The Student Section Report Podcast: Episode 3 (01/21/2020)

Hey we aren’t cancelled yet!
In this long episode of the Student Section Report, Manny Alvarez and Chris Hulme talk about food, as always, but also talk to Cole Koffler and Ethan Van Buren of the Mighty Edison Student Section, otherwise known as the Edison MESS of Huntington Beach on what it takes to keep getting better and better at very aspect of the student section game…and we talk about food. We also set a possible student section duel on a podcast with next week guest.
We also talk to Canyon Super Fan Mitchell Siegal, as well as Canyon boys basketball coach Nate Harrison on how Mitchell started at Canyon and how he is leading the way for the Canyon Tribe of Anaheim while also coaching football and basketball and inspiring many others as he heads to the Canyon Hall of Fame in March…we also talk about food.
Manny and Chris also talk about the top student sections from last week and where SoCal Student Section will be at this week while also talking about the SoCal Student Section of the Week, the St. John Bosco Tribe of Bellflower…and we also talk more about food!
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