Week 8 SoCal Student Section Preview: (10/17/19)

I wonder if we will ever have an LA Student Section to take the SoCal Student Section of the week crown?

We’ve only had one San Diego student section take the SoCal crown.

The Inland Empire has been rocking it this season while Orange County has a large group of great student sections.

Hopefully the other two regions bring some great student sections to battle with the OC and the IE.

Before we check the top student section battles in Southern California for this week, let’s recap last weeks top student sections.



Over in San Diego, the San Marcos Blue Crew made a second straight appearance to the SoCal of the week voting poll after the Blue Crew battled in the stands again, this time against El Camino of Oceanside.

While San Marcos battled with the Wildcats, the Blue Crew battled with the El Camino Jungle. Luckily for San Marcos, they won 13-12 on the field and took a W in the stands.

The repped San Diego over Patrick Henry Hooligans of San Diego.

In Los Angeles, Oxnard 12th Man battled for bragging rights on Gonzales Road with Pacifica of Oxnard.

This is a student section battle full of savagery and possibly the best signage out of any student section battle in SoCal.

Oxnard took the 36-27 victory and the 12th Man rocked it against Pacifica. It was enough to pick Oxnard over the rest in Los Angeles.

Now in Orange County, we have some student sections that showed great school spirit like the Corona del Mar Kings Krew of Newport Beach and the Dana Hills Pod Squad of Dana Point.

But, it was the Servite Asylum of Anaheim that went to battle with the Den of Mater Dei of Santa Ana. 

With the Friars facing Mater Dei. The Asylum was ready and they showed it with a workout before getting to the stadium. 

The Asylum went wild in the stands, rocking the white bottomed up shirts and black ties in honor of Servite coach Troy Thomas.

Despite the 56-11 loss to the Monarchs, the Asylum took the win in the stands.

The Asylum came close in taking the SoCal of the Week title, but it was another Inland Empire student section that took the crown.

While the Shadow Hills Dungeon of Indio made a great showing, it was the Los Osos Grizzly Nation of Rancho Cucamonga went all out as the Grizzlies hosted Upland.

Just in case the Upland Dogpound, the Grizzly Nation of ready in a white out. 

Grizzly Nation packed the stands and went nuts the entire night despite the 35-7 loss to the Highlanders.

With over 2,000 votes, Grizzly Nation took the week seven crown.

Now, let’s see if the Inland Empire can take another title or will Los Angeles finally get one.




Norco (Cougar Den) at Centennial of Corona (Dawgpound), Friday, 7:30pm

The Huskies face their toughest Big VIII League opponent at home, so you know the Dawgpound will arrive to rock the stands.

Just make sure that t-shirt cannon doesn’t shoot in the press box. My laptop almost got one a few years ago.

Anyway, the Dawgpound rocks it every home, especially the big games, but they have struggled to show it off on social media. We know what kind of student section they are, but what about student sections in San Diego or Los Angeles? Do they know?

Don’t get me started on the Cougar Den. I was planning on going to the Norco game next Thursday, but I’m not sure they know that this website exists? Hopefully the Cougar Den brings it on the road, Norco needs it.

Heritage of Menifee (Patriot Pit) at Paloma Valley of Menifee (Maroon Platoon), Friday, 7pm

The Menifee Bowl. I’ve had the honor of covering the Menifee Bowl on two occasions. Paloma Valley has yet to beat Heritage, but they’ve been close. Will they do it this year? Will the Maroon Platoon rock it at home and maybe work some social media magic to show off that school spirit. 

The Patriot Pit used to rock it on Twitter, but that has disappeared. I’ve seen the Pit and it is an amazing student section. Show it off to everyone, you deserve it. 

Great Oak of Temecula (Red Wave) at Murrieta Valley (The Red Zone), Friday, 7pm

We have seen the Red Zone pop up on Twitter and this game might take them to the top for SoCal Student Section of the Week. 

The Red Zone will have to be consistent on Twitter or Instagram and show off their insane student section. Also, I’ve been told by many that the Red Wave is pretty good.

I say i’ve been told because the Red Wave has no social media game at all. I need proof that this student section does rock it every Friday night. Step it up Red Wave.

Palm Springs (The Tribe) at Rancho Mirage (The Pit), Friday, 7pm

The Student Sections in the Desert have stepped it up this season.

