The Palm Desert Aztec Army is ready for the Flag Game against La Quinta and their Bridcage. Photo Credit/Instagram: @pdaztecarmy


La Quinta Birdcage at Palm Desert Aztec Army, Friday, 7pm

The Flag Game! My former Student Section Report colleague Bannon Clark, who ran the Palm Desert Aztec Army, said this is a huge rivalry game! The Aztec Army works a great game on social media and show off their student section. The Birdcage hasn’t done much on social media in awhile. This should be the time that they change that! Do what the Aztec Army does!


Casteel Stampede of Queen Creek at Queen Creek Dawgpound, Friday, 7pm 

This city rivalry should be a good one. The city of Queen Creek will not only see which football is better, but which student section is the rowdiest! The Stampede has worked a better social media game, but we’ve seen the Dawgpound rock it in the stands as well!

Hamilton of Chandler at Chaparral Birdcage of Scottsdale, Friday, 7pm 

The Birdcage has been on a roll, as expected, this football season! Hamilton is still riding high from their comeback victory over Bishop Gorman of Las Vegas. Birdcage will look to tame Hamilton and their student section. It won’t be easy though!

Chandler Blue Crew at Perry of Gilbert, Friday, 7pm 

Perry will have to be ready for the Blue Crew, because they may travel to Gilbert. Two rowdy student sections that are only going far by way of word of mouth! Hoping to see more of them on social media! Show off your school spirit!

Higley Knightmare of Gilbert at Desert Ridge of Mesa, Friday, 7pm 

Haven’t seen the Knightmare in awhile, but they were on a roll to start the season. I’m sure they’ll be ready on Friday and Desert Ridge will make sure no one takes over their home turf! 

Pinnacle Crazies of Phoenix at Salpointe Catholic Lancer Legion of Tucson, Friday, 7pm 

Lancer Legion is a solid student section. Only weakness is communication. Not even a factor. Not sure if the Crazies will travel to Tucson, but Lancer Legion will be ready to rock the stands. 


Rocklin Storm at Oak Ridge OZONE of El Dorado Hills, Friday, 7pm

Two fantastic student sections will go to battle on Friday! Both student sections rock social media and are battling for the NorCal Football Student Section of the Year! The Storm has been on a crazy roll, but so has the OZONE, but I give the road warriors an edge here.

Rio Americano Rowdy Raiders of Sacramento at Vista del Lago Nest of Folsom, Friday, 7pm

The Nest has been fantastic so far this season and will defend their home in case the Rowdy Raiders come to town. We know little of the Rowdy Raiders, but what we know is they are definitely Rowdy!

Placer Goldmine of Auburn at Nevada Union of Grass Valley, Friday, 7pm

The Goldmine got off to an amazing start, but they’ve been on cruise control. This is an awesome student section that I hope to see rock it like they did when the season started! Nevada Union I was is a solid student section, but I have yet to see them on social media. That could be just me though.

Clovis West vs. Clovis East at Buchanan of Clovis, Friday, 6:30pm

Which Clovis is the best one? We are talking about football and school spirit. Both programs are solid and their student sections should be ready to go!

St. Joseph of Santa Maria at Arroyo Grande Zoo, Friday, 7pm

The Zoo will look to defend their turf while making sure the St. Joseph’s student section doesn’t rattle their football team. We’ll keep an eye on both student sections!



Great Oak Red Wave of Temecula at Murrieta Valley Red Zone, Friday, 7pm

The Red Zone is looking to take the top spot in the Inland Empire and they’ll be ready on Friday for a student section that pops up here and there. The Red Wave has potential to battle for the top spot. A lot is on the line in this game for both football teams and their student sections!

Damien Pit of La Verne at Upland Unit, Friday, 7pm

The Baseline League could be on the line here as everyone is about evened up in this league. I never know if the Pit travels, but if they haven’t, they should start as Damien needs it, especially with the Unit rocking the stands at home games! Also, to both student sections, social media is your friend! Show off your student sections!

Murrieta Mesa Beast at Chaparral Green Fanatics of Temecula, Friday, 7pm

Despite the record, the Beast has been rocking it this season in the stands! Solid school spirit! If they travel to Temecula, it will be a sea of green with the Green Fanatics at home! Solid student sections, but the Beast social media is one of the best in the IE!

Roosevelt Stampede of Eastvale at ML King Red Zone of Riverside, Friday, 7pm

The Mustangs will need help on Friday on the road as King will look to get past Roosevelt for a possible third place finish in the Big VIII League. The Stampede needs to make this trip and the Red Zone will have to battle on Friday. Both student sections social media game is mediocre! Let’s work on showing off your school spirit!

