The Student Section Report Podcast: Episode 4 (01/28/2020)



Another episode of the Student Section Report!

Manny Alvarez and Chris Hulme talk about the aftermath after losing one of the greatest basketball players to ever play and an ambassador to girls basketball, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant as well as his daughter Gianna Bryant, former Edison sports star and basketball coach Christina Mauser, Orange Coast College baseball coach Joe Altobelli and the others that perished in the crash on Sunday in Calabasas as we talk about how each one affected us.

We also talk to Ava Andrews, Elijah Shepard, Sage LaSueur, Max Christian of the Carlsbad Loud Crowd as we talk about the Dynasty of a Student Section that have going on in San Diego and the Lancer Mamba Mentality that they have.

We also bring back Cole Koffler of the Mighty Edison Student Section, otherwise known as the Edison MESS of Huntington Beach as we chat with him and the Carlsbad Loud Crowd to pick their brains while also hearing them talk to each other about school spirit.

And what would this podcast do if we didn’t talk about food! All this and more, including talking about the student sections Manny saw last week and the SoCal Student Section of the Week, the Servite Asylum, here at the Student Section Report Podcast.


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