It’s about to go down in Scottsdale in the Battle for Shea Boulevard with the Chaparral Birdcage and Desert Mountain Wolf Den on Friday. Photo Credit/Instagram @chaptownbirdcage

We saw a lot of great Student Sections last week!

I know we are new outside of Northern California, but in time, we will get a much better understanding of the student sections in the West Coast. It took a short amount of time to get a scope of student sections in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama last year, so we hope for the same progress…maybe we can start covering the South as well?

We decided to go ahead and add Oregon and Washington to our list Student Section Battles to Watchlist. Let’s see if we got it right.

Let’s get loud and rowdy this weekend!


(All Games on Friday unless noted)


Chaparral Birdcage of Scottsdale at Desert Mountain Wolf Den of Scottsdale, Friday, 7pm

The Battle for Shea Boulevard! Both student sections have been throwing a lot of shade and been savages on social media, going back and forth. As long as no one goes over the line, this one will be crazy! Wolf Den is looking to eat some birds while the Birdcage is looking to cook up some wolves. According to my brother, Gabe Alvarez, this is also a quarterback battle on the field. This rivalry has everything and I’ll have my popcorn out to see it unfold on social media.


Pinnacle Crazies of Phoenix at Highland Fanatics of Gilbert, Friday, 7pm

I’ve heard so much about the Crazies, but how are they on the road? Will the Fanatics be ready on Friday? This looks like a great student section battle.

Queen Creek Dawgpound at Higley Knightmare of Gilbert, Friday, 7pm

The Dawgpound doesn’t have to travel far and the Knightmare will be ready. Higley social media informed us how ready they’ll be as they show off their school spirit quite well.

Hamilton of Chandler at Casteel Stampede of Queen Creek, Friday, 7pm

The Stampede will be smashing away when it comes to rowdiness and what not, but will Hamilton make it a battle? 

Millennium of  at Centennial of Scottdale, Friday, 7pm

Another student section I have heard great things about is Centennial. Hoping to hear more things on social media on the Centennial Student Section. 

Cherry Creek of Greenwood Village, Colorado at Chandler Blue Crew, Friday, 7pm

This is a sure thing as far as a one sided student section battle, but that shouldn’t stop the Blue Crew as their focus will be to rattle Cherry Creek. My brother, Gabe Alvarez, was at the Chandler game last week and was impressed by the Blue Crew, so I expect another impressive showing.


The G-Block is back as Bishop Gorman of Las Vegas is at home on Saturday. Photo Credit/Instagram @bggblock

Mater Dei Den of Santa Ana, California vs. Liberty Patriot Pit of Henderson at Bishop Gorman of Las Vegas, Friday, 7:30pm

Well, not quite sure if the Den will head to Nevada, but Patriot Pit concern will be finding a way to rattle the Monarchs. Liberty needs all the help against powerhouse Mater Dei. Patriot Pit is one of the best student sections in Nevada, but they’ll have to bring their A game on Friday.

Lone Peak of Highland, Utah at Bishop Gorman G-Block of Las Vegas, Saturday, 7pm

Finally! G-Block has a home game and they will be rocking in Vegas! Now for a Saturday game, will they go all out or will they be missing a few students as it is the weekend. Hopefully, everyone from G-Block will be committed to this.

McQueen of Reno at Bishop Manogue of Reno, Friday, 7pm

The city of Reno has a battle on their hands! While McQueen did show some love for the Bishop Manogue student section, I’m sure the gloves come off as soon as we get to kickoff. Will McQueen be road warriors or does Bishop Manogue control their home? 

Damonte Ranch Blue Hole of Reno at Reed Raider Nation of Sparks, Friday, 7pm

The Blue Hole is amazing inside the gym, but will they duplicate that outside in the stands, on the road? Raider Nation looks like a fun student section, but I’m only basing that off their TikTok videos.

Centennial Dawgpound of Las Vegas at Arbor View of Las Vegas, Friday, 7pm

Both student sections are amazing, but will the Dawgpound head to Arbor View to battle with a student section that has a Top 3 football team in Nevada?


The Lincoln Zoo will be ready on Friday for the Battle of the Stripes. Photo Credit/Instagram @thelincolnzoo

Roseville Tiger Cage at Lincoln Zoo, Friday, 7pm

This is the Battle of the Stripes! What a great name for a rivalry! This would be a no-brainer in the wild jungles, but these Zebras can get rowdy in the stands! The Cage can rattle on the road, so expect some shaking in the Zoo! 

Vista del Lago Nest of Folsom at Placer Goldmine of Auburn, Friday, 7pm

Both Student Sections have been solid as expected, so I expect a back and forth battle. The Nest seems like a road show-type student section!

Vacaville at Granite Bay Tribe, Friday, 7pm

Another student section battle with two rowdy groups of students. The Tribe will have to be ready for the Vacaville roadshow! 

