friday.

Villa Park Black Pack vs. Yorba Linda Stable at El Modena of Orange, Friday, 7pm

Yorba Linda is a win away from a regular perfect season and Villa Park wants to have a share of the league title. It can be done with a win at home. The Black Pack will be rocking and we know it, but what about the Stable? Will they travel over the hill? We haven’t seen much of their road show, but I’m sure they’ll love to see the Mustangs go 10-0!

Trabuco Hills Stampede of Mission Viejo at El Toro Bullring of Lake Forest, Friday, 7pm

The outright Sea View League title is on the line here. Trabuco Hills can make this a 3-way tie for first place with a win. This is where the Stampede will have ti travel and go crazy. Meanwhile, the Bullring just has to do what they’ve been doing all season and show off their school spirit. This is going to be a great one on Friday.

Canyon Tribe of Anaheim vs. Esperanza Hut of Anaheim at Yorba Linda, Friday, 7pm

The Battle on Imperial Highway! This is a must win for Canyon. Win and they head to the playoffs. Lose and hope for another team to lose to get in. Anything can happen. The Hut will look to end their rival season and will do anything to end up on top! The Tribe has to hit the road for this for some extra football games!

San Juan Hills Stampede of San Juan Capistrano at Tesoro Titan Army of Rancho Santa Margarita, Friday, 7pm

The Stampede has been great , but I just felt like they weren’t as crazy as they were before! Maybe a second opinion is needed in the season finale against a rival. The Titan Army will be ready to go and they can get loud! 


Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos at San Marcos Blue Crew, Friday, 7pm

The Discovery Bowl!! Both of these student sections are front runners again for the San Diego Student Section of the Year, but they have plenty of company this season. When these student sections run into each other, they go all out! Be ready for a battle!

Mt. Carmel Red Sea of San Diego at Westview Blackhole of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

The Battle of the 56! The Red Sea will head on the road I’m sure of it! The Red Sea will look to stay on top as they battle with the Blackhole. Blackhole is solid, but there social media isn’t as crazy as the Red Sea. That might change on Friday, well at least I hope.

Rancho Bernardo Stable of San Diego at Poway Titan Terrors, Friday, 7pm

The Stable can travel and they’ll travel to battle with the Titan Terrors. The Terrors will look to spook the Stable out, but it won’t be an easy task! This should be another good one.

Brawley Den at Central Crazies of El Centro, Friday, 7pm

This will be a battle in Imperial County! While both student sections don’t show off their student sections on social media, they’ve shown in the past just how great they are in the stands! We’re hoping they both go crazy on social media on Friday!

Oceanside Ship at El Camino Jungle of Oceanside, Friday, 7pm

Big rivalry in Oceanside, but while we know both student sections go wild, will they show us just how wild they go on social media? The Ship has shown it a few times and the Jungle a few times more than them. Let’s change that on Friday!


Reno at Damonte Ranch Blue Hole of Reno, Thursday, 7pm

Two student sections in the city of Reno, so I have to expect madness in the stands. I know the Blue Hole is going to rock it and they’ll show off on Instagram. The Blue Hole has been fantastic this season. Reno, we haven’t seen much this season. I feel like they’re a great student section, but they haven’t shown off their student section this season. Hoping we get a glimpse on Friday.

Desert Pines of Las Vegas at Arbor View Grateful Red of Las Vegas, Thursday, 7pm

Arbor View has been pretty good. We haven’t seen them in awhile, but they’ve shown off a great student section this season. More so than Desert Pines. Desert Pines has a good student section from the few times I noticed them. Playoff game, so maybe they pop up on social media. 

Foothill of Henderson at Green Valley Insitagators of Henderson, Thursday, 7pm

Now, I know that Foothill has a student section, but I have yet to find them. Hoping I do on Thursday. It doesn’t have to bee too much, although it is appreciated. The Insitagators pop in here and there and that is enough to get recognition. 

Spanish Springs of Reno at Reed of Reno, Thursday, 7pm

Here’s another all-Reno showdown. Spanish Springs and Reed show up on social media here and there. Let’s see who is the better Reno school when it comes to school spirit.

Faith Lutheran of Las Vegas at Bishop Gorman G-Block of Las Vegas, Thursday, 7pm

I haven’t seen Faith Lutheran student section, but they better have one ready on Thursday when they face Bishop Gorman and the G-Block. G-Block is legit and they’ll show off their student section on social media.


Lakeridge of Lake Oswego at Lake Oswego Laker Navy, Friday, 7pm

City rivalry game. Both student section have shown off their student section enough for a reconigition, but which one is the better one in the city? Only one way to find out.

Clackmas at Central Catholic of Portland, Friday, 7pm

We’ve seen bits and pieces of Clackmas and their student section isn’t that bad. I haven’t anything from Central Catholic. It’s a home game and I’m sure they’ll be there, but it wouldn’t hurt to show that off to us!

Sprague Superfans of Salem at West Salem, Friday, 7pm

Sprague has been great, but let’s see how they are on the road. West Salem better be ready to defend their home. Would also help if they showed off their student section on social media.

Tualatin at Tigard Tiger Army, Friday, 7pm 

Both student sections are great and I expect another great showing in the stands and on social media.

Southridge of Beaverton at South Salem, Friday, 7pm

Southridge recently won the Student Section of the Week and they’re on the road. Will they repeat their school spirit performance or will it rub off to South Salem? The answer will be off of social media.


Woodinville at Mount Si of Snohomish, Thursday, 7pm

Here’s two student sections that I have seen, more so with Woodinville, but haven’t been able to get them as the Washigton Football Student Section of the Week yet. Maybe a strong showing on Friday that includes social media marketing will be the extra push for Friday.

Bothell Blue Train at Eastlake of Sammamish, Thursday, 7pm

I’ve seen the Blue Train every week and they don’t need a pep talk whatsoever. Keep doing your thing Blue Train. Everything has been perfect on their end. Eastlake I think I saw on social media last week. Pretty common school name, so maybe it was them or maybe it was the Eastlake in San Diego. Maybe another post on social media of them going wild can do the trick to convince me it was them or not?

Lake Stevens Viking Castle at Glacier Peak Snohomish, Friday, 7pm

I’ve seen bits and pieces of both student sections and what they’ve shown is great school spirit. That’s why I’m going for another serving. Let’s see some more these student sections on Friday on social media.

Inglemoor of Kenmore at Skyline of Sammamish, Friday, 7pm

I’ve seen Skyline once or twice on social media this year and they’re a great group of students in the stands. Inglemoor I feel I’ve seen almost every week. Hoping to see both student sections again on Friday.

Kamiak of Mukilteo at Issaquah, Friday, 7pm

Here’s another set of student sections that needs to show off again on social media because I can’t really remember just how much hype they show off in the stands on Friday nights. Hoping they can do that.