I expect this game to be rowdy in the stands with the Tribe cheering on their Indians as they take on Rancho Mirage and the Snake Pit.

Both student sections do lack something that a few student sections in the Desert excell at, social media presence. 

Will one of these two student sections be the third Desert student section to take the weekly SoCal title? I guess we’ll have to find out.

Roosevelt of Eastvale at Santiago of Corona (The Black Sea), Friday, 7pm

In a battle for third place in the Big VIII League, these two teams will need support from their classmates.

I haven’t been at a Roosevelt game in two years, but I remember no student section presence. Maybe that has changed. Meanwhile the Black Sea is up and down and with a record, maybe students tune out, so hopefully they show up and if they do, share with us please. Let’s see if the Black Sea can hang with the best in the Inland Empire.



South Hills of West Covina (Dawgpound) vs. West Covina (Bulldog Nation) at Covina District Field, Friday, 7pm

Who will be the Kings of Cameron on Friday? 

South Hills looks like the favorite on the field, but in the stands, it’s a toss up.

Both student sections are one of the best in the Los Angeles region and both know how to market themselves very well.

I don’t need to pep talk these student sections, keep up the great work!

Alemany of Mission Hills (Warzone) at Chaminade of West Hills (The Cage), Friday, 7pm 

There’s no easy games in the Mission League and Chaminade will look to get back in the league race. 

The Cage has shown their school spirit a few times this year, but while it sounds like I’m downplaying them, they’re social media work is better than the Warzone, which is nonexistent.

The Cage has been consistent and at the top in the LA area and they’ll be needed on Friday when the Eagles battle Alemany.

Golden Valley of Santa Clarita (The Grizzly Den) at Valencia (Vikings Nation), Friday, 7pm

Vikings Nation is going for the top spot in Los Angeles. It helps that their social media game is better than the rest.

Something the Grizzly Den used to be really great at was their social media game. They better bring it on Friday because the Grizzlies aren’t the only ones with a tough opponent. Be ready for Vikings Nation.

St. Francis of La Canada (The Dungeon) at Crespi of Encino (Crespi Cabana), Friday, 7pm 

The Crespi Cabana has been impressive at their home games this season, but I’ve only seen them on Twitter once this season. 

That one time was all I needed though. This is a great student section.

I’ve seen the Dungeon once and they are a loud bunch, but they haven’t made a presence on Twitter. 

Like I said about the Cabana, just one appearance on social media can make all the difference in the world.

The Cabana will be ready as the Celts need a win to battle for the Angelus League title. It’s going to get loud.

Redondo Union of Redondo Beach (The Flock) at Palos Verdes of Palos Verdes Estates (Red Tide), Friday, 3pm

I’ve seen the Flock on Twitter, but that was during Volleyball season.

Now, we intend to focus on Volleyball in the spring and next fall, but right now this is football season and we can assume Redondo Union students flock to the football stands as well…i’m proud of that pun!

Now will they travel, not sure, but i’ve seen the Red Tide travel to Mission Viejo once and they were very weird.

This is a home game during the day, so I expect a full tide on Friday. Imagine if the Red Tide worked the social media side of the student section game. Probably be considered the best in LA, easily. 



JSerra of San Juan Capistrano (JSerra Pride) vs. Servite of Anaheim (The Asylum) at Orange Coast College of Costa Mesa, Thursday, 7:30pm 

I will be at this game and I expect the Asylum to go nuts, even on a Thursday.

The Asylum works a pretty good social media game and they are a dynasty in the student section game.

I’ve seen the JSerra Pride and at home, they’re one of the best in SoCal, but i’m not sure about they’re road game.

We also noticed their social media game is off a bit. 

If JSerra Pride can fix those two issues, mainly the social media part, they could easily take the Orange County title in December.

I do know this, it’s going to get wild on the home side. Can’t wait.

Northwood of Irvine (The Den) at Portola of Irvine (The Dawgpound), Friday, 7pm 

The brand new student section is looking to cheer on their young football program as they look to take the Pacific Coast League title.

I’m talking of course of the Dawgpound and the Portola Bulldogs.

Their social media game is slowly improving. If they keep improving in that department, they could be the new power student section in Orange County.