Xavier Prep Vatican of Palm Desert at Shadow Hills Dungeon of Indio, Friday, 7pm

The Vatican is a crazy student section and we hope to see them travel to Indio and battle with the Dungeon! Both student sections are solid in the stands and on social media! We’ll definitely see if we have a student section battle by way of Instagram!


Hart Tribe of Newhall vs. Saugus Blue Crew at College of Canyons of Santa Clarita, Friday, 7pm

The Foothill is wide open. Evenly matched league means student sections in this league have to step it up. They may have stepped it up, but outside of the Valencia Viking Nation, no Foothill League student section has been active on social media. A bit shocking. We hope the Tribe and the Blue Crew changes that.

Palos Verdes Red Tide of Palos Verdes Estates at Mira Costa of Manhattan Beach, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections have been hit and miss this season when it comes to showing off their student sections. What we have seen in the past is that they can rock the stands. This is an important Bay League game and both student sections will need to step up on Friday, but it wouldn’t hurt if they both stepped up their social media game as well. 

Alemany Warzone of Mission Hills at Notre Dame Castle of Sherman Oaks, Friday, 7pm

The Castle has made one appearance on social media (that I know of), but while the Alemany social media has been liking our posts, we haven’t seen Warzone that much! It would be great to see two great Christian schools go wild in the stands in a big Mission League matchup! Social media is your friend when you do it right! Show off your school spirit!

Taft of Woodland Hills at Birmingham Patriot Pack of Van Nuys, Friday, 7:30pm

These are two great student sections in the CIF-LA City Section. The Patriot Pack. We’ve seen these two student sections here and there. Hoping to see more of the Patriot Pack and Taft on Friday! 

West Torrance at South Torrance, Friday, 7pm

The Torrance school have great student sections, but we haven’t seen much so far this season. We hope to see which side of Torrance has the most school spirit. Social media plus school spirit equals awesome sauce!


Los Alamitos Locos vs. Edison MESS of Huntington Beach at Westminster, Thursday, 7pm

Normally we don’t post Thursday Night Student Section battles as it doesn’t get much of a strong showing, but I expect this Thursday night battle to be packed. I may not be there, but social media will have that covered as both student sections know how to market themselves quite well. The Locos will need a strong showing to defend their OC Football Student Section of the Week title!

Capistrano Valley Cage of Mission Viejo at San Juan Hills Stampede of San Juan Capistrano, Friday, 7pm

San Juan Hills has finally gotten their first win and now they look for another victory. A home game means the Stampede will be ready to roll! The Cage will make the trip. Both student sections work social media, but more so the Cage! Either way, we can get a nice recap on Instagram on Friday!

Woodbridge Tribe of Irvine  at Irvine Frontier, Friday, 7pm

The Tribe will be needed on Friday as Woodbridge looks to ruin Irvine undefeated season. The Frontier will make sure that their Vaqueros go to 7-0! The Frontier has been amazing and the Tribe has improved a lot this season. Social media won’t be an issue on Friday!

Trabuco Hills Stampede of Mission Viejo at Tesoro Titan Army of Rancho Santa Margarita, Friday, 7pm

Tesoro got a much needed win, but they have to play catch up before heading into the tough South Coast League. Titan Army will be going wild on Friday at home, but don’t be surprised if the Stampede heads down to RSM for a student section battle!

Fountain Valley Kingdom vs. Newport Harbor Tarpit of Newport Beach at Huntington Beach, Friday, 7pm

Not sure if the Kingdom will travel, but this could be their last chance in getting a league win. It is doable and the Kingdom will have to make it a trip. Tarpit might be there as they also go rowdy at other sporting events. This has the potential to be a loud on on Friday.


Carlsbad Loud Crowd at San Marcos Blue Crew, Friday, 7pm

The Loud Crowd is the defending SoCal Football Student Section of the Week Champs. They are making a comeback here as they look to take their 4th straight San Diego Football Student Section of the Year title! The Blue Crew has been very solid in the past, but something is different this year. Not as solid as they were in the past. They still have time to bounce back and take the top spot.

Rancho Bernardo Stable of San Diego at Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections have been on a roll this year. Solid student sections with great social media work. These two student sections are battling for the San Diego Student Section of the Year!

Torrey Pines Cardinal CHAOS San Diego at El Camino Jungle of Oceanside, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections have been solid in the past, but it’s tough to judge this year student sections with no social media from both of them. The Chaos has been insane in the past and the Jungle was always solid. Showing off your student section on social media goes a very very long way…very!