Capital Christian of Sacramento at Rocklin Storm, Friday, 7pm

The defending NorCal Student Section of the Week will look to stay on top as Capital Christian comes into town. Haven’t heard much of CC student section this season, but I’ve been told they’re a loud group. The Storm will be ready in case they have some student section competition.

Los Alamitos Locos at Buchanan Red Riot Clovis, Friday, 6:30pm

Red Riot should have no one to worry about when it comes to noise. Not so fast! The Locos travel and while it may not be the large group of Locos you see at home or local road games, the Locos will bring their best on Friday. Red Riot better be ready!



The Palm Desert Aztec Army may have a battle on their hands if the Murrieta Mesa Beast makes the trip. Photo Credit/Instagram @pdaztecarmy

Murrieta Mesa Beast at Palm Desert Aztec Army, Friday, 7pm

The Aztec Army is due for a SoCal Student Section of the Week nomination and I feel if they defend their home on Friday, they may get that nod. The Beast has been on a roll this year and it wouldn’t surprise me if they take a road trip down the 10 Freeway!

Orange Lutheran Code Red at Damien Pit of La Verne, Friday, 7pm

Code Red was on fire last Friday, but in order to be considered one of the best in Orange County and SoCal, they need to travel and going to battle with the Pit is a good start! The Pit is a rowdy student section, but without the football players that we normally see inside the gym stands, how crazy is the Pit? This has the potential to be a mighty student section battle.

Roosevelt Stampede of Eastvale at Murrieta Valley Red Zone, Friday, 7pm   

I’ve seen the Stampede travel before, but will they go all the way to Murrieta to cheer on the Mustangs and battle with the Red Zone? The Res Zone has had their moments as a legit student section. Is this the year they become one of the best in SoCal? Some social media work can help.

Los Osos Grizzly Nation of Rancho Cucamonga at Ayala Bone Zone of Chino Hills, Friday, 7pm

Grizzly Nation is off to a fantastic start! Now I want to see if they are a roadshow student section! The Bone Zone will be ready and hopefully Grizzly Nation makes the drive down the 15 Freeway!

Chaparral Green Fanatics of Temecula at Santiago Black Sea of Corona, Friday, 7pm

Black Sea had an opposing student section last Friday. It was a small group, but they showed up! The Green Fanatics could be next! The only reason why I know the Cage made the trip was because they worked a solid social media game. 


Servite Asylum of Anaheim at Bishop Amat Dawgpound of La Puente, Thursday, 7pm 

If I’m not covering a Thursday game for the Orange County Register, then I’ll be at this game to check out the Asylum and the Dawgpound. The Asylum travels and with the Dawgpound being nuts, this will be a huge student section battle! Both student sections always battle for the top spot in their counties every year, so hopefully this doesn’t become a dud!

Alemany Warzone of Mission Hills at Oaks Christian Lions Den of Westlake Village, Friday, 7pm

Alemany is not that far from Oaks Christian, so it is possible that they make the road trip on Friday. Warzone has the potential to be one of the best LA Student Sections this year, something I’ve been saying about the Lions Den. Social media work is needed because this has the potential to be a great one in the stands!

Crespi Cabana of Encino at Chaminade Cage of West Hills, Friday, 7pm

The Cage always battles for the top spot in LA, but I haven’t heard anything from them this football season. The same has been said for the Cabana in the past, but we did spot Crespi Cabana a few weeks ago. I hope we see a rowdy one in this game. 

Camarillo Scorpion Cyclone at Oxnard 12th Man, Friday, 7pm

Hoping that the Scorpion Cyclone makes the trip, but haven’t heard from them in awhile. The 12th Man will be there of course and they tend to pop up on social media here and there, which is better than most LA student sections. This could be a great student section battle…could.

East St. Louis of Illinois at St. John Bosco Tribe of Bellflower, Friday, 7pm

The Tribe has completely disappeared on social media. What a bust. We know they’re amazing, but why aren’t they showing off their school spirit? One of Illinois best will be in town and I know the Tribe will pack the stadium, but somebody get on social media and share your student section with us.


El Dorado and Valencia will battle for The Bell and city bragging rights in the city of Placentia.

El Dorado Hawks Nest of Placentia at Valencia Tiger Den of Placentia, Friday, 7pm

The Bell Game is also bragging rights for the city of Placentia. I’ve checked this rivalry out and both student sections can bring it! I’m expecting the Hawks Nest to stand out in SoCal!

Capistrano Valley Cage of Mission Viejo at Newport Harbor Tarpit of Newport Beach, Friday, 7pm

The Cage travels and Newport Beach is not that far from Avery Parkway, so the Tarpit best be ready! The Tarpit will be rocking, but there will also be some rocking on the other end. A lot of powder will be thrown at Davidson Field.

Esperanza Hut of Anaheim at Western Blue Tang Clan of Anaheim, Friday, 7pm

Western home game means the Western Blue Tang Clan will be going in the stands, but will the Hut travel? The Hut has been on a roll, but this can put them up in the end of the season Football Student Section rankings in November. It’s time for the Road Show Hut, but be careful. Blue Tang Clan ain’t nothing to mess with.