The Bulldogs look to battle for the PCL top spot with Northwood and Northwood has a pretty good student section in the Den. 

The Den however, has taken a step back in social media. We hope they return to what was working last year. 

This is going to be a fun night all around in Irvine.

Los Alamitos (Locos) at Newport Harbor of Newport Beach (Tarpit), Friday, 7pm

This is most likely for third place in the Sunset League. The Griffins looks to get back to their winning ways while Newport Harbor looks to stay undefeated.

The Locos don’t need a pep talk at all. They rock the stands at home or on the road and will look to make a strong statement for the top spot in Orange County.

The Tarpit has improved a lot this season in the stands and the same can be said for their marketing team.

The Sailors need the boost on Friday and they hope the Tarpit can brings as it will be a battle on the gridiron and in the stands.

Saddleback Valley Christian of San Juan Capistrano at St. Margaret’s of San Juan Capistrano (The Kitchen), 7pm 

The Kitchen is one of the better small school student sections in Orange County and they will look to heat things up in this city rivalry in the San Joaquin League matchup. 

The Kitchen has been on and off with their social media game, but at least they have shown some signs of life on the internets. We do know this, they’re a weird bunch and I like weird. 

University of Irvine (Trojan Army) at Irvine (The Frontier), Friday, 7pm 

Both teams are looking for their first win and will need all the help they can get the support from their student section.

The Trojan Army used to be one of the best in the OC, but have disappeared. However, despite the tough season, the Frontier has shown a lot of support and have made a lot of noise. 

The Frontier is standing by their football team, win or lose. You have to give them respect for that. Plus, their Twitter game is pretty good.



St. Augustine of San Diego (Saints Pit) at Cathedral Catholic of San Diego (Los Locos), Friday, 6:30pm 

The Holy War is on and once again, the Western League title is on the line. Both student sections can rock it, but they both are pretty inconsistent in showing off their student sections. If they want to take the top spot in San Diego and in SoCal, they better share with us and let everyone know how crazy they are. We know this game can get crazy. Hopefully, we can get a good view of the game and the stands.

El Camino of Oceanside (The Jungle) at Carlsbad (Loud Crowd), Friday, 7pm 

It seems like the Loud Crowd has something up their sleeve. That and they may have noticed that the San Marcos Blue Crew is looking to dethrone them as the best student section in San Diego.

Carlsbad will look to get crazy on Friday as they will let everyone know that they are the kings of San Diego. Hopefully, their social media game is strong like it was before.

Meanwhile, the Jungle is showing up and we know that, but they keep forgetting to let us know about. No proof, no nomination. Hopefully, they can show it off to SoCal on Friday.


Mission Hills of San Marcos (Growl Crowd) at La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad (The Stampede), Friday, 7pm

The Growl Crowd is the lone San Diego student section to win the SoCal Student Section of the Week, but now i’m sure they want the top crown in San Diego, so a strong showing this Friday could be helpful. Hopefully, they show us that as well. The Growl Crowd knows that this is an evenly matched game with La Costa Canyon.

Plus, how nice would it be to take over LCC home. The Stampede will make sure they don’t do that. The Stampede works social media. I just don’t think they know about us that much. 

Hopefully they work Twitter and share with us their student sections and perhaps join the Growl Crowd as the second San Diego student section to take the SoCal title. 

Plus, the Mavericks would appreciate it as well in this big game.

Torrey Pines of San Diego (The Chaos) at San Marcos (Blue Crew), Friday, 7pm  

The Chaos will need to get back to their chaotic ways as the Blue Crew looks to be the San Diego nominee for a fourth week in a row.

Both teams need a good showing before the playoffs, if they can get in. The Blue Crew is getting better at this social media stuff. The student section doesn’t need help. They look amazing and a contender for San Diego Football Student Section of the year.

Meanwhile, the Chaos will hopefully show up to the game and on social media to support the Falcons as this is a winnable game. They showed off before, do it again!

Helix of La Mesa (Dawghouse) at Grossmont of El Cajon (The Foothillers), Friday, 7pm

I covered this game a few years ago. This game is for the Musket Trophy. 

Both student sections rocked it, but hopefully the Grossmont student section can stay in it because the Scotties are a tough bunch.

One issue from both these student sections, the social media game is nonexistent. Maybe just a photo to let us know you exist?