University City Roman Legion of San Diego at Patrick Henry Hooligans of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

The Hooligans have a say for the San Diego Football Student Section of the Year! They have done such a tremendous job this season. Roman Legion is solid during basketball season, but haven’t seen much during the football season. Here and there, but it’s better than most student sections. This should be a great one. 

Vista Panther Pit at Westview Blackhole of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

The Blackhole has popped in on social media here and there and for what we’ve seen every now and then, they’re a fantastic student section. As for the Panther Pit, it’s all word of mouth. You really don’t see much from them on social media. That has to change. Show off that school spirit!


Liberty Patriot Pit of Henderson at Green Valley Insitgators of Henderson, Friday, 7pm

Patriot Pit was a front runner for the Nevada Football Student Section of the Year, but some student sections are on their blind spot. Hope to see more of the Patriot Pit. We just noticed the Insitgators and we hope to see more of them.

Bishop Gorman G-Block of Las Vegas at Legacy of North Las Vegas, Friday, 7pm

G-Block is a front runner for the Nevada Football Student Section of the Year, but how is there roadshow? We’ll have to find out and hopefully they will battle with Legacy student section, who we haven’t seen much of. Time to start marketing your student section Legacy.

Reed of Sparks at McQueen of Reno, Friday, 7pm

McQueen won the Nevada football student section of the week a few weeks ago and we’ve seen a few post of them packing the stands. Reed we’ve seen once or twice. Hoping to see just how good Reed Student Section is and wouldn’t hurt to see more of McQueen as well!

Desert Pines of Las Vegas at Las Vegas, Friday, 7pm

We have yet to see both student sections. We’ve seen photos and videos of both of them in the past, but nothing so far. That has to change and I hope that changes on Friday.

Arbor View Grateful Red of Las Vegas at Foothill of Henderson, Friday, 7pm

The Grateful Red has been solid, but they also have an awesome student section name! Arbor View will continue their solid school spirit. We haven’t seen much from Foothill, but that might be on us as we looked at the wrong Foothill. Second chance for Foothill!


West Linn at Lakeridge of Lake Oswego, Friday, 7pm

Lakeridge has won an Oregon Football Student Section of the Week.m, but we haven’t seen much from Lakeridge and West Linn. Hoping that changes because we’ve seen Lakeridge this year and we’ve seen West Linn in the past! Work social media guys!

Lake Oswego Laker Navy at Tualatin, Friday, 7pm 

Here’s another two student sections we haven’t seen enough of. What we seen once or three times has been great, especially from Lake Oswego. Time to show off your school spirit!

Bend at Sprague Superfans of Salem, Friday, 7pm

The Sprague Superfans got off to a great start, but they’ve been quiet the last few weeks. That should come to an end as the Superfans have a home game. The social media is there every week, more so than most in Oregon. Bend on the other hand, we haven’t seen much of. Like I’ve said before, I hope that changes!

North Valley of Grant Pass at Mazama Loud Crowd of Klamath Falls, Friday, 7pm

The Loud Crowd is looking like a top contender for the Oregon Football Student Section of the Year  these past few weeks! I’m loving it! If North Valley travels, they better be ready for Mazama! 

Mountainside of Beaverton at Sunset of Portland, Friday, 7pm

Sunset is a contender for the Oregon Football Student Section of the Year. Fantastic student section with fantastic marketing on Instagram! Mountainside may travel on Friday and we hope they can try and challenge Sunset on Friday. Tough challenge, but hoping they take it!


Inglemoor at Bothell Blue Train, Friday, 7pm

I’ve been told this student section battle is going to be a solid one! Blue Train is the defending Washington Football Student Section of the Week champs and I expect Inglemoor to take it this week! This one has the potential to be a crazy one!

Kennewick at Kamikian of Kennewick, Friday, 7pm

We’ve seen Kennewick here and there. Not as much as Kamiakin as they have been crazy on social media. Everything is on point with this student section…minus their voting for Washington Football Student Section of the Week. We definitely see them though. Outstanding student section.

Walla Walla at Chiawana Hawksquad of Pasco, Friday, 7pm

Hawksquad starting to show up again! They look great so far this season. We just noticed Walla Walla, but if they want to be road warriors, they best be ready for the Hawksquad!

Issaquah at Mount Si of Snoqualmie, Friday, 7pm

Issaquah has been showing up on social media and have showed off their amazing school spirit. Mount Si on the other hand has been a bit quiet. I know they’re a great student section, but you can’t grade on what you assume. You hope that Mount Si changes that and starts marketing their student section.

Richland at Mead of Spokane, Friday, 7pm

We haven’t seen a whole bunch from these two student sections, but we hope that changes on Friday. Maybe I should dig deeper with every social media account related to these schools in hopes to see some school spirit!