Week 9 SoCal Student Section of the Week: Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures

We are on the home stretch on the football student section season.

We will have one more SoCal Student Section of the week before we get ready for the Football Student Section Top 20 for the Orange County, Inland Empire region, Los Angeles region and San Diego region as well as our SoCal Top 20 Football Student Section Rankings.

Last year as a writer for SoCal Sidelines, we voted the Carlsbad Loud Crowd as the 2017 SoCal Football Student Section of the year.

Will the Loud Crowd repeat as SoCal Football Student Section champs or will these four Week 9 SoCal Student Section of the week nominees dethrone the Loud Crowd.

Let’s meet our Week 9 SoCal Student Section of the week nominees and name our weekly winner.


The San Marcos Blue Crew came in full for Homecoming Night and in return the Knights responded with a 48-14 victory over Westview of San Diego.

The Blue Crew was loud and have stayed the course as one of the better student sections in San Diego and it is no surprise they got to representative San Diego this past week.

Representing the Los Angeles region, the Chaminade Cage came in knowing that every game is a must win if the Eagles want to get to the CIF-Southern Section Division 1 playoffs.

The Cage responded as Chaminade of West Hills stayed alive in a 45-28 victory over Serra of Gardena.

A sea of Orange rocked the stands and will send good mojo this Friday as another win can put the Eagles on good ground for the postseason.

The Irvine Frontier represented Orange County and have been one of the more surprising student sections in Southern California this season. The Frontier enjoyed a huge 49-19 victory over Portola of Irvine.

The Frontier has rocked the baby powder all season and this past Friday was no different. The baby powder, screaming, cheering and dancing was in full effect for the Frontier.

Irvine is having a much better season and I’m sure the Frontier has been huge in the boost of confidence.

In the end, a powerhouse student section took the top spot for week 9.

The Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures or Vista BBC for short, came in hot with a big 52-0 victory over Great Oak of Temecula.

The Vista BBC knows how to throw a party and prepared for a possible student section matchup with the Red Wave of Great Oak.

Vista BBC knows that they have to show up for another big game as the Broncos take on Murrieta Valley for the Southwestern League title.

For now, the Vista Murrieta Bronco Bleacher Creatures are your Week 9 SoCal Student Section of the week.

We spoke with Vista BBC President Chelsee Duran, Vista BBC member Jonah Rucker and Vista BBC Vice President of Publicity Niyah Buenaventura on what it took to be the Student Section Champion in SoCal for Week 9.

You guys are the Week Nine So Cal Student Section of the week, beating out the Irvine Frontier, Chaminade Cage and the San Marcos Blue Crew. What did it take to stand out as one of the best in Southern California?

Duran: I believe we are all just naturally spirited and have the drive to be the most energetic high school in Southern California

Rucker: It takes a lot of preparation before the games. We had to get people engaged in the games in order to cheer loud along with everyone had to buy in to make it the best we can be.

Buenaventura: Our student body has great participation and attendance to the event held on campus. The student leaders at Vista work really hard to promote school spirit and get people involved.


What is your most memorable game you have ever attended as a member of the student section?

Duran: The most memorable game this year was our pink out game. Literally everything was colorful and pink! Being that it was our last home game made it such more memorable and fun. As a senior, I look at those things and this was the most fun game to be apart of.

Rucker: The most memorable game I have been to was the pink out game this year.

Buenaventura: As a member of the student section, my favorite game was my senior year, the Pink Out game. It was the most fun because it was my last home game and my friends made it very memorable. The Vista BBC was also super fired up and we won the game.


Favorite theme?

Duran: My favorite theme is the white out. Although we were not done yet, it ends up being the most successful football game out of all of them. I’m so looking forward to the game!

Rucker: My favorite theme is the Pink Out Night.

Buenaventura: The Pink out game is my favorite theme because it supports breast cancer. The Vista BBC also hands out free pink pom poms and pink shirts to promote a great game and get the kids engaged.


Favorite chant?

Duran: My favorite chant is our Legacy cheer. I believe that’s the best chant we have ever had. It brings all of us together and gets us the most hype and the loudest. Everyone wishes they were a Bronco.

Rucker: My favorite chant is the Bronco spell out.

Buenaventura: My favorite chant is the eight clap because it hypes all of the students up. It unites us as we all get in sync with each other. It’s also one of Vistas original chants.


What’s your least favorite chant that you hear from the other side of the stadium/gym?

Duran: My least favorite chant that I hear from other people is ‘We can’t hear you!’ because it is annoying, but at the same time I know it motivates the football players to work harder to win. It also motivates us to be louder with our cheering.

Rucker: My least favorite chant to hear from opposing crowds is ‘We can’t hear you!’

Buenaventura: I don’t like when the other sections chant “SCOREBOARD” because it shows bad sportsmanship.


Outside of you guys, is there one student section that you have seen or heard about where you think, “Man, that is a good student section!”

Duran: Apart from being the most spirited high school in the nation, I have heard that Great Oak has a good student section.

Rucker: Another good student section would be the Santiago Black Sea.

Buenaventura: I’ve never been in the Great Oak Red Wave student section, but I heard they pack their stands up and get really hyped.