Week 5 Student Section Preview

Despite finishing as the runner-up for the Week 4 SoCal Student Section of the Week, you have to give credit to the Valencia Vikings Nation

If Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo showed up last week, who is next?

Maybe Kobe Bryant makes a pitstop to checkout the Newport Harbor Tarpit of Newport Beach?

This student section craze is for real!

Before we give you a preview of the Week 5 Student Sections, let’s quickly recap last week insane student sections all over Southern California.


Last week, the Chaparral Fanatics of Temecula returned to their seats in a sea of green once again to cheer on their Pumas, which took on Santiago of Corona. The Pumas took a 38-24 victory and the Fanatics went wild for them. 

It was good enough to get them as a SoCal Finalist, beating out two other Southwestern League student sections (with another one already winning a weekly SoCal title, the Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures). The Murrieta Valley Red Zone and the Murrieta Mesa Beast were Inland Empire finalist.

It’s no secret, the Southwestern League is the best student section league in the Inland Empire. Sorry Baseline.

In San Diego, the Carlsbad Loud Crowd continued their dynasty with another top performance in the stands. Rocking the purple, the Loud Crowd went insane, so the basics for them. 

The Lancers enjoyed the craziness with a 28-7 over San Marcos as coach Thadd MacNeal got his 100th win as the coach at Carlsbad.

Pretty good night for the Loud Crowd as they returned for a second week in a row to rep San Diego in the SoCal Student Section of the Week voting as they outshined the St. Augustine Saints Pit of San Diego and the El Camino Jungle of Oceanside.

In Los Angeles, the Saugus Blue Crew made a great showing on Friday, but it looked like the South Hills Dawgpound of Covina stepped up and showed their support for their Huskies, but the Valencia Vikings Nations went with a power move and brought Jeff Bezo along. They have a photo, so proof was shown.

Even if he wasn’t there, Vikings Nation rocked the stands in a big game against Loyola of Los Angeles.

In a stands of orange, the Vikings Nation showed their love for Valencia despite the tough 29-14 loss to the Cubs.

Vikings Nation came very close to getting the Week 4 SoCal title, but it was the student section in the OC that came out on top.

After outperforming the Servite Asylum of Anaheim, Mission Viejo Diablo Inferno and the Capistrano Valley Cage of Mission Viejo, the Tesoro Titan Army of Rancho Santa Margarita filled their home stadium in red for “The Battle of the Bell” against San Juan Hills of San Juan Capistrano.

The student section battle was on with the San Juan Hills Stampede on the other side. 

Titan Army kept the party going all evening while their Titans handled San Juan Hills with a 20-3 victory.

The Titan Army continue their wrath of terror with a three percent victory over the Vikings Nation to take the Week 4 SoCal Student Section of the Week title.

Now, who is this weeks winner? Maybe these 20-40 student section will have a say.



Rancho Verde of Moreno Valley (Red Zone) at Norco (Cougar Den), Friday, 7pm   

Hopefully the Red Zone makes the drive to Norco because that would be a fun battle to watch. The Cougar Den will also look for protect their house as the Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures took control of their home a few weeks back. Cougar Den knows this is a big game for Norco and they will show their support while making sure a visitor doesn’t take control. This is going to be a good night in Norco and hopefully the Cougar Den can show off their student section on Twitter as well.

Heritage of Menifee (Patriot Pit) at Santiago of Corona (Black Sea), Friday, 7pm 

The Black Sea knows that the Sharks need a win and it will take a lot to do that against Heritage. The Patriot Pit might make the trip to Corona, so the Black Sea better be ready. Either way, the Black Sea will have to go wild for the Sharks. Also, does the Black Sea still exist. Maybe a photo or video on Twitter to show proof that they do would help.

Buena Park (The Pack) at Murrieta Valley (Red Zone), Friday, 7pm

After watching their Nighthawks pull off a huge victory over Oaks Christian of Westlake Village, the Red Zone is looking to not only rock the stands, but watch another big victory against Buena Park. I doubt The Pack will make the trip and it’s been awhile since the Buena Park student section rattled anyone, but the Red Zone is looking to be the IE best this weekend.

