Will Student Sections like Catholic Bear Nation of Louisiana make a splash in our return of Student Section coverage in the Southern US?

So yours truly has been covering student sections since 2015 starting with only Orange County, California. Then we moved to Southern California in 2017, then the Western United States this year.

While we did cover the entire US last year for a brief moment (that got stalled by…well, COVID), we have announced that we will add the Southern US states to our coverage for the winter.

All the Southern States, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma and South Carolina, will be part of our Student Section coverage. If all goes well, we will go back to coverage in every state in the USA!

This is where we need your help.

This is currently a non-profit one-man operation. Just doing five states alone is tough work. We are looking for students or adults to volunteer as correspondents to represent their home state. 

All we need from you is to help us find four student sections for the Student Section of the Week for their state. You also will have a say in your state final Top 25 or 40 Student Section Rankings.

We also plan on returning our podcast in January 2022. You will have the opportunity to be a co-host when a student section from your state is on as a guest. 

Now if you’re from the states where we aren’t covering at the moment, that’s ok because we will add that state to our coverage if you’re willing to be that state representative. For example, Cole Koffler, formerly of the Edison MESS and currently a member of the Penn State student section, will be our Pennsylvania representative.

We currently have filled some spots with Cade Caufield of the Gardendale Launch Pad as our Alabama representative, Diego Ochoa of the Damonte Ranch Blue Hole as our Nevada representative, Berk Jones, formerly of the Catholic Bear Nation, as our Louisiana representative.

The Student Section Report, which began the first-ever Football Student Section of the Week, the first-ever Basketball Student Section of the Week and the first-ever Volleyball Student Section of the Week and the first-ever Football Student Section Rankings, will add to the Student Section Revolution and is asking for your help. This is a WE thing and a team thing and we need your support!

Let’s make history and become the first-ever National Student Section website that covers Student Section competition. 

If you’re interested, feel free to message us on Instagram (@studentsectrep) or on Twitter (@StudentSectRep). I can’t do this forever, so you never know when you may be the next one to take over this website! 

In other news;


The Football season is nearing the end, which means it is time to rank the best student section in each state, including Northern California and Southern California and that even includes the four SoCal regions. 

Starting next week, we will start with our Top 25 Student Section Rankings in Washington, Oregon and Nevada.

This will follow with the Arizona and Northern California Rankings as well as our four Southern California Rankings (Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego). 

Once we have a SoCal Champ by way of vote, then we will have the best from each state as well as the NorCal and SoCal go to a vote for the best Student Section in the West Coast. The Winner will have a Championship banner sent by us!

This isn’t going to be easy, so helping us with a strong case as to why your student section is the best in their region helps! Get to work!


Due to working a paying job, we had to take a timeout from our podcast, but in January of 2022, we will be bringing back the Student Section Report Podcast. I, Manny Alvarez, will be hosting the podcast with a guest co-host. We’ll have two student sections on each podcast, which can be found on our website or on Spotify. 

If you’re interested in being part of the podcast, message us and we’ll reserve a spot for the show.


The Student Section Report will be traveling starting in January 2022, mainly around Southern California, to checkout student sections. We may make the drive up to Northern California and who knows, maybe we’ll drive to Nevada or Arizona. 

If you would like us to visit your student section, message us and we’ll make an appearance.