Dana Hills Pod Squad of Dana Point at Aliso Niguel Den of Aliso Viejo, Friday, 7pm

Both of these student sections have been on a roll! Amazing student sections and we know the Den will be ready to defend their home turf. Will the Pod Squad battle on the road with the Den? If they can, the city of Aliso Viejo is going to make noise complaints! 

Corona del Mar Kings Krew of Newport Beach at San Clemente Loud Crowd, Friday, 7pm

Loud Crowd is one of the best home game student sections. We know they’ll be ready, but what about a road show from the Kings Krew? Hopefully we see the Kings Krew arrive to Pico and rattle the Tritons.


The La Costa Canyon Stampede of Carlsbad has been on a roll this school year. Photo Credit/Instagram @lccasb

La Costa Canyon Stampede of Carlsbad at Mission Hills Growl Crowd of San Marcos, Friday, 7pm

The Stampede has been phenomenal this season and so has the Growl Crowd. Will the Stampede travel and battle with the Growl Crowd? With the Stampede improving so much this season, it is possible. Growl Crowd will be on point as usual on Friday.

San Marcos Blue Crew at Oceanside Ship, Friday, 7pm

The Ship impressed me in 2019, but I haven’t heard from them so far this season. I’ve heard from the Blue Crew, but not as much as I have in the past. They blew up social media in 2019. Hoping to see them all over my social media accounts. Party like it’s 2019 guys!

Helix Dawghouse of La Mesa at Cathedral Catholic Los Locos of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

When I first started covering student sections in SoCal, the Dawghouse was all over Twitter…then they completely disappeared from social media. Only way to see the Dawghouse is in person. Los Locos might be in the same boat, but they appear on Instagram here and there. Hopefully we see the crazy Locos (that’s crazy crazy by the way) on Friday and hopefully something from the Dawghouse.

Poway Titan Terrors at Torrey Pines Cardinal CHAOS of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

Titan Terror has been on point, but will they travel to Torrey Pines and shake up the CHAOS?! We haven’t heard much from the CHAOS, so we just don’t know how hyped this season’s squad is. Is it the same CHAOS or a different one? Hope to hear from the CHAOS soon.

Grossmont of El Cajon at Rancho Bernardo Stampede of San Diego, Friday, 7pm

The Stampede is starting to look like a San Diego Football Student Section of the Year candidate. Amazing work this season and they’re at home. It’s going to get wild! Grossmont is great at home, but you have to be there to see them as they have no social media presence. As far as their road show? I wouldn’t put money on it, but I also wouldn’t mind being wrong about that.


North Medford at West Linn, Friday, 7pm

If North Medford travels for this game, I’ll be very impressed. West Linn will be ready to go if this does occur, but in the meantime, they’ll be attempting to get inside the heads of the North Medford football team.

Glencoe of Hillsboro at Hillsboro, Friday, 7pm

Two teams in Hillsboro means this has to be a rivalry game. Still new to the Oregon student section scene. I saw Glencoe on social media and they’re great in the stands. Let’s see if they can duplicate that on the road.

Century of Hillsboro at Sprague of Salem, Friday, 7:15pm

Sprague will be a sea of orange on Friday and hopefully I’ll see them showing it off on social media. Far drive for Century, so unsure if they show up. This could be a one sided student section affair.

Silverton at Tualatin Timberwolf Nation, Friday, 7pm

Timberwolf Nation will be roaring on Friday and possibly on their own as Silverton is a decent drive from Tualatin. 

Southridge of Beaverton at Sunset of Portland, Friday, 8pm

Sunset looked great on the road. Can’t imagine how they are at home. Let’s see if Southridge can be impressive on the road as well.


Bishop Blanchet of Seattle at Seattle Prep, Friday, 7pm

Two private programs in Seattle, so both student sections should be there. Seattle Prep has a great student sections and hopefully they are on par for a battle in the stands and on the field.

Clackamas of Oregon at Camas, Friday, 7pm

Oregon to Washington in this case is a 30 minute drive, so Clackamas might make this trip and rattle the Papermakers of Camas. I hope so because I love me some student section battles!

Lakewood of Arlington at Lyden Christian, Friday, 7pm

Lakewood is a bit far, so Lyden Christian will be alone for this one. I’m sure they’re ok with that as they can focus on distracting the Lakewood football squad.

Yelm at Mount Si of Snohomish, Friday, 7pm

Yelm is another far trip for their road game, so great news for Mount Si, a student section that I’ve seen on social media in the past. Mount Si will be ready.

Lakeside of Nine Mile Falls at North Kitsap of Poulsbo, Friday, 7pm

Lakeside is making a trip out of this, so probably a sure thing they won’t have a student section behind them, so North Kitsap next step is to rattle Lakeside. A great student section means it will be an easy task.