Lakeside of Lake Elsinore at La Quinta (Birdcage), Friday, 7pm

With a lot of teams having a bye week, this might be an opportunity for the Birdcage to rattle the cage and rep for the Inland Empire. The Blackhawks are looking for their first win and they may get it against Lakeside, but perhaps the Birdcage can shake up their opponent. The Birdcage will have to work on their Twitter game if they want recognition. 

Hesperia at Chino, Friday, 7pm  

The Cowboys student section is back for another preview as many teams have the week off. This might be the perfect chance for the Cowboys Student Section to make more noise than usual and lead the pack in the IE. Besides, this might be a tough matchup against Hesperia, so the Cowboys needs all the help they can get.



Crespi of Encino (Crespi Cabana) vs. St. Bonaventure of Ventura (Gates of Heaven) at Ventura College, Friday, 7pm   

This has the makings of a fantastic student section battle if the Cabana makes the drive to Ventura. The Gates of Heaven by the way is a fantastic name for a student section, but they haven’t shown much of their school spirit on Twitter. If they work the social media game, then the Gates of Heaven will move up in the rankings in SoCal.

Servite of Anaheim (The Asylum) at Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks (The Castle), Friday, 7pm   

The Castle better be ready for The Asylum because they know how to travel. Now, I think The Castle still exist because they never post pictures of the student section. Meanwhile, The Asylum knows how to work the game. Expect The Servite Asylum to take control of Notre Dame home. 

Golden Valley of Santa Clarita (The Den) vs. Newbury Park (Panther Pit) at Canyon of Canyon Country, Friday, 7pm   

The Panther Pit knows how tough their football team schedule is and while they face an undefeated Golden Valley team, the Pit will be needed. The Panther Pit is a fantastic student section, so they have a chance to be LA best this weekend. Also, you never know if The Den makes the trip to Newbury Park.

Hart of Newhall (The Tribe) vs. Downey (Vikings Nations) at College of Canyons of Santa Clarita, Friday, 7pm  

I’ve seen The Tribe travel and I expect them to handle the home game and rattle Downey. The Tribe kind of knows how to show off their student section and hopefully sharing how great their student section is will push them to the top in the LA region, just like Valencia did last week. 

Vista Murrieta (Bronco Bleacher Creatures) at Loyola of Los Angeles (Loyola Pride), Friday, 7pm    

The Bronco Bleacher Creatures has traveled, but Los Angeles might be a bit too far for them. If they do travel, they might take control of Loyola. The Pride has been great before and might show up in bigger numbers after the Cubs big win last week over Valencia. Vista Murrieta might be too much, but the Pride has to show up and if they do, show up on Twitter.


San Clemente (Loud Crowd) vs. Corona del Mar of Newport Beach (Kings Krew) at Newport Harbor of Newport Beach, Thursday, 7pm 

This is going to be a wild one in the stands. With an amazing game on the field, I expect a full return in the seats. The Kings Krew knows how to throw a party. The smoke, beach balls and crazy noise will fill up in the Kings Krew while the Loud Crowd, if they travel, will be, well a loud crowd. This is going to be a good and an even better one if we see entertainment from both sides of the stadium.

Upland (Dawgpound) at Mission Viejo (Diablo Inferno), Friday, 7:30pm   

Not sure if the Dawgpound will make the trip to Mission Viejo, but it would be nice to see them try to battle with the Diablo Inferno. The Inferno has been rocking it in the stands and with a big game before league, nothing should change. Diablo Inferno is spitting hot fire. 

Great Oak of Temecula (Red Wave) at San Juan Hills of San Juan Capistrano (The Stampede), Friday, 7pm   

Maybe the Red Wave might go up the Ortega Highway and support their Wolfpack. Of course if they did, we wouldn’t know, they never post anything. Meanwhile, the Stampede rocks the stands at every home game and if they show it off just a little bit on Twitter and Instagram, then they should battle for a SoCal title this week. The Stampede has it all, just a little social media makes it perfect!

