The Student Section Report Podcast: Episode 2 (01/13/2020)


Episode 2 of the Student Section Report Podcast with Manny Alvarez and Chris Hulme.

We aren’t cancelled yet and to reward you we will recap our Co-Student Sections of the Week in Bishop Amat Dawgpound and the Capo Valley Cage.

We also have Bannon Clark, Carter Anderholt, Jeremy Engler, Alec Wiegel and Anthony Bramer from the Palm Desert Aztec Army on the show as they discuss their social media game and theit huge year in the Student Section while also discussing the best Philly Cheesesteaks.

We also have Gabi Hendricks, Sam Keehn and Peter Manzi from the Carlsbad Marching Lancers as they talk about the challenges they faced, which are easy thanks to the tremendous support from Carlsbad.

We also talk about Chris college days as a member of the Cal State Fullerton Student Section and his injury while shredding it on a skateboard.


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