The Student Section Report: Episode 5 (02/03/2020)



Another episode of the Student Section Report!

Manny Alvarez and Chris Hulme talk about the aftermath of the big football game and how one of the teams dropped the ball in the final quarter and we talk about the commercials that stood out from the others.

We also talk to Brooke Larsen of the Capistrano Valley Cage as they have rattled the Student Section Cage in Orange County and Southern California by showing up to every game to cheer on one of the best teams in SoCal.

We also talk to Bryan, Ernie and Preston of Active Entertainment, a company that DJs and does video work for student sections, pep rallies and dances, as we discuss to them what they do and what it takes to throw a party for a lot of high schools.

We discuss who is the front runner as the best student sections in each of the four SoCal regions.

And what would this podcast do if we didn’t talk about food! Chris and Manny get heated in front of Brooke from the Cage on what is basic foodies and what isn’t.


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