Foothill of Santa Ana (The Dungeon) vs. Canyon of Anaheim (The Tribe) at Tustin, Friday, 7pm

The road trip continues for The Tribe, but they’re more of a basketball student section. The Dungeon is more of a football student section this year and it is Homecoming Night. THe Dungeon should rock it as always and if they just show off a little on social media, they should be at the top this week for the OC. The Dungeon has improved a lot this year. The Comanches could sneak past Foothill, so the Dungeon needs to step it up to rattle Canyon on Friday.

Marina of Huntington Beach (Vikings Nation) vs. El Modena of Orange (Rowdy Rooters) at Segerstrom of Santa Ana, Friday, 7pm   

I saw the Rowdy Rooters last Thursday and they rocked it. This is a wild and fun student section and they will need to step up to the plate on Friday when the Vanguards face an undefeated Marina squad. While Vikings Nation isn’t far away from Santa Ana, they aren’t a wild bunch or maybe they are, but never show off the school spirit. This is going to be a great game, but the Rowdy Rooters will get rowdy and shake up Marina.



Mt. Carmel of San Diego (Red Sea) at San Marcos (Blue Crew), Friday, 7pm 

The Blue Crew is a fantastic student section, but have they done anything this season? We’ve seen two photos this season and we’re 4-5 games in. Blue Crew has to step up their social media game. While they get some respect to local news and CIF-San Diego, the SoCal part of the Student Section wants to acknowledge them, but we need updated proof. Hopefully they can show it off this Friday like the best of the best in SoCal have. Plus, you never know if the Red Sea travels or not. They could take control of your home.  

Oaks Christian of Westlake Village (Lions Den) at Helix of La Mesa (Dawghouse), Friday, 7pm  

The Dawghouse isn’t the same student section that used to own San Diego, but they’re still good. Their weakness, social media. Seems like an issue in San Diego which the other three SoCal region don’t have a problem with. Now, the Lions Den has the same issue, but I highly doubt they’ll make the trip all the way down to San Diego. Hopefully the Dawghouse can not only rock the stands, but show it off on Twitter.

Madison of San Diego (The Nest) at Grossmont of El Cajon, Friday, 7pm

The student section in Grossmont is a loud one and i’ve seen them in the past, but like many San Diego student section, social media is non-existent. Is there a law in San Diego with social media? Anyway, Grossmont is looking to stay undefeated and that will be tough to keep up with Madison in the way and more so if The Nest makes the drive. The Foothillers student section should do their job and hopefully add another task and share their school spirit with all of us!

Tesoro of Rancho Santa Margarita (Titan Army) at Poway (Titan Terror), Friday, 7pm   

In the battle of the Titans, Tesoro looks like a heavy favorite and can you imagine if the Titan Army traveled to Poway. You’d might as well rename Poway High to Tesoro II High. The Titan Terror will have to step it up and rattle Tesoro and if they want to be considered a legit student section, just take a look at the social media work the Titan Army puts out to everyone. One of the best in SoCal when it comes to showing off their student section and one of the best student sections in the OC. Plus, they did win the SoCal Student Section of the Week for Week 4. Will the Titan Terrors match the Titan Army, we’ll find out, well maybe. Sharing a photo of Titan Terror on Twitter will make us find out.

Mira Mesa of San Diego at Steele Canyon of Spring Valley (Cougar Den), Friday, 7pm 

Spring Valley is red hot this year and their student section is loving it…I think. See, this is another student section that lacks a social media game. I’m sure they show up with a fantastic football team at their side. Just show off on Twitter. It will put you to the top. If they work the social media game, we could see the Cougar Den repping San Diego for the SoCal Student Section of the Week for Week 5.  


Basically, San Diego Student Sections…WORK THE TWITTER GAME! We are trying so hard to put school spirit and student sections (and soon bands, PA Announcers and Super Fans) on their own platform. We are here to give you the best recognition. Meet me halfway will ya?!!